High school dual enrollment fast track to college
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High School Dual Enrollment: Fast Track to College? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High School Dual Enrollment: Fast Track to College?. Ali Brazzeal, FSCJ Melissa Perry, SJRSC Kellie Woodle, UNF. Speed?. Objectives. Understand new legislation and the impact it may have on the future of dual enrollment advising.

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High school dual enrollment fast track to college

High School Dual Enrollment: Fast Track to College?

Ali Brazzeal, FSCJ

Melissa Perry, SJRSC

Kellie Woodle, UNF


Understand new legislation and the impact it may have on the future of dual enrollment advising.

Analyze case studies to understand possible challenges to advising.

Become familiar with resources that can be used by guidance, students and parents.

Legislation and impact on dual enrollment future

Part I

Legislation and Impact on Dual Enrollment-Future

General education 2014 2015
General Education 2014-2015


ENC X101 English Comp I


ARH X000 Art Apprec

PHI X010 Intro to Philo

MUL X010 Music Lit/Music App

LIT X000 Intro to Lit

HUM X020 Intro to Hum

THE X000 Theatre Apprec


MGF X106 Lib Arts Math I

MGF X107 Lib Arts Math II

MAC X105 College Algebra

STA X023 Statistical Methods

Natural Sciences

BSC X005 General Biology 

CHM X020 Chem for Lib Studies

PHY X020 Fund of Physics 

ESC X000 Intro to Earth Sci

EVR X001 Intro to EnviroSci

AST X002 Astronomy

Social Science

PSY X012 Intro to Psych

SYG X000 Prin of Socio

ANT X000 Intro to Anthro

POS X041 AmGov

AMH X020 Intro Survey Since 1877  ECO X013 Prin of Macroecon

General dual enrollment
General Dual Enrollment

To be or not to be? That is the question in 2014:


Admin Fees

GPA changes


Case studies

Part II

Case Studies

Ima G. Nus is a freshman entering the University of North Florida. Ima has the following 34 hours of Dual Enrollment from High School:

ENC1101- Freshman Composition 1 3.0

ENC1102 – Freshman Composition 2 3.0

MAC1105- College Algebra 3.0

STA2023- Elementary Statistics 3.0

AMH2010 – U.S. History to 1877 3.0

POS2041- U.S. Government 3.0

ECO2013- Macroeconomics 3.0

HUM2211- Humanities: Foundations 3.0

HUM2230- Humanities: Mainstreams 3.0

BSC1005- Life in Biological Environ 3.0

BSC1005L- Life in Bio Environ Lab 1.0

SLS1103 – Strat for Success in College 3.0

She is planning to major in Biology- Biomedical Sciences concentration. She believes she is a year ahead, but is shocked to hear that it will still take her 4 years of full time enrollment to earn her Bachelor of Science in Biology. Why would that be the case?

Mia Donhavaclu completed her Associate in Arts through Dual Enrollment. She plans to major in Nursing. Mia is shocked to learn that Nursing is a limited access program that only admits for the Summer and Fall semesters. She has most of the prerequisites, but the program also requires an entrance exam, a personal essay, and invitation to interview. The deadline for applying to this program was two months ago, when she had not even graduate high school. How could this situation be avoided in the future?

Resources for college and major research

Part III

Resources for College and Major Research

Title of part i
Title of Part I

Florida Virtual Campus

Common Prerequisite Manual – http://www.flvc.org

Advising Manuals (on bottom right side of the page)

Common Prerequisite Manual

Catalog Year

Program Listing by Alphabetic Order

Common Prerequisite Manual details each major’s prerequisites for state universities and state colleges in Florida, which follows common course numbering.

Title of part i1
Title of Part I

Florida Virtual Campus

Occupational Outlook Handbook – http://www.flvc.org

Get Ready for college: Career Planning (in the middle of the page at the bottom)

Additional Resources: Occupational Handbook

Occupational Outlook Handbook gives students specific information about the career interest in terms of work environment, education requirements, salary information, work conditions, and projected trends.

Title of part i2
Title of Part I

Florida Choices


College or Postsecondary Students – This section includes areas to explore colleges and universities, programs, and majors as well as college planning and application process.

Title of part i3
Title of Part I

Individual College Websites and Catalogs

Look at degree plans for majors as well as course descriptions at each individual college’s websites and catalogs, in order to determine degree requirements.