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Building classifications construction types
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Building Classifications: Construction Types. TED 316 – Structural Design. Based on how the building is constructed. Relates to: Materials used Combustibility Fire-resistance. Construction types defined. Types IA and IB Types IIA and IIB Types IIIA and IIIB Type IV Types VA and VB.

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TED 316 – Structural Design

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Building classifications construction types

Building Classifications:

Construction Types

TED 316 – Structural Design

Construction types defined

  • Based on how the building is constructed.

  • Relates to:

    • Materials used

    • Combustibility

    • Fire-resistance

Construction types defined

Construction types

Types IA and IB

Types IIA and IIB

Types IIIA and IIIB

Type IV

Types VA and VB

Construction types

Construction types1

  • Types IA and IB

    • Noncombustible and fire-resistive

    • IA has a higher fire-resistance

    • Only noncombustible materials allowed

  • IBC does not determine combustibility

  • Done through the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

Construction types

Construction types2

Types IIA and IIB

Also noncombustible

Little or no fire-resistance

IIA has minimum of 1-hour fire-resistance

IIB has no requirement for fire-resistance unless required by other sections of the code

Construction types

Construction types3

Types IIIA and IIIB


Permits wood framing

Little to no fire-resistance

IIIA requires 1-hour fire-resistance throughout with exterior bearing walls 2-hour

IIIB only requires 2-hour fire-resistance for exterior bearing walls

Construction types

Construction types4

  • Type IV

  • Combustible

  • Heavy timber construction only

    • Columns at least 8” thick

    • Floor and roof framing at least 6” thick

    • Floor and roof decks 3-4” thick (built up)

  • Exterior walls noncombustible construction

Construction types

Construction types5

Types VA and VB


Slightly less fire-resistance than Type III

VA exterior bearing wall fire-resistance is 1-hour

VB has no fire-resistance rating

Construction types

Mixed ratings lowest rating

A building or portion thereof shall not be required to conform to the details of a type of construction higher than that type, which meets the minimum requirements based on occupancy even though certain features of such a building actually conform to a higher type of construction.

Mixed ratings = lowest rating








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