Wordly wise book 4
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Wordly Wise Book 4 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wordly Wise Book 4. Unit 8. ancient. Adjective: Very old; of a long time ago. Sentence: The drawing below represents an ancient pharaoh of Egypt, King Tut. c entury. Noun: A period of one hundred years.

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Wordly Wise Book 4

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Wordly Wise Book 4

Unit 8


Adjective: Very old; of a long time ago.

Sentence: The drawing below represents an ancient pharaoh of Egypt, King Tut.


  • Noun: A period of one hundred years.

  • Sentence: In the 13th century, the 1200’s, knights wore metal on their feet for protection in battles.


  • noun: A room.

  • Sentence: Chamber music is meant to be played in a room rather in a much larger concert hall.

Click the drawing to watch an example of chamber music


  • Noun: plural: An office or group of offices.

  • Sentence: Lawyers for both sides met in the judges chambers.


  • Verb: To go come down.

  • Sentence: In this video, the plane descends into some big puffy clouds.

Click the drawing to watch the video.


  • Noun: One who has certain persons as one’s parents, grandparents, etc.

  • Sentence: Parents’ physical traits are usually passed down to their descendants.



1. A way in.

  • Sentence: The movie audience gained entry into the theatre through a fancy double-door.

    2. Each separate item in a diary or list.

  • Sentence: The next entry in her diary simply said, “My brother returned home today after a long absence.”


  • Noun: The inside part of something.

  • Sentence: The interior of the bus contains many seats for the students.


  • Adjective: Having to do with the inside part.

  • Sentence: The new 2015 Ford Mustang’s interior gauges will be round.

Click the drawing to watch the video.



  • To come or go in without permission or welcome.

  • Sentence: I didn’t mean to intrude on you while you were working.


  • Noun: The act of intruding.

  • Sentence: “Forgive my intrusion,” she said as she came in without knocking.


  • Noun: One who intrudes.

  • Sentence: People were so unfriendly, that I felt like an intruder at Jeff’s party.


  • Verb:

    1. To find.

    Sentence: Marta located the missing books in less than an hour.

  • To put or to be found in a place.

    Sentence: We’re going to locate our office across the street from the school.


  • Noun: The place where something can be found.

  • Sentence: Will you please give me the location of the nearest post office?


  • Noun

  • A part of a written work or piece of music.

    Sentence: The final passage of the Mozart mass brought tears to the audience’s eyes.

    2. The act or process of passing, as through time or from place to place.

    Sentence: His deeply lined face clearly showed the passage of time.

    3. A way through which to pass.

    Sentence: Leon’s room was at the end of a long, dimly lit passage.



  • A part or share of the whole.

    Sentence: I got the first portion of my allowance last week.

    2. A serving or helping, as of food.

    Sentence: My diet recommends a four-ounce portion of fish or chicken once a day.


  • Adjective:

  • Very valuable.

    Sentence: The necklace was made of diamonds, emeralds, and other precious stones.

  • Much loved.

    Sentence: She tried in vain to save her precious books from the fire.

Click the picture to watch the video.


  • Noun:

  • A deep pit where stone is cut out of the ground.

    Sentence: The miners blasted the gneiss rock out of the side of the quarry in Switzerland.

    2. An animal that is being hunted.

    Sentence: The hunters gave up the chase when they lost sight of their quarry.


Noun: A slanted walk or roadway that connects a lower to a higher place.

Sentence: The ramps helped the man in the wheelchair go quickly down the side walk.


Adjective: Having lots of room.

Sentence: The renovation created a spacious kitchen.

Click the picture to watch the video.



  • The outside layer; the top.

    Sentence: The surface of the moon is covered with craters. Click on the picture below to get a closer look at the surface of the moon.


2. An outward look or appearance.

Sentence: He seemed cheerful on the surface, but I knew how miserable he must have felt to be so cold and wet.


Verb: The rise to the top of a body of water.

Sentence: The latest submarines can stay underwater for weeks before they need to surface.

Click the picture below to watch a small submarine surface.

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