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AutoISO. Aha System Definition of AutoISO. The Intelligent Isometric Drawing Design Program for MicroStation 95 & SE. Maximize the Efficiency of Isometric Drawing Design Work. Support PDS 3D Modeling Work.

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Aha System

Definition of autoiso

Definition of AutoISO

The Intelligent Isometric Drawing Design Program for MicroStation 95 & SE

  • Maximize the Efficiency of Isometric Drawing Design Work

  • Support PDS 3D Modeling Work

  • Automatic Material Data Control & Drawing History Control

Definition of autoiso1

Definition of AutoISO

  • The Intelligent & Easy-to-use 2D Drawing Solution for Quick and Precise Isometric Drawing Design Work.

  • The Powerful Supporting Program for PDS/PDMS 3D Modeling Work - Automatically Converting PDS/PDMS 3D Model Data to 2D Isometric Drawing Data & Vice Versa.

  • The Efficient B/M & Drawing Controller - Establishing & Providing a Wide Range of Cell Libraries Containing Valve, Flange, Fitting, Equipment, Structure, Support Etc.

Effects of autoiso

Effects of AutoISO

Intelligent 2D Isometric Drawing Design Work

Automatic B/M Check & Control & Automatic Drawing History Control

Support PDS 3D Modeling Work

Save Your Engineers’ M/H & Cut Your Project Cost!!!Make You More Competitive!!!

Features of autoiso

Features of AutoISO

  • A Wide Range of Cell Libraries

    • Provide most industry standard engineering cells essential for isomeric drawings.

    • Enable users to create a new cell & modify provided cells.

    • Allow users to combine existing cells to create assembly cells.

  • Dynamic Cell Drawing & Placing Interface

    • Enables users to check and change the attributes(color, size, weight etc.) while drawing cells .

    • Allows users to place cells in precise locations by dynamically displaying cells’ angle & location point instantly changed in accordance with other cells or lines near mouse cursor.

Features of autoiso1

Features of AutoISO

  • Intelligent & Sensitive Cells

    • Automatically change the angle to fit into Isometric direction or the features of nearby cells

    • Automatically locate the exact point reflecting the features of other cells or pipe lines near user- intent - location ( the mouse cursor)

    • Automatically attach material data to the cells according to the Specification selected by users.

    • Enable users to directly add & edit material data of cells.

    • Allow users to search & edit the cells with specific material data.

Features of autoiso2

Features of AutoISO

  • Intelligent Pipe Lines

    • Change the angle of cells to fit into pipe lines’ angle when placing cells on the pipe lines

    • Deny the cells inappropriate to pipe lines after checking the material data of cells.

    • Segment pipe lines according to the length of cells; when deleting cells, automatically connect segments.

    • Automatically attach material data & allows user to edit it.

Features of autoiso3

Features of AutoISO

  • Support PDS 3D Modeling Work

    • Extract graphic & material data from PDS/PDMS 3D model to automatically create 2D isometric drawing based on the extracted data.

    • Extract graphic & material data from 2D isometric drawing to automatically perform PDS/PDMS 3D modeling work with the extracted data.

Features of autoiso4

Features of AutoISO

  • Automatic Pipe & Component Placing

    • Automatically make pipe segments according to the cells placed on the pipe lines.

    • Automatically place pipe component items (I.e. elbows etc.) to satisfy pipe line’s angle & Specification.

  • Automatic Dimension Placing

    • Automatically place dimensions on all the pipe lines & their segments on the drawing sheet.

Features of autoiso5

Features of AutoISO

  • Material Data Control (B/M Check)

    • Extract the material data from all the graphic cells on the drawing sheet

    • Systematically store the extracted material data on the database.

  • Drawing Control

    • Systematically store drawing data (i.e.drawing name, drawing number, project name, revision status etc.) on the database.

    • Enable users to easily review drawing revision status & make a report.

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