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Group 2. Bobby Nagel Mike Brook Angus Hapanionek Jennnnnnifer Whitfield. Work Cited. The MLA format of a bibliography. Giving the credit to the authors of whom ideas were used in your work . Work cited pages are used in all college English and history classes.

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Group 2

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Group 2

Group 2

Bobby Nagel

Mike Brook

Angus Hapanionek

Jennnnnnifer Whitfield

Work cited

Work Cited

  • The MLA format of a bibliography.

  • Giving the credit to the authors of whom ideas were used in your work.

  • Work cited pages are used in all college English and history classes.

  • Learning your MLA and work cited is very important to your college career.

Hanging indent

Hanging Indent

  • When the first line of a paragraph starts to the left of the rest of the lines of the paragraph. *HINT: press control + T

    • This is an example of a hanging indent. Keep typinnuousee.

  • On Windows Vista go to view, then click on the toolbar. Align the bottom arrow to the right ½ inch and the top arrow at the standard point.

Alphabetical order

Alphabetical Order

  • Under work cited you can find all the information you need quickly because it has to be alphabetical order.

    • Highlight and select the text, Click on the table you want your work cite to be on, Select to sort and put all your pages in alphabetical order. After as told click ok to complete

Removing underlined hyperlinks

Removing Underlined Hyperlinks

  • Removing underlined hyperlinks is quite simple.

    • Right click on the hyperlink and choose “remove hyperlink” but you have to make sure the angle brackets are around your hyperlink. For example then you have to right click on and click “remove hyperlink” it will then look something like this a regular address that takes away the hyperlink. The angle brackets should look like this < >.



  • When you quote a source in you paragraph you first start off by introducing the author of the work than after quoting the work, you have to cite it.

  • When you site it you write the authors last name in parenthesis with a comma followed by either the page numbers of the work or the paragraph. (Smith, p117-19).

Reference and footnotes

Reference and Footnotes

  • A footnote is a note of text at the bottom of the page in a document. A footnote either comments on something wrote in your document or it gives a reference from the main body of your text.

  • You enter a footnote on your paper by going to Insert on the toolbar, then click footer. Enter the text that you wish to in the footer and press enter.

Mla format


Header Pg#

Robert Nagel

ENC 2300

Instructor Larson

September 24, 2008


Opening paragraph. Basically all you do in you opening paragraph is introduce you

topic and argument for your paper.

Work Cited

This is how you would do a work cited page with address if on the

internet with the author’s names.



  • From the home page go to how to cover word

  • Then scroll down the page and click on word practice.

  • Select the practice work cited page document and turn it into a proper MLA format work cited page. As explained in the presentation.

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