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  • Presentation posted in: General Early vote and vote by mail data management. Trainer: Brendan Kelley, Ohio Democratic Party Facilitated By: Katie Ellis, NOI. Introductions. NOI O n Demand Norms Who’s on?. FOLLOWING THE LAW. FOLLOWING THE LAW.

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Early vote and vote by mail data management

Early vote and vote by mail data management

Trainer: Brendan Kelley, Ohio Democratic Party

Facilitated By: Katie Ellis, NOI



NOI On Demand


Who’s on?

Following the law


Following the law1


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Story of brendan, data guy

  • Has worked in Ohio for 7 years

  • Background primarily in campaign management and field

  • Saw how good data support could make a big difference

  • Became ODP Data Director to help campaigns manage data better

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Why track early vote data?

  • Know who will vote

    • Voters hold onto absentee ballots on average about 2 weeks

    • They are almost guaranteed to vote

    • Get ‘em!

  • Manage GOTV resources better

    • Every early voter removed from GOTV list is more time and money to turn out other voters

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Where to get a list

  • Data sources

    • Varies by state (county BOE, SOS, etc.)

  • Important info

    • Voters (hopefully w/ unique ID)

    • Dates of requests, mailed, returns, in-person

  • Elections Administrators are your friend

    • (or should be)

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Uploading voters to van

  • Quick Mark

  • Bulk Upload


Noi12 co onyc98

Removing early voters

  • Using VAN

  • Using Excel

    • VLOOKUP will change your life

Noi12 co onyc98

Early vote reporting

  • Metrics to track

    • Party breakdown (if partisan org or candidate campaign)

    • Important groups of voters (first-time voters, voters of a particular ethnicity, etc)

    • Compared to persuasion and GOTV universes

    • By county and districts (demo % of returns from all voters)

Noi12 co onyc98

Contact info

Brendan Kelley

Data Director

Ohio Democratic Party


Noi12 co onyc98

Interdependent Leadership

(aka the Snowflake Model)

How can I support NOI On Demand?

Interdependent Leadership

Www neworganizing com toolbox

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