Computer science information technology my career
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Computer Science Information technology my career. Steven Lagunas. CS – SOFTWARE ENGINEER.

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Computer science information technology my career

Computer Science Information technologymy career

Steven Lagunas


  • DESCRIPTIONSoftware Engineering (SE) is about developing and maintaining software systems that behave reliably and efficiently, are affordable to develop and maintain, and satisfy all the needs that the customer has wanted for it. It is important because of the impact of large, expensive software systems and the role of software in safety-critical applications. It brings significant mathematics, computer science and practices whose origins are in engineering together

  • Skills

    The skills needed to be a Software Engineer is that you need to havesignificant mathematics skills, computer science experience and practices whose origins are in engineering



Bachelor Degree



  • The Chief Information Officer or CIO is responsible for the technological direction of a company. Proposes budgets for programs and projects, purchases and upgrades equipment, supervises computer specialists and IT workers, and presides over IT-related projects

  • Skills

    The skills needed to be a CIO is that you need to Requirements for an MIA will include an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, computer science, math, psychology, sociology, biology, library science, or anything in the arts that has to do with reading and communicating clearly.



master of information administration (MIA)



  • Game designers develop the overall concept of a game, deciding its overall story, theme, and rules of play. A development team brings the designer's ideas to life, using narrative, sound, graphics, and animation to create what they hope will be a challenging and involving game. A design team often includes the following people: artists, sound designers, writers, programmers and game testers.

  • Skills

  • combines creativity and technological savvy to create exciting and entertaining experiences for players. Video game designers start with an idea, bring it to life with story, sights and sounds, and then combine those elements using their technical knowledge. A love of games is important in a field that specializes in entertainment, but video game design requires serious creative and technological skill.



Bachelor’s Degree and experience

Done on September 6, 2013