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Inorganic & Organometallic Research Projects/Directions in the Peters Lab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inorganic & Organometallic Research Projects/Directions in the Peters Lab . On Today’s Menu. Background info…a bit about me Group/Directional approach Projects 1-3 Future Directions. Three Distinct Directions/Projects.

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Inorganic & Organometallic

Research Projects/Directions

in the Peters Lab

On today s menu
On Today’s Menu

  • Background info…a bit about me

  • Group/Directional approach

  • Projects 1-3

  • Future Directions

Three distinct directions projects
Three Distinct Directions/Projects

  • Suitable for students right out of CHE 1511 (or 1925). Inspire you to take CHE 3030?

  • Works with existing Departmental Instrumentation

    • NMR, IR, GC-MS, some UV-Vis

  • appeals to multiple student goals

    • Project nearing completion(quicker publication)

    • Coordination Chemistry projects (embryonic)

    • di-phosphane ligands (completely yours!)

  • RESULTS!! Publication in 2009, two in 2011 (!!), one in prep.

    • Direction 3

    Preparation of Platinum Group Metal Complexes

    Ligand Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry

    diphosphane style!!

    Electron rich

    Electron poor

    Direction 1

    Ligand Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry

    Survey of typical om ligands
    Survey of Typical OM Ligands











    Electron Acceptor Ability

    - few ligands bridge the electronic gap

    - massive voids were recently noted [Cundari, JACS, 2003, 4318]

    Phosphane ligands
    Phosphane Ligands

    • Commonly utilized inorganic ligand

    • Key Properties (all readily controlled)

      • sterics

      • sigma donation (electronics)

    Phosphine manipulation
    Phosphine Manipulation

    • Sterics—Simple as changing the hydrocarbon ligand (Me, Et, tBu, Ph, etc)

    • s-donor / p-acceptor character not as simple

    Our approach bridge the gap
    Our Approach—bridge the gap

    • Prepare phosphine ligands with an electronic influence of P(OR)3

    • Modification of PR3 framework with Rf

      • Similar to F/H swap

    • Chose Rf = C2F5, sought R2PRf series

      • R = Me, Et, iPr, tBu, Ph

    Project 1 generic ligand synthesis
    Project 1—Generic Ligand Synthesis

    Affectionately called pfepp (pentaflouroethyl)diphenylphosphine

    pfepp has an awful lot of cousins/relatives; he has a huge family!!

    For students out there…you can help add to the family!!

    You make it first you name it
    You make it first…you name it!!

    Michelle Choate

    Jennifer Phelps

    Published in JOMC 2011

    Project in progress

    When do you want it


    Flip data born 3 february 2011
    ‘flip’ Data…born 3 February 2011

    31P NMR spectrum, oodles of fluorine coupling

    Ligand coordination chemistry
    Ligand Coordination Chemistry

    Straightforward reaction, alkane solvent

    Establish electronic influence of ligand

    Pepy molly sounds like a cheerleader doesn t it but we did discuss three projects yes
    pepy molly—sounds like a cheerleader…doesn’t it?…but we did discuss three Projects…yes?

    Project 2 molly has friends
    Project 2—Molly Has Friends!!

    Choate et al. ActaCryst. E 2011

    Collaborative opportunities too
    Collaborative Opportunities Too

    Compounds like the one on the right interact with DNA

    Dr. Wignot can help with the binding studies, my lab generates the complexes for testing (again…none of these have been made)…

    Remember that playground
    Remember that Playground??

    Think about this…so many ligands…never before synthesized.



    And that 3 rd project
    …And that 3rd Project?

    Electron rich

    Electron poor

    This one really excites me…cutting edge stuff

    Take lab knowledge and extend it.

    I referred to it as

    inductively ‘unusual’

    Synthetic work of fiction nah
    Synthetic ‘work of fiction’? Nah!

    Two different types in fact!!

    Future directions just imagine
    Future Directions?? Just Imagine

    Work WITH me…I need YOUR help…where do you fit into this scheme? Imagine that!

    You WILL get published

    You WILL make things NO ONE else has ever made!

    So many projects…


    --Mentoring Committee, Wilkes University

    --National Science Foundation

    -- Michelle Choate -- Jennifer Phelps

    -- Jaimee Ash -- Justin Spott

    -- Sara Frawley -- Dr. Russ Baughman

    -- Jennifer Seat -- Dr. Jason Palcic

    -- Misha Golynskiy -- Karl Pittard

    -- Mary Ross -- Johnny Giles