Rigid body dynamics unconstrained
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Rigid Body Dynamics (unconstrained) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rigid Body Dynamics (unconstrained). Simulation Basics. State vector of a single particle. Change of Y(t) over time. Solved by any ODE solver (Euler, Runge-Kutta, etc.). Body space Origin: center of mass p 0 : an arbitrary point on the rigid body, in body space.

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Rigid Body Dynamics (unconstrained)

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Rigid Body Dynamics(unconstrained)

Simulation Basics

State vector of a single particle

Change of Y(t) over time

Solved by any ODE solver (Euler, Runge-Kutta, etc.)

Body space

Origin: center of mass

p0: an arbitrary point on the rigid body, in body space.

Its world space location p(t)

Spatial variables of the rigid body: 3-by-3 rotation matrix R(t) and x(t)

Rigid Body Concepts

Three columns of R(t) correspond to the axes of the body-space in the world space

The Rotation Matrix

How are R(t) and w(t) related?

Linear and Angular Velocity

R(t) and w(t)

R(t) and w(t)

Velocity of a Particle

Force and Torque

Single particle

Linear Momemtum

Center of Mass

Angular Momemtum

Inertia Tensor

Inertia Tensor

Equation of Motion

Inertia Tensor of a Block

Inertia Tensor Table (ref)

Uniform Force Field

No effect on the angular momentum

The Football in Flight (ref)

Gravity does not exert torque

Angular momentum stays the same

Using Quaternion



Unit quaternion

as rotation

quaternion derivative

Equation of


Computing Qdot

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