Objectives for the imc plan
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Objectives for the IMC Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Objectives for the IMC Plan. Communications. Planning and Decision Making. Measurement and Evaluation of Results. Value of Objectives. Objectives. Communications. Planning and Decision Making. Marketing Objectives. Communications Objectives. Generally stated in the firm’s marketing plan

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Value of objectives l.jpg


Planning and Decision Making

Measurement and Evaluation of Results

Value of Objectives



Planning and Decision Making

Marketing versus communications objectives l.jpg

Marketing Objectives

Communications Objectives

  • Generally stated in the firm’s marketing plan

  • Achieved through the overall marketing plan

  • Quantifiable, such as sales, market share, ROI

  • To be accomplished in a given period of time

  • Must be realistic and attainable to be effective

  • Derived from the overall marketing plan

  • More narrow than marketing objectives

  • Based on particular communications tasks

  • Designed to deliver appropriate messages

  • Focused on a specific target audience

Marketing Versus Communications Objectives


Problems with using sales as a communications objective l.jpg







Price Policy



Problems with Using Sales as A Communications Objective








Price Policy

Problems with using sales as a communications objective5 l.jpg
Problems with Using Sales as a Communications Objective

  • Carryover effect of advertising

    • Many experts believe the effects of advertising can occur over an extended period.

    • Money spent on advertising does not necessarily have an immediate impact on sales.

Problems with using sales as a communications objective6 l.jpg
Problems with Using Sales as a Communications Objective

  • Sales objectives offer little guidance to those planning and developing the Promotional Program.

  • The creative and media people working on the account need direction:

    • Nature of the message the company hopes to communicate.

    • The intended audience.

    • The particular effect or response sought.

When are sales objectives appropriate l.jpg
When Are Sales Objectives Appropriate?

  • Sales objectives are useful if:

    • Other marketing or environmental factors are not influencing sales.

    • Carryover effect is not occurring.

    • Managers involved do not require guidance.

  • Setting sales objectives appears appropriate in the case of direct-response advertising.

Communication objectives l.jpg
Communication Objectives

  • Statements of what the communications will accomplish.

  • Three levels of communication objectives, depending upon the decision at hand:

    • Overall IMC plan

    • Individual IMC tools

    • Individual elements of a communication tool

Communication objectives10 l.jpg
Communication Objectives

  • Communication objectives should be based:

    • On the particular communication tasks required to deliver the appropriate messages to the specific target audience.

    • At a relevant point within the target market’s purchase decision-making process and consumption experience.

The dagmar approach l.jpg
The DAGMAR Approach



Goals for




The dagmar approach12 l.jpg
The DAGMAR Approach

  • Recognition that communication effects are the logical basis for advertising goals and objectives against which success or failure should be measured.

The dagmar approach13 l.jpg
The DAGMAR Approach

  • An advertising goal is a communication task that is specific and measurable.

  • The communication task has four stages:

    • Awareness

    • Comprehension

    • Conviction

    • Action

Dagmar definition of objectives l.jpg
DAGMAR Definition of Objectives

Target Audience


Benchmark and Degree of Change Sought

Concrete, Measurable Tasks

Specified Time Period

Pyramid of communications effects l.jpg


20% Trial


40% Liking


90% Awareness

Pyramid of Communications Effects

5% Use

20% Trial

25% Preference

25% Preference

40% Liking

70% Knowledge

70% Knowledge

90% Awareness

R p perspective l.jpg
R&P Perspective

Objectives  Related to behaviour or communication

Behavioural objectives l.jpg
Behavioural Objectives

  • The link between attitude toward the brand (communication objective) and sales (marketing objective).

  • Must have a clear behavioural objective for each target audience.

Options for behavioural objectives l.jpg
Options for Behavioural Objectives

  • Trial

  • Consumer’s first purchase of focal brand.

    • Brand trial objectives

    • Retrial objectives

    • Brand-switching objectives

    • Category trial objectives

Options for behavioural objectives22 l.jpg
Options for Behavioural Objectives

  • Repeat Purchase

  • A consumer’s continued purchase of a focal brand within a specified time period.

    • Repeat-purchase objectives

Options for behavioural objective l.jpg
Options for Behavioural Objective

  • Purchase-Related Behaviour

  • An action taken by consumers which will lead to a higher probability of purchasing the brand.

  • Consumer seeks some amount of information about, or experience with, the brand.

    • Purchase-related behaviour objectives

Options for behavioural objectives24 l.jpg
Options for Behavioural Objectives

  • Repeat Consumption

  • The continued consumption of a brand once purchased.

    • Repeat-consumption objectives

Options for communication objectives l.jpg
Options for Communication Objectives

  • Can be viewed as a universal framework for:

    • A specific communication  One print ad or television commercial

    • A specific campaign  Advertising or sponsorship

    • A complete IMC program  All promotional tools

Options for communication objectives26 l.jpg
Options for Communication Objectives

  • Category need

    • Whether the target audience feels the need to purchase within the actual product category.

  • Brand awareness

  • Brand attitude

  • Brand purchase intention

  • Brand purchase facilitation

Questions l.jpg

  • You are in a meeting to discuss plans for a new advertising and promotional program for your company. The vice president of marketing opens the meeting by stating there is only one objective for the new campaign—to increase sales. How would you respond to this statement?

  • Discuss three situations where sales are an appropriate measure of the effects of advertising or other marketing communications element.

  • You are the advertising manager for an established brand of laundry detergent and have just fought hard to have the promotional budget for the brand increased by 10 percent. You have just received a report for the latest quarter that shows sales did not change despite the increase in advertising spending. The marketing vice president is concerned about the lack of increase in sales and wants you to explain the problem.How might you respond?