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Checking Out M e History

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Checking Out Me History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Checking Out M e History . John Agard. Learning Objective: To write in the style of John Agard . What are these? Why are they relevant?. Worked promoting Caribbean culture, Especially in schools. John Agard. Born in Guyana. Wrote poems. Moved to England in 1977.

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What are these?

Why are they relevant?


Worked promoting Caribbean culture,

Especially in schools.



Born in Guyana

Wrote poems

Moved to England in 1977

Worked as newspaper editor



Born in ______


1995: Fred West kills himself, a large earthquake hits Japan, OJ Simpson is innocent, Oklahoma city behaviour, Ebola kills 244 Africans, nerve gas attack in Tokyo, Windows 95, Clinton confirms that Area 51 exists.

  • 1996: Flight 800 in New York crashes, Olympic Park is bombed, Princess Di and Prince Charles, Tupac is killed, Nintendo 64 is released, Cloned sheep Dolly is created, Dunblane Massacre.

1997: Hong Kong is independent, Heaven’s gate mass suicide, Princess Diana dies and is buried, Versace is murdered, Tony Blair is Prime Minister, Titanic is released and becomes a blockbuster, Harry Potter is published, Mother Thereasa dies, first septuplets born, Pokemon is introduced.

  • 1998: Indian resumes nuclear testing, Clinton has an affair, America bombs IRAQ again! Lots of bad weather, Peace in Northern Ireland, Ginger leaves the Spice girls, Kurt Cobain kills himself, ice storm.

1999: President Clinton is aquitted, Columbine tragedy, earthquake in Turkey kills 13000, South Park the Movie, first trip around the world in an air baloon, The Matrix, Boybands.

  • 2000: Harold Shipman is found guilty of murdering 15 patients, the billionth living person is born in India, the Tate Modern gallery opens, 2000 summer olympics in Australia, the millenium dome opens and closes.

2001: Earthquake in India kills 12000, foot and mouth crisis, first artificial heart is implanted, Tigers attack a Sri Lankan airport, 3000 are killed in 9/11 attacks, Algerian mudslides kill 900 people, R&B singer Aaliyah dies in a plane crash.

  • 2002: Gujarat riots, the Queen Mother dies, water and ice is found on Mars, Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, the Bali bombing, Brazil win the World Cup, a total solar eclipse.

2003: Saddam Hussein is captured, Europe’s hottest ever heatwave, Instanbul is hit by TWO terror attacks, London Central Line crash kills 34, Ian Huntley is found guilty of murdering Jessica and Holly.

  • 2004: Harold Shipman hangs himself, Facebook was founded, Mount St Helens becomes active again, tsunami devastates Aisa, killing 20000.
  • 2005: Pope John Paul II dies, London is hit by terror bombings, Saddam Hussein is on trial, parlimentary elections in Iraq.

2006: mudslide in Philippines kills 1142, first cases of bird flu, oil explosion in Nigeria.

  • 2007: Bulgaria and Romania join the EU, Jade Goody is accused of racism in Celeb Big Brother, 2100 year old melon is discovered, writers’ guild strikes, former Pakistani prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, is assassinated.
  • 2008: Kosovo declares independence, an exploding star is visible to the eye from half way across universe, Cyclone Nargis kills 133000, the QE2 retires from service.

2009: Michael Jackson dies, swine flu, Barack Obama becomes the first black president, Kanye West made a fool of himself, ecomony rises, in Texas a woman ate her own baby, Australian bush fires.

  • 2010: Haitian earthquakes, Volcanic ash stops all flights, president of Poland is killed in a plane crash, oil explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, Chilean miners trapped, tsunami in Indonesia.

On your own, write what you have learnt about in school, especially English and History and also what you would like to learn about, based on your own personal history.


Now, using the things you want to learn and the thing you did learn, write your own poem in the style of Agard. You must use examples of the four poetic techniques that you found.