Welcome to     The Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative  Supporting Excellence in Education Through Regional Coordination

Welcome to The Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative Supporting Excellence in Education Through Regional Coordination PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to The Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative Supporting Excellence in Education Through Regional Coordination

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1. Welcome to The Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative Supporting Excellence in Education Through Regional Coordination

2. OVEC Mission The Mission of the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC) is to provide high quality services and programs that support, empower and build capacity in school learning communities, to ensure that students achieve college/career readiness.

3. The History of OVEC OVEC was established in 1976 under Kentucky's Interlocal Cooperation Act. OVEC was initially located in Shelbyville, Kentucky before moving to the University of Louisville's main campus in 1978. In 1988, OVEC moved from U of L to a commercial office building in Louisville. In early 1993, OVEC purchased its first facility in LaGrange, KY. In March 1998, OVEC returned to Shelbyville, after building a 12,000 square foot facility on five acres.

4. OVEC Leadership Mr. Tony Harvey 1976 – 1981 Dr. Thomas Jeffries 1981 – 1984 Dr. Linda Hargan 1984 – 1988 Dr. John A. Rosati 1989 – 2004 Dr. Leon Mooneyhan 2004 - Present

5. 2011 – 2012 Mr. Don Cravens, Superintendent - Anchorage Independent Schools Mr. Keith Davis , Superintendent - (Vice-Chair) Bullitt County Schools Ms. Lisa James, Superintendent - Carroll County Schools Mr. Buddy Berry, Superintendent - Eminence Independent Schools Dr. Harrie Buecker, Superintendent - Franklin County Schools Ms. Dorothy Perkins, Superintendent (Chair) - Gallatin County Schools Mr. Ron Livingood, Superintendent - Grant County Schools Mr. Tim Abrams, Superintendent - Henry County Schools Mr. Paul Upchurch, Superintendent - Oldham County Schools Mr. David Raleigh, Superintendent - Owen County Schools Mr. James Neihof, Superintendent - Shelby County Schools Mr. Charles Adams, Superintendent - Spencer County Schools Ms. Marcia Dunaway, Superintendent - Trimble County Schools Other representatives that attend board meetings include: Ms. Pam Young, Office of Education Accountability Ms. Roya Ghazi, Office of Education Accountability Dr. Blake Haselton, University of Louisville Ms. Lisa Gross, Kentucky Department of Education Mr. Wilson Sears, Kentucky Association of School Superintendents Mr. David Baird, Kentucky School Boards Association Dr. Phil Rogers, Education Professional Standards Board Mr. Darren Billberry, Kentucky High School Athletics Association OVEC Board Members

6. OVEC Districts Anchorage Independent (Jefferson County) Bullitt County Carroll County Eminence Independent (Henry County) Franklin County Gallatin County Grant County Henry County Oldham County Owen County Shelby County Spencer County Trimble County

7. OVEC Programs District Support Services Other District Support Services Read to Achieve Teaching American History Project CATALYST Project BALANCE Grants Development Head Start/Early Head Start Special Education Network Groups Other Support Services IClasses GED Testing Bidding School Nutrition Services Financial Services

8. District Support Services

9. Read to Achieve Literacy Resource Specialist provides direct assistance to primary-level struggling readers in Eminence Independent.

10. Teaching American History

11. CATALYST Collaboration Among Teachers and Librarians Yielding Successful Teaching

12. BALANCE Beneficial Activity Levels and Nutritional Choices Everyday Project Balance is proud to join the nationwide initiative to solve the challenge of childhood obesity The goals of this three-year OVEC grant is to improve and increase daily physical activity, cardiovascular fitness levels, and to increase students’ consumption of fruits and vegetables in Brooks, Eastern, Southside, and Taylorsville Elementary Schools. Other strategies in this grant include the implementation of a rigorous PE curriculum, integration of physical activity and nutrition concepts into classroom instruction, enhancement of school nutrition and health/wellness policies, and Family Night Programs to increase parental involvement in physical and nutrition education. Contact Karen Larimore, Project Balance Director, for further information.

13. Grants Development Development of grant proposals that serve multiple school districts to fund a wide variety of projects that benefit member districts. The OVEC Grant Writing Team: Researches grant opportunities for OVEC and member districts Conducts needs assessments of member districts for grant proposals Researches key academic and programmatic areas for use in grant proposals Develops grant applications and budgets with input from staff and districts Hosts meetings for member districts to provide technical assistance to assist them in writing their own successful grant applications

14. Head Start / Early Head Start Head Start is a federally funded, comprehensive program serving three and four year old children for Head Start and 6 weeks to three years old for Early Head Start, from income eligible families in Bullitt, Eminence, Gallatin, Henry, Owen, Shelby, and Spencer Counties. Head Start involves parents and the community in programs focused in three areas: Child Development Family and Community Partnerships Program Governance Ten percent of Head Start’s enrollment is reserved for children professionally diagnosed as disabled, who receive comprehensive services to meet their special needs.

15. Head Start / Early Head Start Education A Center based or Full Day Full Year option program with individualized instruction is provided. This helps the child develop socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development. Parents are encouraged to become an integral part of the child’s learning process. Additionally, a Home-Based option is available to expecting mothers and families with infants and toddlers up to age 3 who do not need the childcare services offered by the Full Day Full Year option, but would like to benefit from the education, health, and family services that Early Head Start has to offer. Health A comprehensive health program is provided to promote preventive health services and early intervention. Families are introduced to a network system that links them to ongoing health care. Head Start health services include: Medical, Vision, and Dental Exams Speech/Language, Hearing and Development Screening Nutritional and Growth Assessments Mental Health Services

16. Head Start / Early Head Start Family Services Head Start provides counseling, referrals, and assistance to families in becoming aware of community resources available that may benefit their family. Head Start’s Social Service staff help promote independence, personal growth and self-sufficiency in families. Parents are an essential part of the Head Start program. They may become active participants in classroom and group activities in program planning and the decision-making process. Parents have opportunities to learn, grow and become more effective parents. Disabilities Services Disabled children and their families receive the full range of Head Start developmental services. In addition, Head Start staff members work closely with community agencies to provide services which meet the special needs of the disabled child. Services for children identified include outreach and recruitment, screening, professional diagnosis, development and implementation of IEP. Transition services into and out of Head Start are also provided.

17. Special Education Exceptional Children Services Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment Positive Behavioral Supports Compliance and Monitoring Systems Lending Library Network Meetings

18. Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Data Analysis Differentiated Instructional Strategies Alternate Assessment & Curriculum Co-Teaching and Collaboration Culturally Responsive Instructional Practices Response to Intervention (RtI) Individual Education Programs (IEPs) Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)

19. Positive Behavioral Supports School-wide Behavior & Discipline support Teacher and Classroom Consultation Collaboration with KyCID Climate and Culture support

20. Lending Library Assistive Technology & Equipment Adaptive & Therapeutic Equipment Books, Materials, Videos, DVDs: Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment Behavior & Discipline & Management School Crisis Management Special Education Issues Teacher Mentoring

21. OVEC Network Groups

22. I-Classes Online Courses

23. GED Testing GED Test Centers are located at Ohio Valley Education Foundation Whitney M. Young Job Corp Additional addendum test sites as requested

24. School Nutrition Services Nutrition Analyst assists 12 OVEC districts in complying with federal regulations and the analysis of menus for all participating districts   Assistance and guidance given in the areas of recently enacted state legislation and wellness policies affecting districts   Ongoing extensive product testing conducted by the OVEC School Nutrition Services Committee to evaluate the quality, nutritional value and acceptance of new and presently utilized products   Annual workshop and food show held for School Nutrition Services personnel at the start of the school year   Districts receive allergy and carbohydrate count and information for their programs Ongoing menu, recipe and product analysis through the USDA approved Nutrikids program Maintenance and publication of nutritional value of foods and beverages used in accordance with 702 KAR 6:090

25. OVEC Finance OVEC operates through the membership fees of participating districts as well as through federal, state, local, and foundation funding, with an annual budget of $9.5 million. The 13 superintendents of member districts serve on the Board of Directors, the policy-making body of the cooperative. The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for overseeing the finances of the agency.

26. OVEC General Fund Revenues

27. OVEC continually provides support to member districts with an end goal of enhancing academic achievement for all students. OVEC Continues To Support

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