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Vocabulary G. Unit Ten. Rebuff. ( v .) to snub; to repel, drive away; ( n .) a curt rejection, a check. High school snobs rebuff their fellow classmates with their bad and stuck up attitudes. Reconnoiter. (v . ) to encourage in reconnaissance; to make a preliminary inspection.

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Vocabulary G

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Vocabulary G

Unit Ten


(v.) to snub; to repel, drive away; (n.) a curt rejection, a check

High school snobs rebuff their fellow classmates with their bad and stuck up attitudes.


(v.) to encourage in

reconnaissance; to make

a preliminary inspection

The troops with a clear mission reconnoitered in Iraq to gather much needed information.

Obsequious (adj.)

Marked by slavish attentiveness; excessively submissive, often for purely self-interested reasons

Sally was incredibly obsequious towards Jimmy when she figured out he had an extra ticket to see the Black Eyed Peas.


  • (adj.) with suspicion, distrust, or disapproval

The askance mother watched the young boy closely, knowing that his claim to not eat any cookies could not be trusted.


  • (v.) to make thin or slender; to weaken or lessen in force, intensity, or value

The hungry boy’s desire for a filling meal was attenuated by the alarming nutrition facts he read on the wrapper of the Big Mac he was about to eat.


  • (n.) A Slaughterhouse; a place of mass bloodshed; a state of complete disorder and confusion, mess

  • The butchers’ shambles is used as a meat market for the local townspeople.


  • (adj.) Occurring at irregular intervals, having no set plan or order

  • Lucy’s headaches occurred at a sporadic rate which she had no control over.


One who feigns knowledge or ability; a pretender, imposter, or quack

George tried to fool his friends and be a charlatan, but they figured out who he was very easily.


To kill or destroy a large part of

It looks as though the Spanish and Americans were both decimating each others armies in this picture.


(adj.) having the nature of a command that leaves no opportunity for debate, denial, or refusal; offensively self-assured, dictatorial; determined, resolute

Dr. House’s colleagues did not appreciate his peremptory diagnosis and treatment for the patient.


  • adj. regretful for one’s sins or mistakes

  • n. one who is sorry for wrongdoing

  • The penitent thief confessed because he felt bad about what he had done.


Adj. blunt, not coming to a point, slow or dull in understanding, measuring between 90 and 180 degrees; not causing a sharp impression

The young criminal’s obtuse lies were quickly detected by the experienced policeman.


  • Def: (v) to toughen, harden; to render used to something by long subjection or exposure.

  • The soldier became inure to harsh climates after years of fighting in the desert.

Fraught- adj, full or loaded with, accompanied by.

Santa is fraught with one huge late-night errand every year.


(n) A weak point, failing, minor flaw.

When it came to self control,

the alcoholic had

a major foible.


(v) to do without, abstain from, give up

When the alcoholic went to rehab, he had to finally forgo alcohol.


v. To find fault in a petty way, carp

n. A trivial objection or criticism

Do not cavil your bad grade too much. You got what you deserved because you didn’t study.


Adj. Gentle, kind; forgiving, understanding; having a favorable or beneficial effect; not malignant

When the young girl was in an argument with her friends, she went to her benign mother for guidance.

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