In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate ,The most   merciful

In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate ,The most merciful PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate ,The most merciful

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1. 1 In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate ,The most merciful

2. 2 CBL&Feedback Giving An Action Plan for CBL&Feedback Training Course: for Clinical Lecturers of KMU Prepared by: Asst. Prof. Dr. Saliha Nabizada ENT Specialist and Lecturer ,ENT Department Maiwand Teaching Hospital of KMU

3. 3

4. 4 Cont Role of instructor as facilitator Learners striving to resolve question with no single right answer

5. 5

6. 6 CBL process:

7. 7

8. 8 Why giving feedback? Feedback is an essential activity for helping trainees reach their maximum potential at their particular stage of training. It is an activity often omitted or done badly, but it is a skill that can be learned. Trainees may be unaware they are making mistakes or performing poorly (No one ever told me that my endoscopy reports were considered to be inadequate)

9. 9 Cont Feedback given badly can ruin a trainees confidence (That was awful you didn't listen) Giving constructive and frequent feedback is good for morals. Develops student competence and motivates the student.

10. 10 Feedback giving

11. 11 KMU in a glance

12. 12 CBL and Feedback for better students development and training good doctors

13. 13 Teaching room in MTH

14. 14 Overview: Background Since 1933 KMU underwent significant changes in every aspect Past 30 yrs war has badly damaged KMU infrastructure and human resources Now JICA assistance has brought tremendous changes in the development of already persisting teaching staffs. 34 KMU lecturers acquired new teaching skills in Japan. Ex-trainees committed to implement what they have learned.

15. 15 Current situation in KMU CBL is not practiced as a generally accepted teaching method in clinical departments of KMU teaching hospitals No clear understanding of CBL by untrained lecturers so the lack of interest and commitment in applying it Great gap of KSA of how to give constructive feedback is felt causing lack of development & motivation of students and trainees.

16. 16 Cont There is a general need for better CBL teaching and KSA of how to give effective feedback in KMU For better professionalism and value of KMU lecturers as an aim, and motivation and active participation of students better services for patients as a whole; to fill the gap we have Goals&Obj as below:

17. 17 Goals: In the end of this training session participants should be able to acquire the necessary KSA employing CBL and giving feedback for better motivation of students and trainee doctors and for the improvement of health situation in Afghanistan through professional medical services.

18. 18 Objectives: The participants should be able to understand general ideas of CBL and feedback. The participants to experience questioning in CBL. The participants can be able to use constructive feedback in one to one teaching to develop attitudes and skills of students

19. 19 ContObj To describe when and where CBL is delivered The participants should be able to acquire good interpersonal and group communication skills through applying CBL and effective feedback. The participants will experience how to give feedback

20. 20 Target Group: Totally 80 clinical lecturers of KMU divided to 4 courses of 20 members of KMU clinical lecturers . Target beneficiaries: KMU clinical lecturers as direct beneficiaries and KMU students and postgraduate trainee doctors as indirect beneficiaries and patients as receiver of their health services the final beneficiary.

21. 21 Time length of the training course: Training program is one day session for 3.5 hours. The trainings are organised in every 1.5 months distance for a total of 80 KMU clinical lecturers of different clinical departments.

22. 22 Educational strategy: Discussion in pairs (10) minutes: What are characteristics of effective feedback? (at least 5 characteristics) than compare with powerpoint in 3 slides Group discussion (30) minutes: Write down CBL process: 20 participants divided in 3 groups then compiling as one large group. The result be presented by presenter (compare with PowerPoint)

23. 23 Cont.. Powerpoint lecture of 1 hour in 35 slides about CBL importance in clinical teaching and definition of feedback and its importance in student motivation. Practicing giving and receiving feedback in role plays.20 participants divided to 7 groups consisting of 3 participants (1 acting as trainer, 1 as trainee, 1 observer)

24. 24 Cont 1 playing positive or negative role according to the already prepared given scenario and one observer evaluates, in 8 minutes time each role play. Total assigned time is 60 minutes for 7 role plays according to the scenarios

25. 25 Implementation:

26. 26 Selection of Participants by HEAD Depts.:

27. 27 Program activities & schedules:

28. 28 Preparation Check list:

29. 29 Assessment of the program: By asking questions in the beginning, middle &end of program by facilitator Giving feedback in role-plays Self assessment by observers Peer evaluation

30. 30 Probable Constraints: Lack of Electricity Very cold weather causing transportation problems for some participants Lack of full cooperation of the teaching hospitals for accessibility of training space and introducing trainee doctors

31. 31 Precaution for constraints: In case of probable constraints of space accessibility the program can be implemented in KMU conference room The time being flexible till better climate change For Lack of electricity provision of E-Generator

32. 32 Thank you for your attention.

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