The three treasures in life
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The Three “Treasures” in Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Three “Treasures” in Life. By Cathy Chang. Outline. Starting Questions Family Starting Questions Useful Expressions Discussion Questions Friends Significant Other. Starting Questions. The 3 treasures in life ( 人生的三寶 ): Family Friends Girlfriend/Boyfriend (the significant other)

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The Three “Treasures” in Life

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The three treasures in life

The Three “Treasures” in Life

By Cathy Chang



  • Starting Questions

  • Family

    • Starting Questions

    • Useful Expressions

    • Discussion Questions

  • Friends

  • Significant Other

Starting questions

Starting Questions

  • The 3 treasures in life (人生的三寶):

    • Family

    • Friends

    • Girlfriend/Boyfriend (the significant other)

  • Do you believe in this saying? Why or why not?

  • Are there different degrees of importance between the three?

  • Are there other “treasures” in life?

Family starting questions

Family(Starting Questions)

  • Introducing your family members

  • Who is the closest to you? Or influences you the most? Why or why not?

  • Do you live with your parents? Advantages and disadvantages

  • What kind of family would you like to have yourself in the future?

Useful expressions

Useful Expressions

  • Adoptive parents (stepfather, step mother) - 養父養母

  • Siblings - 兄弟姊妹

  • In-law(s):

    • Brother-in-law = 姊(妹)夫

    • Son-in-law = 女婿

    • Daughter-in-law = 媳婦

  • Spouse - 配偶 (ex-wife/former wife, separated, divorced)

  • Types of Family - nuclear, extended, DINK (double-income-no-kid), bi-cultural, blended (step)

Discussion questions

Discussion Questions

  • Family Resemblance: Who do you look like more in your family? Personality-wise?

  • Generation Gap: Do you think that it is hard to communicate with the older generation?

  • Can you describe one thing that makes your family unique and different from others?



  • What is the difference between acquaintances, friends, and best-friends? Do you have this distinction?

  • What is your definition of friendship? How do you maintain friendships?

  • What are some characteristics that you think a friend should have?

Useful expressions 1

Useful Expressions (1)

  • Pen pal - 筆友

  • Internet friends - 網友

  • Friends from different generations - 不同世代的朋友

  • Fair-weather friend - 酒肉朋友

  • Bad/good/best friends - 壞/好/至友

  • True/false friends - 真正/虛偽的朋友

Useful expression 2

Useful Expression (2)

  • Loyal 忠誠的

  • Sincere 誠懇的

  • Supportive 支持的相挺的

  • Close/intimate 親近的

  • Mutual understanding 互相瞭解

  • Have sth. In common 有共同點

  • Care about somebody (sb.) 關心某人

  • Take care of sb. 照顧某人

  • Get along (well) with sb. 與某人和睦相處

  • keep in touch with sb. 與某人保持聯絡

  • Lose touch with sb. 與某人失去聯繫

  • Maintain the friendship 維持友誼

  • Drift apart 疏遠

Significant others

Significant Others

  • What do you look for in a boy/girlfriend?

  • Do you believe in love at first sight?

  • Do you believe in having only one true love?

  • Are there any differences in expectations between boy/girlfriend and husband/wife?

  • What are the important things in maintaining a relationship?

  • What is your opinion towards couples living together before marriage?

Useful expressions1

Useful Expressions

  • One night stand 一夜情

  • Man of your dreams 夢中情人

  • True love 貞愛

  • Cohabitation 同居

  • Heartbroken 失戀

  • Have a crush on sb. 迷戀某人

  • Puppy love 少男少女間短暫的愛情

Further discussion

Further Discussion

  • Do you feel that marriage and creating a family is the ultimate goal in life?

  • What are the attitudes of today’s youth that are different from older generations?

  • Do you feel that the relationships between people, including families and friends, have become weaker? Or stronger?



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