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 My favorite singers . .  By Athina P somas 3/4C . Lady gaga . These are my favorite singer that I like.

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My favorite singers 


By Athina Psomas 3/4C 

Lady gaga

These are my favorite singer that I like.

I like Lady Gaga because I love her style in dancing. I love what she gets dressed up in when she goes and does her vidio clips. I will tell you same of her songs , the first one I like is Star Strack ,Love Game ,Just Dance ,Eh Eh ,Pocker Face and Space Cowboy.


I also like shaggy. I like shaggy because I think he is shaggy ,but hr isn’t shaggy. I also like his song Shagg Man.

Lil ‘ Wayne

I like Lil ‘ Wayne I also like he’s style in dancing too. I like him because he is little like me. He’s favorite colours are blue, yellow and black. I have been to one of his Concert it had so meny people it was so packt and Lil ‘ Wayne had a big crowed.

The Black Eyed Peas

Now I am up to The Black Eyed Peas they are my 4th favorite singers. I love my humps , Boom Boom Pow and I gotta felling. I love there video clip thaty they made of Boom Boom Pow. And I love the 4 singers in the Band that they have.

Sean Kingston

I like sean Kingston too he is one of my favorite singers too I like he‘s songe don’t feget me. I like sean Kingston he is the best.


Now I’am up to Akon he is also one of my favorite singers. One of his songs are lips of an angel and many more. I have a picture of him in my bed room and an autograph on it.


I also like T.I he is also one of my favouite singer too I can tell you some of his songs one of them are live your life and more.

The Pussycat Dolls

Then it’s the Pussycat Dolls I also like them. There songs areJaihoh, I Heat This Part, Hush Hush and Buttons.

Kanye West

Now I’am up to Kanye West I will tell you some of he’s songs In The Night, Love Lockdown and Stronger I have got a picer of him in my bedroom and hr’s autograph on it.


Then it’s Flo Rida he is also one I like. He sings good songs to. I have a small picer of him in my bedroom too.


Now I’am up to Jassica Mauboy she is also one I like. I will tell you some of songs Been waiting, Runing Back and Burn. I also have a picer of her in my bedroom.


Now it’s Miley Cyres I will tell you some of her songs The Clinb, 7 Things, Brack out I have got a picer of her in my bed room.