Why Enterprises need to Digitize their Business?
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An automation tool helps Enterprises to grow their business by w2ssolutions PowerPoint PPT Presentation

An app that removes paper based forms and digitizes your Safety Compliance and Quality Audit process.http://www.w2ssolutions.com/

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An automation tool helps Enterprises to grow their business ...

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Why Enterprises need to Digitize their Business?

  • Industries use paper based forms for safety check, quality control, auditing and maintenance.

  • There is no tablet app that converts paper based forms to automate Forms, Jobs and Reporting.

  • Industries waste time in reconciling all paper based forms, verify signatures, manually approve documents before submitting for quality / audit check.

Our Solution:

An app that removes paper based forms and digitizes your Safety Compliance and Quality Audit process.

I am an SME. I have many forms and needs to be filled by various field workers. How will I do that ?

Just create your workers through our online web app, design your forms in web and assign those to your workers.

How will the workers access the Jobs/Forms ?

  • They shall login through iPad and view their Jobs and fill it. Its super easy.

  • Instead of carrying paper forms, they shall carry an iPad, open their Jobs / Forms and fill it.

I have many custom fields in my Paper based forms. What are the controls you provide in your web form design ?

Common fields available in all general web forms:

  • Textbox

  • Dropdown

  • Numeric field

  • Email

  • Date

  • Time

  • Checkbox

  • Phone

Our application also have customized fields that are not available in any general online forms.

  • Multiselection

  • Checkbox Group

  • Take Photo

  • Signature

  • Users by Role

  • Equipments by type

  • Toggle Button

  • Heading

What are the User levels you support and How shall I manage ?

  • You can create your own Organization, Create various Roles such as managers / employees / admins and assign Jobs based on their Roles.

Okay. Cool! Now the forms are filled by my field labor. Where is the filled forms ?

  • All data's are stored in centralized server.

  • You shall pull up Reports based on employees and view assigned Jobs and their filled forms.

  • Since data's are already digitized, you shall just print the report or forward to anyone for auditing.

Other Features:

  • Let your employees enter their timesheet

  • Notify all users ( Admin / Manager / Employee / Fieldworkers ) by push notification messages.

  • Create your customers and manage Jobs for them.

Other Features cont..

  • Keep track of your employees location.

  • Assign Help Documents, Training materials, safety precautionary notes to all users.

  • Let everyone create tickets and assign to anyone in your Organization.

Technology Stack


Backend Web Services:



About W2S Solutions:

  • We are a custom mobile app and web development company that thinks outside the box to build award winning apps for startups and SME’s around the world

  • We add value for customers by providing professional IT solutions, services and consulting business.

  • Our Domain Expertise:

    • Healthcare

    • Insurance

    • Oil and Gas

    • Manufacturing

  • We would love the opportunity to discuss the possibilities for your business.

  • Management Consulting

  • FinTech

  • Logistics

  • E-Commerce

Thank You!

Go Paperless…Go GREEN !

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