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How to delete Yahoo account

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How to delete Yahoo account - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This video reveals how to delete Yahoo account in very simple way.\n1.Open your browser and type \"\" in address bar.\n2.Sign in to your yahoo account.\n3.The webpage will redirect you to \"Terminating you Yahoo! Account\" page. ...\nComplete deletion.\nWasn\'t that simple?\n\nFor more visit this link\nOr call toll free-1-844-711-1008

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how to delete your yahoo mail account
How to Delete Your Yahoo! Mail Account

Today I will be showing you how to delete your yahoomail account in just few clicks.

But before that, this is what deleting your Yahoomail Account Will Cost You

1. You lose all your Yahoo! Settings.

2. Your Flick account and photos and other data in services that are part of Yahoo will be lost.

3. If you are subscribing or paying for any the Yahoo services, such as Yahoomail Plus, you are bound to have problem with it, simply cancel them first to avoid unexpected payments.

4 Know it that people will still be able to send you messages with the closed Yahoomail account for 90 days without getting a delivery error report, meanwhile you cannot log in to your account to see the messages. So don’t forget to tell all your friends and contacts that you’re about to shut down your Yahoomail account.”


Toll Free-1-844-711-1008


Step1-Open your browser and input "" at address bar to visit Yahoo Mail. Sign up to your email account as usual.


Toll Free-1-844-711-1008


Step 2.Then the webpage will jump to "Terminating you Yahoo! Account" page. Check if your Yahoo ID is correct and read the following instruction on the consequence of deleting account. If you are sure to continue, then pull down to the end of the page. You need to input your password again and fill the verification code to confirm your behavior. Then click on the button "Terminating this Account" under the word "YES".


Toll Free-1-844-711-1008


Step 3.The deletion finished now. You\'ll see the page which will tell you "Your account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion", which means that though you can\'t enter to this account, the files in the account will be deleted in about 3 months for the purpose of reducing users\' fraudulent activity.


Toll Free-1-844-711-1008

congrats you re done now
“ congrats you’re done now”


Toll Free-1-844-711-1008