New high permeability materials for emi suppression
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New high permeability materials for EMI suppression PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New high permeability materials for EMI suppression . February 2011. Contents. High permeability materials evolution What is improved? What is new in 3E10 & 3E12? 3E10 3E12 Standard range in 3E10 &3E12 Applications. High permeability materials evolution.

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New high permeability materials for EMI suppression

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New high permeability materials for EMI suppression


    • February 2011


  • High permeability materials evolution

  • What is improved?

  • What is new in 3E10 & 3E12?

  • 3E10

  • 3E12

  • Standard range in 3E10 &3E12

  • Applications

High permeability materials evolution


12000 3E12


10000 3E5/6

Tighter tolerance

7000 3E26

6000 3E25/3E27

4300 3C11

Whatisimproved in thecommonmodefilter ?

  • Higherpermeability

  • Increasecouplingbetweenwindings

  • thedifferentialmodeimpedanceisdecreased

    Reduce thesize of thetoroid and/orthenumber of turns of winding

    less DC resistance

    cheaper BOM cost


    Extended dumping bandwidth





    Lessvariationduetoexternalstressesfromwinding and potting


     More robustprocess and improvedrepeatiblity


Tighter tolerance (±20%)



20% Higher permeability

3E10: Process control with extended bandwidth

Tighter tolerance in AL

Lower electric losses

More stability with frequency


10000 ± 20%

tan δ/μi @ 30 kHz, 25ºC, 0.25mT

< 5x 10-6

tan δ/μi @ 100kHz,

25ºC, 0.25mT

< 20 x 10-6

We can observe that despite 3E6 higher initial permeability , from 300 kHz upwards, thanks to 3E10 better stability with frequency, extended impedance bandwidth and higher amplitude are achieved

Measured on a coated toroid of Ø25xØ15xh10

Lessinfluence of winding and pottingoperationsonpermeability


Betterprocess control thankstotheimprovement in impedancestabilitywithfrequency and tolerancereduction

3E12: 20% permeability rise

Permeability in productincreases up to 20% comparedto 3E6 and marketequivalents


12000 ± 30%

  • Reduction of negative impact of high number of turns like DC resistance and parasitic capacitance

    • Higherpermeability leads tocoresizeornumber of turnsreductionCost savings either in ferrite material or in copper

3E10 & 3E12 performance overview

3E12 achieves the highest impedance up to 300kHz

3E10 achieves the most extensive widthband

Graphs show how impedance vary as a function of number of turns

In all cases we observe similar behavior in 3E10 and 3E12: 3E12 higher Z at lower frequencies, whereas lower electric losses of 3E12 lead to wider bandwidth with high impedance in 3E10

Measured on coatedtoroids of Ø25xØ15xh10

Range in 3E10 & 3E12

Standard cores in 3E10 and 3E12 are all toroid´s tools from 2.5mm to 63mm

Rings are the optimal shape in high permeability to reduce leakage losses

  • Gapped shapes reduce effective permeability, therefore the advantages obtained for these shapes in 3E10 and 3E12 materials are negligible

However, shapes can be manufactured in these materials upon request

Samples available


The main applications are interference suppression and wideband transformers:

Wideband transformers  Impedance transformation over a broad frequency range. Applications include impedance matching, voltage or current transformation, DC isolation, balanced/unbalanced mixing, power splitting, coupling, and signal inversion. Telecommunications devices

Pulse transformers Communicationsystems and digital networks

Groundfaultinterruptors (GFI)  Home and industrial

Interference suppression  Common mode choke. Mains filters in all type of electronic equipment.




Looking at competitors’ highest permeability products we find…

FXC offers the tightest tolerance in high permeability

Taking all these factors into account, it is difficult to find such high quality product in the market


the largest size with the

maximum permeability




and the lowest electric losses



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