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ENG3UI-01 Mrs. Hardie December 16, 2013. Bradley Baetz Francis Duong. Propaganda. Demosthenes and Locke vs. Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King Jr. Introduction. Propaganda: What is it? In what forms can it be used?. Who?. Demosthenes vs. Hitler Locke vs. Martin Luther King Jr.

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ENG3UI-01Mrs. HardieDecember 16, 2013.

Bradley Baetz

Francis Duong


Demosthenes and Locke


Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King Jr.



  • What is it?

  • In what forms can it be used?


Demosthenes vs. Hitler

Locke vs. Martin Luther King Jr.


  • Anti-Russian writer

  • Wants a war

  • Quickly becomes famous

  • Persuades using fear

Adolf Hitler

  • Used his public speaking skills to gain power

  • Ambitious in his quest for power

  • Used people’s fears against them

  • Very manipulative


  • Writing in order to obtain world peace

  • Respected amongst smart citizens

  • Wants to become leader of the world

  • Wants the Warsaw Pact to form

  • Power-hungry

Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Wanted equal rights for African Americans

  • Gave influential speeches

  • Role model for African Americans

  • Impacted a nation

Comparing Demosthenes and Adolf Hitler

Valentine on Hitler

  • “But mostly he got to power on words, on the right words at the right time” (Card 131)

    Major Imbu on Demosthenes

  • “I know Demosthenes is dangerous, in part because he or she has such a wide following” (Card 228)

    Dr. Joseph Goebbels on Hitler’s speaking ability.

  • “He knows the secret corners and aspects of the mass soul and knows how to reach and touch them.”

Comparing Locke and Martin Luther King Jr.

Peter on world peace

  • “I want to save mankind from self-destruction” (Card 132)

    Peter on how he can change the world

  • “Right now is the time when I can shape events. The world is always a democracy in times of flux, and the man with the best voice will win” (Card 130)

    Martin Luther King Jr. in his speech

  • “Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”

Further Comparison

Demosthenes and Hitler

  • Used words to gain followers and for manipulation

  • Knew people’s fears

  • Forced others to change opinions

Further Comparison

Locke and Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Used positive steps in order to gain peace

  • Led people to understand their views

  • Eventually gained respect

Propaganda use Between Demosthenes and Locke

  • Used advanced writing skills as propaganda

  • Attended private meetings and events

  • Convinced the world through their opinions

Martin Luther King Jr. Propaganda


  • Speeches

  • Posters

Hitler’s Use of Propaganda

  • Videos

  • Posters

  • Speeches

  • Schools


  • Propaganda is used in many ways

  • Ultimately used to impact people

  • Very influential in history

  • The small role it played in Enders Game and in history had a lasting impact.


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