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Style & Punctuation. How to use italics and quotation marks. Organize your notes. Good idea to make 2 columns Some call this a T-Chart 1 column for things italicized 1 column for things that in quotation marks. Italicizing = Underlining.

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Style punctuation

Style & Punctuation

How to use italics and quotation marks

Organize your notes
Organize your notes

  • Good idea to make 2 columns

  • Some call this a T-Chart

  • 1 column for things italicized

  • 1 column for things that in quotation marks

Italicizing underlining
Italicizing = Underlining

  • One should always italicize when typing/word processing

  • When one is handwriting, underlining takes the place of italicizing.

  • You should only underline when the rules of style dictate it.

Titles of books

Italicize titles of published books

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finnis one of the most popular destinations on Sparknotes.Com.

Titles of newspapers and magazines
TITLES OF newspapersand Magazines

Italicize titles of newspapers and magazines

The New York Timesis my favorite paper to read.

Titles of plays

Italicize titles of plays

I saw Hamlet last week at the Fox Theater.

Titles of movies

Italicize titles of Movies or TV shows

This summer my daughters couldn’t wait to see Monsters University.

Titles of tv shows

Italicize titles of Movies or TV shows

I caught up with the last season of Lost by renting the DVD’s.

Titles of albums cd
TITLES OF Albums/cd

Italicize titles of operas, albums, and CD’s

All Eyez on Me by Tupac Shakur is Sultan Mozip’s all-time favorite album.

Titles of vehicles
TITLES OF Vehicles

Italicize titles of the names of spacecraft, aircraft, ships

The USS Enterprise was the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Titles of artwork
TITLES OF artwork

Italicize titles of:works of art

I had to analyze how color is used in Starry Night for the midterm.

Titles of works

Italicize titles of works of art

If you travel to Paris be sure to see Venus de Milo at the Louvre Museum.

Titles of court cases
TITLES OF court cases

Italicize titles of legal cases

The Brown v. Board of Education was an important Supreme Court decision to challenge segregation in public schools.

Titles of articles
TITLES OF articles

Use quotation marks around titles of articles in periodicals (magazines) and newspapers

Anyone who read “Dewey Defeats Truman” got a big surprise the next morning.

Titles of short stories
TITLES OF short stories

Put in quotation marks titles short stories

Just for fun, I read “There Will Come Soft Rains” over the summer.

Note: Short stories are published with other stories inside books referred to as anthologies.

Titles of chapters
TITLES OF chapters

Use quotation marks around titles of parts and chapters of books

I have to read “Westward Expansion” for Mr. Whalen’s history class by Thursday.

Titles of episodes
TITLES OF episodes

Use quotation marks around titles of television episodes

My favorite episode of Lost is “There’s No Place Like Home” which has a great cliff-hanger.

Titles of poems

Put in quotation marks titles poems

“Cats Don’t Care” is a poem that rhymes.

Titles of songs

Use quotation marks around titles of songs

“Someone Like You,” by Adele is the Top iTunes Pop Song in many European countries.

Titles of essays

Put in quotation marks titles of (someone else’s/not your own essay titles) essay

Kyle simply called his impromptu essay “Football.”