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TABLE OF CONTENTS UPDATE. 3/28/14 Greek Mythology page 48 3/28/14 Mythology Facebook page 49. Greek Mythology. Agenda. Come in, get settled – 5 minutes Mythology presentation – 20 minutes Writing prompt – 10 minutes Creative activity – 30 minutes Exit ticket – 5 minutes

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Table of contents update

3/28/14 Greek Mythology page 48

3/28/14 Mythology Facebook page 49


Come in, get settled – 5 minutes

Mythology presentation – 20 minutes

Writing prompt – 10 minutes

Creative activity – 30 minutes

Exit ticket – 5 minutes

Clean up/line up – 10 minutes

What is mythology
What is Mythology?

Greek word “myth” means story or legend

Mythology means a collection of myths. Greek mythology is a collection of stories about Ancient Greece’s gods or heroes.

How many greek gods are there
How many Greek gods are there?

There are 376 different Greek gods in Greek mythology!

Today we will just learn about a few of the most famous gods and goddesses.


The god of Greek gods,

The god of the sky


Spouse= Hera

Mom = Rhea

Dad = Kronos

*Had LOTS of children, including: Athena, Hercules, Ares

Symbol = Thunderbolt

Strengths = Powerful, strong, charming

Weaknesses = Moody, cheats on Hera often with other women

Appearance : old, bearded, strong, olive leaves in hair


The queen of the gods,

The protector of marriage


Spouse = Zeus

Mom = Rhea

Dad = Kronos

Children = Ares, Hebe, Eris, and Eileithyia

Symbols = Pomegranate, Peacock feather

Strengths = Determined defender of marriage

Weaknesses = Jealous, married to Zeus

Appearance : Young, the most beautiful goddess


The god of war


Spouse= None

Mom = Hera

Dad = Zeus

Children = Diomedes, Cycnus

*The ONLY son of Zeus and Hera

*Parents did not like him very much, which may be why he is the god of war.

Symbol = Spear

Strengths = Decisive, determined, fearless

Weaknesses = Angry, bloodthirsty, impulsive

Appearance : Young, bearded, handsome


The god of the sun and music


Spouse= None

Mom = Leto

Dad = Zeus

Children = Orpheus, Asklepios, and more

Twin sister = Artemis

Symbol = The sun, bow

Strengths = Creative

Weaknesses = Falls in love with too many people

Appearance : Young, curly hair, handsome


The goddess of love and beauty


Spouse= Hephaestus

Dione= Hera

Dad = Zeus

Children = Eros

Symbol = Magic belt that makes people fall in love

Strengths = Beautiful, compassionate

Weaknesses = Full of herself

Appearance : Beautiful, young woman


The god of theatre and wine


Spouse= Adriadne

Mom = Semele (Human)

Dad = Zeus

  • Children = Many, including Oenopion and Staphylos

Symbol = Grapes, wine cups

Strengths = Fun

Weaknesses = Plays too much

Appearance : Dark hair, beard


The god of the sea


  • Spouse=Amphitrite

    Mom = Rhea

    Dad = Kronos

  • Children = Many, including Pegasus and Triton

Symbol = Trident

Strengths = Creative

Weaknesses = Warlike, moody, and unpredicatable

Appearance : Old man with a beard, wears seashells

Which of these greek gods or goddesses are most like you
Which of these Greek gods or goddesses are most like you?

In your interactive notebook, explain which of these gods and goddesses is most like you and why. Minimum 4 sentences.

Make a facebook profile for the god dess you are most similar to
Make a Facebook Profile for the god(dess) you are most similar to!

Make sure you are using facts from the Powerpoint to make decisions about what to put in the profile.

Profile Picture- A picture of your Greek god or goddess

Cover Photo- A picture that represents what this god or goddess is in charge of

Who would your god or goddess be friends with?What would your god or goddess be likely to “Like” on Facebook?