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Bullying. Junior Leader Training Troop 1600 – Jordan UCC. Objectives. This course will: Help us clearly identify what makes a bully and a victim Clarify BSA and Troop guidelines around this behavior Help us identify ways we can stop this behavior Review the Troop 1600 Code of Conduct.

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Junior Leader Training

Troop 1600 – Jordan UCC


This course will:

  • Help us clearly identify what makes a bully and a victim
  • Clarify BSA and Troop guidelines around this behavior
  • Help us identify ways we can stop this behavior
  • Review the Troop 1600 Code of Conduct
why talk about bullying
Why Talk about Bullying
  • It Is encountered by the majority of scouts.
  • Can cause serious harm to its victims.
  • Has been associated with victims’ acts of extreme violence against themselves and others.
  • Can be stopped.
what is bullying
What is Bullying

Bullying is any behavior that is…

  • Deliberate and Hurtful
  • Repeated over time
  • Characterized by a relationship involving an imbalance in power such as size or popularity

Bullying can…

  • Be physical, verbal, emotional, social, behavioral or any combination
  • Occur at meetings, at camp, at school, or even online.
  • Traits of a Bully…
  • Shows little emotion
  • Successfully hides his bullying behavior
  • Seems to possess social skills and high self-esteem
  • Blames the victim
  • Gets excited if the vicitm reacts or fights back
  • Enjoys the feeling of power and control
  • Fighting, Hitting or Kicking
  • Stealing or damaging personal items
  • Menacing gestures or facial expressions
  • Repeated Name Calling, Teasing or Taunting
  • Spreading rumors
  • Coercion
  • Intentional Exclusion from the group
  • Defiance and aggression
what is the difference between bullying and good natured joking
What is the difference betweenbullying and good-natured joking?

Bullying …

  • Is Intentionally Hurtful
  • Happens repeatedly
  • Involves an imbalance in power – real or perceived
how can we assist victims of bullying
How can we assist victims of bullying?
  • Take victims seriously
  • Help victims communicate to seek help
    • Encourage them to talk to an adult leader
  • Help a victim cope
    • Use the buddy system
    • Ignore insults but tell them to stop – walk away
    • If danger of physical assault – call for help and get away – don’t fight back
  • Recognize the signs and involve the scoutmasters for help
how can we create an anti bullying culture
How Can we Create an Anti-bullying Culture
  • Be a role model – members of the PLC need to set the example
  • If you see any bullying – notify a Scoutmaster immediately
  • If you suspect bullying – keep a close eye on the situation
  • Be a friend to all scouts – make sure they know they can talk to you.
  • Remember the Platinum rule – treat others as they wish to be treated
the troop 1600 code of conduct
The Troop 1600 Code of Conduct
  • A new document that we will ask scouts and their parents to sign on a regular basis (every 2 years)
  • Largely based on living by the Scout Oath & Law
  • This provides a comprehensive list of expected behaviors
  • The Troop By-Laws still exist but are used more to describe the structure and operations of the Troop.
the troop 1600 code of conduct1
The Troop 1600 Code of Conduct
  • The unit’s adult leaders (Scoutmaster and assistants) are responsible for the supervision of its membership in respect to maintaining discipline, security, and the Troop Code of Conduct.
  • Each Scout will show respect to Adult Leaders, other Scouts, parents, and guests. The Scout Oath and Law will be my guide throughout all scout related activities and meetings.
  • I will set a good example by keeping myself neatly dressed and presentable (based on the uniform requirements set forth for each activity)
  • I will be responsible for my tent and for keeping personal gear labeled, clean and neat. I will do my best to adhere to the principles of “Leave no Trace” in all Troop activities.
  • I understand that the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by any Troop member is prohibited.
the troop 1600 code of conduct2
The Troop 1600 Code of Conduct
  • Serious and/or repetitive behavioral violations by youth, including bullying, cheating, stealing, dishonesty, abusive language, swearing, fighting, and cursing, may result in expulsion from the Troop or serious disciplinary actions and loss of privileges.
  • I understand that possession or firearms or fireworks is prohibited. Scouts who have earned the Totin Chip card are allowed to carry a folding pocket knife as long as they follow the proper safety procedures.
  • I will demonstrate respect for my Troops and other Scouts property and will be responsible for loss, breakage, or vandalism of property as a result of my actions.
  • Neither the unit leaders nor the Boy Scouts will be responsible for loss, breakage, or theft of personal items. I will label personal items and leave items of value at home. Theft will be grounds for expulsion.
  • I will obey safety rules and instructions of all supervisors and activity staff.
the troop 1600 code of conduct3
The Troop 1600 Code of Conduct
  • Hazing and/or physical punishment has no place in Scouting. Leaders and older youth must prevent any youth from being “initiated” into the troop with hazing.
  • I understand and will abide by the Troop 1600 Electronic Device Policy.
  • Serious violation of this code may result in expulsion from the Troop. All decisions will be final.