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EN779:2012 & Eurovent Energy Efficiency Classification. Steve Devine. Eurovent Energy Efficiency Classification. Energy rating system using EN779:2012 Advantages Independent label Makes filters comparable Escape price discussions Talk about IAQ and Energy Select best solution

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eurovent energy efficiency classification
Eurovent Energy Efficiency Classification
  • Energy rating system using EN779:2012
  • Advantages
    • Independent label
      • Makes filters comparable
    • Escape price discussions
      • Talk about IAQ and
      • Energy
    • Select best solution
      • Energy saving (Eurovent)
      • IAQ (EN779:2012)
      • Minimum efficiency (EN779:2012)
what s needed to be able to classify filters
What´s needed to be able to classify filters
  • EN779:2012 test rig
  • ASHRAE Dust feeding
  • EN779:2012 Test Report

Airborne Particulate Size

Outdoor air


Average Diameter ~0.08mm

Average Diameter ~7.7mm

100x difference in size, so what does loading with ASHRAE dust tell you?

Answer: How your filter will perform when it is challenged with ASHRAE dust,

Do you have ASHRAE dust in your system???

ashrae dust p vs real life p
ASHRAE Dust ΔP vs. Real Life ΔP

Actual Average ΔP




DP ASHRAE Dust = 0.63” WG

DP ”Real Life” = 0.46” WG

Simple averaging ΔP

(DPI+DPF)/2 = 0.75” WG



so is ashrae dust a problem
So is ASHRAE Dust a Problem?
  • It is an acceptable compromise
  • This procedure is a Method of Calculation using existing test data
    • EN779 uses ASHRAE test dust
    • Data is available
  • Generally, a filter with a “better” ASHRAE loading curve will have a lower energy cost
    • Better than any alternative method available at this time
    • Not 100% true
    • LCC Green will correct the ones that fail
the system is available in europe
The system is available in Europe

”Low energy consumption in combination with a high indoor air quality.”

ashrae and iso
    • Guideline Project Committee is forming
      • Proposed method is similar
        • Uses ASHRAE dust loading
      • Proposed method is different
        • Data from 52.2, ISO 16890 or EN779
    • 4-5 years minimum from a document
  • ISO
    • Started a Work Item in 2011
    • Stopped the WI in 2012
      • Project is on hold
    • If it gets started again, it will also be 4-5 years from a document
how would our usa products rate
How would our USA products rate?
  • All Values are calculated kWh per Eurovent 4/11
how would some usa products do in eurovent 4 11
How would some USA products do in Eurovent 4/11?
  • The lower the kWh value the better the performance
  • Why are any of you buying a 12” HF ES????
  • Difference between 4V and 2V
  • AAF VXL has a better kWh than the HF ES, but not in the field…
  • Aeropleat – Not Good, but What – 30/30???
  • AAF PP has same rating as a 30/30…
the biggest issues facing ashrae and iso
The biggest issues facing ASHRAE and ISO
  • The USA uses pleated filters
    • Based on energy, pleats are horrible products
  • The Eurovent methodology shows NO differentiation between any pleats
    • The AP3 and 30/30 are both a “G”
    • The AAF PP is also a “G” at ½ the 30/30 price
  • This is the problem facing ASHRAE and ISO
    • The ASHRAE and ISO methods will have to show differentiation of pleated filters
    • Similar to why there is an Arrestance test method and a Particle Removal Efficiency test method – different levels of filtration