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Langston Hughes

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Langston Hughes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Langston Hughes. Getting Started. Open up your Poetry Daily Work document and label the top “Langston Hughes” Open up to page 566 and read his biography List 3 FACTS you see in this biograph y. “Madam and the Rent Man”. Turn to page 561 and read the poem silently

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getting started
Getting Started
  • Open up your Poetry Daily Work document and label the top “Langston Hughes”
  • Open up to page 566 and read his biography
  • List 3 FACTS you see in this biography
madam and the rent man
“Madam and the Rent Man”
  • Turn to page 561 and read the poem silently
  • Now turn to a neighbor and ONE person read just the first stanza (which is lines….???)
  • What “tone” of voice does the rent man use?
    • How do you know?
  • Now the other person reads the second stanza (which is lines…?)
  • What “tone” of voice does the woman/tenant use?
    • How do you know?
madam and the rent man1
“Madam and the Rent Man”
  • Continue taking turns reading the different stanzas.
  • When you finish, assign one person the role of the rent man and the other person the role of the madam/tenant.
  • Practice reading the poem with the appropriate tone/attitude for each part.
  • I’ll be asking for volunteers! 
tone mood
  • What do you think is the Tone/Attitude that Langston Hughes used in this poem?
  • Why do you say that? Provide 2 lines/words that prove this tone.
  • What was the mood that you were in when you read it?
    • Remember, just because the tenant was angry, doesn’t mean that it’s an angry poem. How did it sound as you read it?
theme paragraph
Theme Paragraph
  • Open up your “Theme Paragraph” in your Google Drive
  • Look over BOTH the feedback you received and where you scored on the rubric
  • Make the necessary changes to improve your paragraph
more of langston hughes
More of Langston Hughes
  • This will be good test practice, so please take it seriously!!!
  • Go to my website and open up “Theme for English B” poem by Langston Hughes, and read the poem.
  • OR pick up a copy of the poem on the back table.
theme paragraph1
Theme Paragraph
  • Go back to your “Theme Paragraph”
  • Enter your current Theme Paragraph down
  • Label the top of the page “Theme for English B”
pick a theme
Pick a Theme
  • Write down which theme you think BEST fits the poem:
    • People of different races will never be able to get along
    • Instructors give confusing assignments that only make sense to some people
    • All people are connected to one another
    • People are all exactly the same inside
  • Then write down TWO lines from the poem that fit your theme.
theme paragraph2
Theme Paragraph
  • Before you start writing, think/look back to the feedback you received about your first theme paragraph. You do not want to make the same mistakes again.
  • Write a well-structured paragraph that answers the question: What is the theme of “Theme for English B”?
    • Use at least TWO ICE Quotes
  • This is due by the end of the hour