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Nurses eshars training
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Nurses eSHARS Training. Presented By: Sheena Joslyn Secretary to Mr. Robert Seale-Associate Superintendent for Finance MAC/SHARS Contact Provider: Medicaid Finance & Consulting Services (MFCS) A Division of Houston ISD. Agenda Items. Booklet Pages New eSHARS book available! Logging in

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Nurses eSHARS Training

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Nurses eshars training

NurseseSHARS Training

Presented By: Sheena Joslyn

Secretary to Mr. Robert Seale-Associate Superintendent for Finance


Provider: Medicaid Finance & Consulting Services (MFCS)

A Division of Houston ISD

Agenda items

Agenda Items

  • Booklet Pages

    • New eSHARS book available!

  • Logging in

  • How, when & what to bill

  • Screen Shots

  • New features

Pertinent pages relevant to the 2010 2011 booklet

Pertinent PagesRelevant to the 2010-2011 Booklet

  • Page 1 and 2

    • Students you bill in eSHARS

  • Page 4

    • Policy

  • Page 16

    • Medication + Treatment Administration

  • Page 20

    • Records retention

  • Page 28

    • Reminders

Eshars process

eSHARS Process

  • UserID = email address

  • Login = from Houston

  • 5 Tabs

    • Birdville = Live data

    • Training = Fake data

  • Communication

    • Sheena Joslyn

      • Any Questions

    • Houston ISD

      • Troubleshoot/Policy

  • Add a Visit from Scratch

  • Review Pending Approval of Visits

    • ONLY supervisors see

  • View your Visit History

  • View Student Info.

  • View Student Logs

  • View My Caseload

  • View My Appeal List


The website logging in

The WebsiteLogging In

Website example after login

Website Example-After Login

Building your caseload

Building Your Caseload

  • “View My Caseload” (on right side)..allows to add students to caseload

  • Place checkmark next to students you need in your caseload

    • Click “Add”

  • Pages of students, scroll to bottom

  • Removing a student (Right side of screen)

    • Place a checkmark in box next to their name

    • Click “Remove”

  • Click “close” or click the “Visit” tab

Nurses eshars training


Left Side = Medicaid eligible students @ your assigned campus(es)

Right Side = The billable students you see and bill for

What should my caseload look like website example

What Should My Caseload Look Like?Website Example

1 add a visit from scratch medication administration

1. Add A Visit From ScratchMedication Administration

  • Highlight student

  • “Add a Visit From Scratch” (3rd, blue box)

  • Choose:

    • Location

    • Date

    • Medication administration or treatment (see booklet)

  • Select:

    • Individual

    • Group Setting

    • Delegated

  • Input start time

    • HH and MM

    • “Add” as many

  • “Create”

  • Options

    • Save

    • Close

    • Copy

    • Delete

Nurses eshars training

Source: MFCS, a division of the Houston Independent School District

What happens when i copy

What Happens When I copy?

  • Click the date(s) you wish to copy to

    • Cannot copy to future dates

    • If you click the wrong date, select it from right side and click “remove.”

What happens when i select copy

What happens when I select “Copy?”

Click “Next

Billing for a treatment

Billing For a Treatment

  • Highlight student

  • “Add a Visit From Scratch” (3rd, blue box)

  • Choose:

    • Location

    • Date

    • Medication treatment

  • Select:

    • Individual

    • Group Setting

    • Delegated

    • Group Delegated

  • Select a Start and End Time

    • Remember to select the HH and the MM down arrows vs. manually inputting

  • Click “Add”

  • Click “Create”

  • “Save,” “Copy,” “Delete,” & “Close”

  • NOTE: You will see a grayed-out total time after you select create

3 view your visit history

3. View Your Visit History

  • Highlight Student from caseload

    • To see all visits, SKIP to next bullet

  • “View Your Visit History” (3rd, blue box)

    • Copied visits: “open” visits and edit them

    • Also delete any billed visits

      • EXCEPTION: If the billing status reads “Bill Process Completed, Bill File Created” = Email Sheena Joslyn

4 view student information

4. View Student Information

  • Tabs are:

    • Visit History (click “search” to see all billed visits)

    • ARD History (As ARD’s are held, you’ll need to adjust)

    • Medicaid History

    • Campus History

  • Visit History (Delete, View, and change billing status)

    *ALERT: If not ready to bill, put into Completed-DO NOT BILL Status

  • ARD History (Modify and/or Add an ARD)

    *CAUTION: There may be services already present that need to stay within the active ARD

    *The ARD date can overlap the most recent ARD, but cannot overlap an existing Visit

  • Medicaid and Campus History

Website example visit history view student information

Website Example-Visit HistoryView Student Information

Website example log optional view student information

Website Example-Log (Optional)View Student Information

Ard scenarios

ARD Scenarios

  • Johnny’s ARD was scheduled for March 1st, but was held on March 16th

    • You will NOT have any visits billed from March 1-March 15

    • You will “Add an ARD” to read March 16th ending March 16 of the next year

  • Lula’s ARD was scheduled for April 6th, but was held on March 31st

    • You will “Edit” existing ARD to end on March 30th

    • You will “Add an ARD” to read March 31st ending March 31 of the next year

Nurses eshars training

Note: The previous ARD end date is one day prior to my current ARD Date

7 appeals


If you ever see this screen, you are in the wrong place. Any appeals, those bills you input by mistake and the read “Bill Process Completed, Bill File Created,” need to go to Sheena Joslyn via email.



  • Communication via phone or BISD email

  • Add students via Sheena Joslyn

  • Parental consent

    • Any consent form = “No” must come to Sheena

  • New Students every month

  • Setup a billing schedule

    • Every Friday or Every Monday

    • No > 2 weeks

  • Make sure student has ARD/IEP

Contact information

Contact Information

  • Sheena Joslyn

    • (817) 547-5735


  • Houston ISD

    • (800) 381-6334


  • Training materials, updates, & forms:

    BISD MAC/SHARS Website

  • Login