Created by ms librizzi s class asbury park middle school asbury park new jersey
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Created by: Ms. Librizzi’s Class Asbury Park Middle School Asbury Park, New Jersey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kenya. Created by: Ms. Librizzi’s Class Asbury Park Middle School Asbury Park, New Jersey. Flag of Kenya. Source: Map of Kenya. Source: Location Map of Kenya. Source: Official Name: Republic of Kenya Population: 31,639,000

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Created by: Ms. Librizzi’s Class Asbury Park Middle School Asbury Park, New Jersey

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Created by ms librizzi s class asbury park middle school asbury park new jersey


Created by:

Ms. Librizzi’s Class

Asbury Park Middle School

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Flag of kenya

Flag of Kenya


Map of kenya

Map of Kenya


Location map of kenya

Location Map of Kenya


Facts about kenya

Official Name: Republic of Kenya

Population: 31,639,000

Capital: Nairobi

Area: 582,650 sq. km

Head of government: prime Minister

Government: Republic

Language: Swahili and English

Date of Independence:Dec.12,1963

Religions: Protestant 45% Roman Catholic 33% Muslin 10%

Facts about Kenya

Source: www.fof/

More facts about kenya

More facts about Kenya

  • The climate of Kenya changes as its long changes. Weather conditions range from the tropical humidity of the cost and the dry heat of the northern plains to the coolness of the plateau and mountains.

  • Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano and the country’s highest point which rises to 5,199 meters [17,057feet].

  • Primary education us free and compulsory for eight years.

  • Telephone country code 254

  • Wild life safari has been the most important tourism for decades. Several Kenyan parks are the best places in Africa to see lions elephants, leopards, and the famous wildebeestmigration.

Holidays of kenya

Holidays of Kenya

  • Jamhuri: December 12th is the biggest of the national holidays in Kenya. It is a celebration of full independence of Kenya from the British in 1963.

  • Nairobi Show: is the agricultural and technological fair. Farmers show their crops and teach. They also show how to weave and make pottery so people will have ideas on how to make money.

Vertebrates of kenya

Vertebrates of Kenya

  • Warthog

  • Zebra

  • Cobra

  • Hyena

  • Wild buffalo

  • Gazelle

  • Elephant


They have four large warts and four sharp curved tusks coming from its mouth.

They may weigh from 100 to 245 lbs. (45 to 110 kilograms)

This can kill pigs and other farm animals

At the front of their mouth they have 2 more tusks

They spend much of the day lying around.




They can move or turn their ears in different directions to hear sounds better and can hear noises from far away

Zebra have long tails which are good far swatting flies and other pesky insects

They see well at night

They are around 9 feet long

Zebras have black-and-white –or brown-and- white stripes




King cobras are the longest of all the venomous/ poisonous snakes.

Cobra is a front fanged snakes ,their have two front fangs.

They generally have brown, or black skin with collars and cross bands of green, red, yellow, white, or black. Like other front fanged snakes do not have eye lids.




Hyenas are scavengers, animals that eat whatever they can find including decaying animals.

All hyenas have bodies similar to dogs and stringy tails.

Hyenas lives in dry open grasslands and brush lands throughout most of Africa

Hyenas have a life span of 13 to 25 years

Hyenas have black spots on their throats




A giraffe’s coat has patches of light brownish- yellow to chestnut brown. They hard to see when they stand by trees.

Most adult male giraffes are about 17 feet tall and most females are about 14 feet

They feed on the leaves, twigs, and fruit of trees and bushes.

A giraffes can close its nostrils completely to keep out sand and dust.




Their undemeath sides are white.

Dorcas gazelle grow to be about two feet tall and 31/2 feet long

Gazelle travel in herds of up to 40 members.

Little gazelles can run at speedy of up to 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour.




The tusks of elephants is made of ivory.

They are very strong and can life a tree.

Elephants like to cool off and take baths in pools of water.



A masai beaded necklace

A Masai beaded necklace

Source: www.fof/

Mount kilimanjaro as seen from kenya

Mount Kilimanjaro as seen from Kenya

Source: www.fof/

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