Moonos 3 5 and moonos 4
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moonOS 3.5 and moonOS 4. Chanrithy Thim +855-90-856-004 moonOS project What is moonOS?. moonOS is a young Linux based operating system and build top of Free and Open Sources software.

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moonOS 3.5 and moonOS 4

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moonOS 3.5 and moonOS 4

Chanrithy Thim


moonOS project

What is moonOS?

  • moonOS is a young Linux based operating system and build top of Free and Open Sources software.

  • moonOS works well on its own without the need for any other operating systems but it also cohabitant well, auto-detects and communicates well with other operating systems.

  • moonOS is available in freedom, that mean people can use it, copy, redistribute or modify by their way without inform to moonOS project.

What is Linux?

  • The Linux kernel is the heart of the moonOS operating system. A kernel is an important part of any operating system, providing the communication bridge between hardware and software.

  • Linux was brought to life in 1991 by a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds. And now Linux develop by a lot of people around the world.

Some feature of moonOS

  • Powered by Ubuntu and latest Free & Open Sources software.

  • Friendly and powerful for home user

  • Made for all Cambodian specially

  • Always be Nice


  • moonOS project started on lately 2008.

  • The first version of moonOS was released in 2008 in 2 edition (KDE and Enlightenment).

  • The second version was released in 2009 in 2 edition (Enlightenment and LXDE). Everyone know moonOS start from this version.

  • The third version was release in 2009 and come only 1 edition (Enlightenment). This is a successful version of moonOS.

Introduction to moonOS 3.5

  • moonOS 3.5 is a special version made for Barcamp Phnom Penh [3] only as moonOS 4 replacement sine moonOS 4 is not ready yet.

  • It is use GNOME as main desktop

  • It may be not list on moonOS release history

moonOS 3.5 feature

  • Fully support multimedia codec

  • Come with a lot of driver for desktop and laptop

  • Look nice and friendly

  • Introducing new system font for Khmer language called "Chantrea UI"

  • Wine also include for using some Micro$oft Window$ applications

Need help?

  • Visit moonOS Forum at to ask questions.

  • Our community will be help and solved your problem quickly.

What about moonOS 4???

moonOS 4 is not ready yet!

What! Why?

Some reason

  • Only me work on development.

  • No programmer or designer help yet

  • All exist tools has been rewriting to Python instead of Gambas2

  • A lot of plan and feature uncompleted

  • System has been building from scratch and unlike all older release anymore.

Can you show some new feature of moonOS 4?

  • New File Hierarchy System.

  • New packages installer

  • New LiveCD installer

  • New Interface

  • Khmer language supported

  • Very easy for offline user

  • New File Hierarchy System? Really?

  • Exactly! moonOS will be hiding old Unix File Hierarchy System from end-user and use its own instead.

  • So no more /bin, /boot, /dev, /etc, /home, /lib to bother you.

  • It should be replace with /Programs, /System, /User, /Volumes instead.

Why? What about old people?

  • Because all those files are not easy to manage, understand and so complicated. It is not friendly.

  • Still have an option for old people who deeper using Linux. All old Unix FHS is available in /System/.Legacy like this:

    • /System/.Legacy/bin

    • /System/.Legacy/boot

New packages and LiveCD installer

  • Yeah, moonOS also come with new installer for both packages and LiveCD.

  • New packages installer will be helping people easy to install software without Internet. The best choice for Offline country like Cambodia.

  • New LiveCD installer will be helping people easy to choose their own applications and desktop environment selection during installation.

Khmer language supported

  • We are has been working on translation sine last month. So we could get moonOS to support Khmer language as well.

We need your help!

  • moonOS looking for:

    • Programmer

    • Web master

    • Designer

    • Document editor

    • Translator.

      As Volunteer!

Thanks you for your time!!!

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