please stop calling me at risk the power of resilience in today s urban youth
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Please Stop Calling Me At Risk: The Power of Resilience in Today’s Urban Youth

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Please Stop Calling Me At Risk: The Power of Resilience in Today’s Urban Youth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Please Stop Calling Me At Risk: The Power of Resilience in Today’s Urban Youth. John W. Hodge, Ed.D. [email protected] ULLC Consulting and Family Services. Goals for Today. Participants will be able to explain the resilience phenomenon.

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goals for today
Goals for Today
  • Participants will be able to explain the resilience phenomenon.
  • Participants will be able to cite 4 effective ways to develop resilience in today’s youth (PreK – 12).
the research is clear
The Research is Clear!

Children labeled at-risk can be successful if…

resilience defined
Resilience Defined

Resilience refers to the ability to “bounce back, recover, or form a successful adaptation in the face of obstacles and adversity.”

(Zunz, Turner, & Norman, 1993, p. 170)





Internal Conversion Process:

The Heart & Mind









ULLC Resilience Framework™


why is resilience i mportant in title i schools
Why is ResilienceImportant in Title I Schools?

Research suggests that the resilient child:

  • Is self motivated and goal oriented if supported
  • Remains on task, completes assignments
  • Establishes relationships with helpful adults
  • Comes to school
  • Works hard
  • Does NOT drop out of high school
four general rules
Four General Rules

Rule #1: Remember our ultimate purpose.

Rule #2: Use S.A.M.E. as a guide.

Rule #3: Believe that success is possible.

Rule #4: Teach children to set goals and dreams.

rule 1
Rule #1


Our Ultimate


rule 2
Rule #2

Use S.A.M.E. as a Guide!


In Other Words,

Teach the Whole Child!


“You can be a straight-A student and still flunk life.”

Academic environment

How members of the school community engage in teaching and learning

Moral environment

Social environment

What members of the school community believe

How members of the school community behave

Distributed Leadership Culture

The S.A.M.E. Pathway

rule 3
Rule #3



Success is


which student is more likely

Great Athlete

B Student

Son of a Ph.D.

Nurturing Neighbors

Extremely good public speaker

Very popular in school

Highly recruited by colleges

Almost always avoids trouble

Attends school regularly


More focused on extracurricular activities than academics

Works far below potential in some classes

Some consider father to be verbally abusive

Lives near 2nd highest crime area in the city

Awkward in public and extremely shy

Very few close friends

No idea what the future holds for him

Suspended for fighting in school

Chronically tardy for afternoon class

Which Student is More Likely…?
rule 4
Rule #4



To Set Goals and




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