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Douglas Katason Lead Congressional Liaison 303-370-7708 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Health Administration Center Programs for Veterans and Their Family Members Veteran Service Officer Training. Douglas Katason Lead Congressional Liaison 303-370-7708. The CHAMPVA Program Resources Eligibility Application process Benefits. Overview.

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Health Administration CenterPrograms for Veterans and Their Family MembersVeteran Service Officer Training

Douglas katason lead congressional liaison 303 370 7708

Douglas KatasonLead Congressional Liaison303-370-7708


The CHAMPVA Program



Application process



Access to information

Cannot provide information contained in a claim or application, i.e. what it was for, the amount paid, etc.

Can provide only general status of an application or claim as to where it is in processing

Power of Attorney required to provide specific information regardless of any other appointment letter or relationship to beneficiary

Access to Information

CHAMPVA Beneficiaries

Champva eligibility

Family members, not for veterans

Not eligible for TRICARE, beneficiaries can not choose between the two.

Veteran must

be permanently and totally disabled

have died from a service connected condition

been P&T at the time of death


Champva eligibility1


Through age 18, if in school fulltime, age 23

Current legislative change to increase the age to 26: has not been signed yet.

If permanently disabled and VARO determines is Helpless Child


Champva eligibility2

Spouses until divorce, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Widow(er): until remarriage

If remarriage ends (by death, divorce or annulment, beneficiary may be entitled to reinstatement

Survivor remarried age 55 and older keeps CHAMPVA


Champva eligibility3

If under age 65 and Medicare eligible, must be enrolled in Parts A and B

If over age 65 and Medicare eligible:

before June 5, 2001, must keep Part B if enrolled on June 5, 2001

on and after June 5, 2001, must enroll in Parts A and B

CHAMPVA- Eligibility

Application process

VARO notifies beneficiary of eligibility Parts A and B

No notification to HAC

Application required, information verified with VARO

May take a long time

Benefits backdated to date of qualifying event

Application Process

Application process1

Application must include: Parts A and B

Application (VA Form 10-10d)

OHI Certification Form (10-7959c)

Copy of Medicare card (if on Medicare)

Application Process

Application process2

Application may include copy (never an original) of: Parts A and B

Rating decision

Marriage license

Birth certificate/adoption papers

DD214 or Report of Separation


Application Process

Application process3

After eligibility is determined, verified against DEERS -- benie does NOT have to update DEERS (weekly process)

Cards, handbook, etc. mailed.

Application Process

Champva benefits

Major medical plan benie does NOT have to update DEERS (weekly process)

Annual deductible $50/$100 max

Shares cost 75% -- user pays 25% unless care provided by VA


Meds by Mail


Inpatient, outpatient, mental health, substance abuse, prescription medication (includes those on MEDICARE), hospice

CHAMPVA Benefits

Champva benefits1
CHAMPVA benie does NOT have to update DEERS (weekly process)Benefits

  • No network of providers or provider contracts

  • Complete freedom of choice!

  • Benies do NOT need to see a VA doctor - CHAMPVA covers them when they see a private provider

Champva benefits2
CHAMPVA benie does NOT have to update DEERS (weekly process)Benefits

  • Not Covered

    • Routine dental

    • Routine vision, unless disease

    • Chiropractic

    • Routine exams except school physicals

    • Custodial/Domiciliary Care (nursing home, long term care)

Champva and medicare
CHAMPVA And Medicare benie does NOT have to update DEERS (weekly process)

  • For those with Medicare or over 65

  • Same program as for those not on Medicare or under 65

  • Used to be called “CFL “

Contact information

Phone Center benie does NOT have to update DEERS (weekly process)


Mon-Fri, 8:05 AM- 7:30 PM (Eastern)




Same Hours

Contact Information

Contact information1

Web site: benie does NOT have to update DEERS (weekly process)

Extensive information

Email: [email protected]



PO Box 469063

Denver CO 80246-9063

Contact Information

Language availability

All CHAMPVA items benie does NOT have to update DEERS (weekly process)

Spanish in stock

CHAMPVA Handbook Only

Other languages and Braille upon request

3-5 weeks to translate

Other Programs

On request

3-5 weeks to translate

Phone Center

Any language

Hearing impaired

Language Availability

Care giver

Provides CHAMPVA on a limited time basis for care givers of wounded warriors

Family members


Same sex partners


Eligibility is set by the Veteran’s local VAMC

Training is involved

Care Giver

Foreign medical program

Application must include: wounded warriors

FMP Registration Form - VA Form 10-7959f-1

Rating decision

Mail the application to:

FMP Office

PO Box 469061 Denver,

CO 80246-9061 USA

Foreign Medical Program

Application process4

Will receive a letter from us listing conditions we will pay for

Veteran can have any % of disability including 0%

100% disability overseas does not entitle Veteran to full coverage, only listed conditions

Application Process

Application process5

Claims must be made within one year of service for

Payments are made at the exchange rate on day of service

Different rules in Philippines and Canada

Philippines has a VA

Veterans can us Canadian VA

Application Process

Questions for