Creating partners and networks for success
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Creating partners and Networks for success PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating partners and Networks for success. Applications to the Community College System Dr. Sybil Burgess, Instructor, Biology and Chemistry Brunswick Community College, Supply, North Carolina 28462 (910) 755-7454 Where We Started.

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Creating partners and Networks for success

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Creating partners and Networks for success

Applications to the Community College System

Dr. Sybil Burgess,

Instructor, Biology and Chemistry

Brunswick Community College,

Supply, North Carolina 28462

(910) 755-7454

Where We Started

  • NSF workshop with Dr. Kelly Mack at Robeson Community College to introduce NSF-ADVANCE

    • “Any takers?”

  • Two Brunswick Community College Science Faculty members with 9 month contracts looking for summer employment (Burgess and Sabaoun)

    • “Just a few surveys. Piece of cake! Why not? Need the summer money!”

  • Who has written an NSF proposal before? Ans. Dr. Burgess at UNCW

    • “But she had a strong Sponsored Programs Office there...”

  • We wrote the proposal and we were funded!!! The first community college that NSF-ADVANCE had funded and the first NSF grant every received by Brunswick Community College!!!!!

    • “Is this good?”

  • What We Learned

    • The North Carolina Community College System is extremely top-down in management.

      • Administrative approval needed for what is considered in the university system expected professional activities

        • “Found out about this the hard different from university system” Burgess

    • Faculty are reluctant to discuss concerns

      • “Little perceived job security….no tenure…no multiple year contracts”

  • Business offices can make life difficult

    • “No Grants Manager in the Business Office = No Effective Grants Management”

  • Program officer intervention is sometimes needed to get local support

    • “You have to have be courageous and steadfast”

  • Challenges Unique to Us

    • Heavy Teaching Loads

      • “But we do love the students!”

  • Lack of Experience with Research

    • “Master’s level faculty with little research experience..”

  • Lack of Multiple Year Contracts

    • “Are you going to be around in three years to manage this project??”

  • Need for Multiple Job Assignments

    • “Chemical Hygiene Officer, Biology and Chemistry Instructor, Academic Advisor and Mentor, Continuing Education Instructor ”

    • “Faculty Senate President, Biology and Chemistry Instructor, Chemistry Club Advisor, Women’s Volleyball Coach”

  • Students with Special Academic Needs

    • “Open admission in community colleges”

  • Are We Really So Happy?

    • Salaries are lower than those at universities

    • We have little input in departmental decisions

    • We work long hours

    • We have little job security

      • “For adjuncts the above are extremely exacerbated!!”

    • We have time with our families!

      • “They don’t want us on campus late hours….work when everyone else does!!”

  • We love the classroom and the students!

    • “This is in-fact our de-facto “job security”…. Faculty turnover is not that high”

  • We get to teach wonderful subjects on the edge of our original knowledge base

    • “Protein biochemist teaching Anatomy and Physiology and Organic Chemistry!!!!

  • Empowerment and Excellence

    • Excellent and Empowered Community College Faculty

      • Generate Excellent Instruction

        • “New knowledge!!!”

      • Are Retained at the Institution

        • “Invested in the institution, want to stay”

      • Provide Excitement and Energy to the Workplace

        • “Check out that latest asteroid!!!!!!!”

      • Are Agents for Positive Change

        • “Can significantly change a person (many persons?) life (lives!!!)…What a gift this is!!”

      • Are True Role Models for Students they Instruct

        • “They want to be like US!!!!...WOW!!!”

    What We Want

    • Employment Security

      • “Within a non-tenure system, multiple year contracts?”

    • Professional Opportunities

      • “Participation in our professional organizations, not just workshops on how to teach better?”

    • Shared Governance

      • “Faculty elected committees with some governing authority?”

    • Professional Recognition

      • “Titling system with faculty hearings committee for appeals?”

    How We Can Get it

    • Buy-in from Community College System

      • “Need to see that improvement of faculty conditions has economic advantages”

  • NSF-ADVANCE projects that address specific community college faculty concerns

    • “We are happy in our jobs, but we are scared that we might lose them”

    • “NSF can empower those of us that will to make situations better for those that are afraid to speak out.”

    • “Partner with professional associations (AWIS, AACC, AAUW, Faculty Associations)”

    • “Partner with discipline-specific professional associations”

  • Targeted assistance for Sponsored Programs Offices and/or Faculty that have to be de-facto SPO at home institution

    • “Dual role in small institutions”

    • “Requirement for PI and Business Office NSF Grants Management Training”

  • Acknowledgements

    • Dr. Sybil Burgess, Retired Associate Professor UNCW (Chemistry), Full time Science Instructor, Brunswick Community College, NSF-ADVANCE Principal Investigator

    • Dr. Katharine Kleber, Adjunct Biology Instructor, Brunswick Community College, NSF-ADVANCE Project Administrative Assistant

    • Ms. Michelle Sabaoun, Lead Instructor for Biotechnology, Brunswick Community College, NSF-ADVANCE Institutional Data Coordinator

    • Mr. Peter Hocking, Full time Mathematics Instructor, Brunswick Community College, NSF-ADVANCE Project Statistician

    • Ms. Zenda Rushing, Adjunct Biology Instructor, Brunswick Community College, NSF-ADVANCE Project Newsletter Editor

    • Dr. Edith Lang, Retired Vice-President for Student Services, Brunswick Community College, NSF-ADVANCE Project Data Analysis Coordinator

    • Dr. Diane Levy, Professor UNCW (Sociology), NSF-ADVANCE Project Faculty Climate Survey Coordinator

    • Dr. Christina Lanier, Associate Professor (Sociology), NSF-ADVANCE Project Climate Survey Data Analysis Coordinator

    • Dr. Kimberly McDaniel, Full-time Biology Faculty, Fayetteville Technical Community College, NSF-ADVANCE local coordinator

    • Mr. Louis McIntyre, Full-time Biology Faculty Robeson Community College NSF-ADVANCE local coordinator

    • Ms. Sara Davenport, Full-time Biology Faculty Southeastern Community College NSF-ADVANCE local coordinator

    • Bladen Community College, James Sprunt Community College and Sampson Community College participated with the above institutions in the faculty climate survey and institutional data collection.

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