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Presentation of the . The ARC System. Construction Cost Control. “ Click ” mouse to advance presentation. Version 2.2 January 2003. What is the ARC System?. Site construction cost control & management software Designed for the telecommunications industry

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of the

The ARC System

Construction Cost Control

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Version 2.2

January 2003

what is the arc system
What is the ARC System?
  • Site construction cost control & management software
  • Designed for the telecommunications industry
  • Based on a comprehensive “shopping list” of construction items (Master Schedule of Works with agreed rates)
  • User–friendly means of managing the Schedule of Agreed Construction Rates
  • Uses well-defined model sites to set accurate site construction budgets & produce cost control documents
  • Used by Designers & Contractors to produce site cost control documentation from Estimate (financial planning) to Final Account
what are the benefits
What are the Benefits?
  • Visibility of ‘REAL’ construction costs and excessive costs for sites, early in the rollout process
  • Consistent and clear cost information from Contractors
  • Simple method of producing / processing cost documentation & contractor payments
  • Contractors judged on time and quality not on COST
  • Client can use the costs to determine future budgets
  • Ensures appropriate ‘paper trail’ for Quality Assurance
how does the arc work
How does the ARC work?

In brief, the ARC System involves two phases of

work and different versions:

  • Utilised for the set up of the software in accordance with the Customer requirements including a Master Schedule of Works & Model Sites - Phase 1
  • Following set-up the software can be utilised by the Client to import / create / manage cost control documentation – Phase 2
  • Utilised by Design Consultants and Contractors to create construction cost control documentation based on an agreed set of rates and model sites – Phase 2
phase 1 initialisation set up
Phase 1 - Initialisation / Set-up

With the assistance of FocusPlus SA, the ARC

System is customised to the Client requirements

Modifying the Master Schedule of Works to suit the Client’s & project needs

Setting Client and project parameters

Entering project Designers and Contractor details

Importing & analysing Contractor post tender rates based on the schedule of line items

Setting & fixing the final rates for each Contractor

Defining & importing model sites that are appropriate to the project

Generating Designer & Contractor partner versions for creation of cost control documents based on fixed rates

phase 1 master schedule of works
Phase 1-Master Schedule of Works

The FocusPlus Master Schedule of Works is

Structured as follows:

  • Schedule divided into SECTIONS
  • Sections divided into CATEGORIES
  • Categories contain SUB CATEGORIES or line items of construction activity

Note: Alternatively a Client may utilise their own schedule of works, however,

modifications to the schedule may be necessary to ensure compatability with the


phase 1 master schedule of works7
Phase 1-Master Schedule of Works

The FocusPlus SA schedule can be modified or a

Client schedule can be imported into the ARC

Support statements provide descriptions of the line items to assist in pricing & schedule management

Line Items can be added to or deleted from the schedule

Sections, Categories & construction line items can be easily located by the tree structure

phase 1 rate agreement
Phase 1-Rate Agreement

The finalised project Schedule of Works is

Priced by the Contractors & the rate for each line

item is imported into the ARC system.

The ARC is utilised to analyse Contractor rates

for different scenarios (e.g. National vs Regional).

The ARC will produce a spreadsheet which

compares the rates submitted by the Contractors.

The ARC can compare the rates of any number of different Contractors

Rates are negotiated and agreed with the Contractors, then fixed by the ARC

The ARC provides a visual comparison based on percentage variation from the mean value. The percentage variation can be modified to suit.

phase 1 project model sites
Phase 1-Project Model Sites

Model sites are defined with the Client that represent the

typical sites to be constructed on the project. Model site

schedules are imported into the ARC system.

  • The function of model sites is as follows:
  • Utilised by the Client to establish construction budgets based on negotiated rates
  • Selection of an appropriate model site schedule as the basis for the cost control document creation
  • As a cost cross comparison budget vs live site construction costs
phase 1 typical model sites
Phase 1-Typical Model Sites

Model sites are defined that suit the project and territory.

Typical models sites currently available are indicated below:

phase 1 partner version creation
Phase 1-Partner Version Creation

The CLIENT VERSION is utilised to generate PARTNER

VERSIONS of the software for distribution as follows:

The ARC Design Consultant Partner Version incorporates

fixed rate types for the range of Contractors and/or Regions for

which they will work

  • The ARC Contractors Partner Version incorporates fixed
  • rates for one of the following rate types:
  • National rate basis for all project Contractors
  • Regional rate basis for each Contractor within a region
  • Specific Contractor ratebasis (Set of fixed rates for each Contractor)
entry screens for different versions
Entry Screens for Different Versions

Administrator access only

phase 2 cost control documents
Phase 2-Cost Control Documents

The ARC System manipulates the Master Schedule of

Works to efficiently create various cost documents for each

Site, as indicated below:

Build Cost


Bill of


The above documents are typically prepared by a Design Consultant

Fixed Price


Certificate of






The above documents are typically prepared by a Contractor

Note: The application can be utilised to produce all or a selection of

the above documents for each site type.

phase 2 cost control documents14
Phase 2-Cost Control Documents

Cost Control Document output is dependant on the ARC

Version utilised, as indicated below:

phase 2 cost control documents15
Phase 2-Cost Control Documents

Each document type is issued during the following phases:

phase 2 cost document creation
Phase 2-Cost Document Creation

Accessing site cost information or entering new site details:

Enter the site details e.g Site ID, site name, address site type etc.

Enter the site reference and candidate

Create a document

List of sites in the database

The above screens are used to access site details and documents

already in the database and for entering new site details

phase 2 cost document creation17
Phase 2-Cost Document Creation

Select the document type and other parameters:

Import quantities from a document previously created by another ARC user

Site details

Saved Documents

Choose a document type:

Build Cost Estimate

Bill of Quantities

Contractors Fixed Price Quotation

Contractors Certificate for Payment

Contractors Variation Order

Contractors Final Account

Document version control

View the contents of a document

Creation of document based on:

A Model Site

Previously created document (same type)

Document version from another Site

Manually from the Master Schedule

Imported document prepared by another user

Print a report

Choose the rate basis:




(OR Zero rate)

Create a document

Export a created document

phase 2 cost document creation18
Phase 2-Cost Document Creation

Creating a cost control document (e.g. Build Cost Estimate)

Select the name of the user pereparing the document

Site details

Itemsof work which are

Not Included in the

Master Schedule of Works

can be entered manually

Delete line items as necessary

Unit rates CANNOT be altered by the end user

Add new line items

From the Master

Schedule of

Works library

Documents based on model sites are substantially complete with only minor modifications necessary

Alter quantities as necessary

Group statement

phase 2 cost document creation19
Phase 2-Cost Document Creation

Creating a Contractor’s Certificate for Payment

Purchase order value

Select the name of the user pereparing the document

Site details

Manually enter the gross amount figure

Contractors name

must be selected

Total of variation orders issued to date entered automatically

Save modifications prior

leaving the screen

Less amount paid out in the previous payment certificate entered automatically

The report can be

previewed and printed

from this screen

Net amount due in the current certificate

Enter retention precentage if applicable

phase 2 cost document creation20
Phase 2-Cost Document Creation

Creating a Contractor’s Final Account

Select the name of the user pereparing the document

Site details

Contractors name

must be selected

Save modifocations

prior to leaving the


Contractors final account

is based on the fixed price

quotation plus any

variation orders issued

during the construction


The report can be

previewed and

printed from this


Total of variation orders

Total final account

phase 2 cost document creation21
Phase 2-Cost Document Creation

Creating a Contractor’s Variation Order

Enter manually items

of work which are

Not Included in the

Master Schedule of


Select Sub Categories from the Master Schedule of Works to be included in the Variation Order

Entering a negative quantity will change the item to a negative amount and turn the line RED

the arc system
The ARC System


FocusPlus SA

contacting focusplus sa
Contacting FocusPlus SA

FocusPlus SA

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