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MCC Designs. Everything you need to keep your ride looking fierce. Meghan Perea Carrie Ver Burg Cory Schroeder. Meghan: Chief Executive Officer Cory: Chief Technology Officer Carrie: Chief Financial Officer.

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MCC Designs

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Mcc designs

MCC Designs

Everything you need to keep your ride looking fierce

Meghan Perea

Carrie Ver Burg

Cory Schroeder


  • Meghan: Chief Executive Officer

  • Cory: Chief Technology Officer

  • Carrie: Chief Financial Officer

*As CEO of MCC Designs, Meghan is not only a leader and manager, but keeps the business organized and calls the shots on tough decisions.

*As CTO of MCC Designs, Cory oversees all of the printing processes. If there are ever any technical issues or questions, Cory is the guy to talk to.

*As CFO of MCC Designs, Carrie oversees all of the financial work. She is in charge of billing, as well as keeping records and balancing our books.


The beginning

  • MCC Designs was founded in September of 2012

  • Three friends at the University of Wyoming, Meghan, Cory and Carrie grew up together in Pinedale, WY where Meghan’s brothers raced dirt bikes

  • At the start of their junior year, they decided it was time to put their heads together and start using their creativity and skill sets to generate some cash so they could travel the world together

  • After winning the 30K business challenge competition hosted by the College of Business at the University, they started MCC Designs

The Beginning

Mcc designs







Mcc designs






Mcc designs




Mcc designs




Customer demographic

  • Customers: Anyone looking to spice up their dirt bike, whether it is for a racing competition or just to show off to their friends!

  • Every dirt bike rider wants to have the hottest ride on the track and MCC helps them do just that!

*Most of our riders are going to be teenagers who want to display their favorite colors, numbers and last names on their bikes in order to stand out for their friends or during their races

*Our most popular work will include printing numbers on the front and side number plates of the bike and combining colors to create a custom paint job for everyone

Customer Demographic

Online vs storefront

  • Online customers vs. storefront customers will be fairly similar, differing only in the sense that they will be able to create their own design right there online with our “Do it yourself” tool, which may draw in more of the younger kids

  • Online customers will have a larger variety of products to choose from and customize since we will not have the resources to store all products in our warehouse

  • Online customers can also choose to customize their physical riding gear, including racing suits, hats, sweatshirts and t-shirts to further promote their love of riding

Online vs. Storefront


  • Customization of dirt bike pieces, helmets and other gear

  • Also sell customized hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and riding gear online

  • At the storefront we sell things a rider might need in a pinch such as oil, gloves and safety wear


Marketing mix

  • Product: custom hydrographic designs and the service of applying them to the customer’s dirt bike parts and riding gear.

  • Price: middle-line to high price range with high quality graphics at an automotive grade (capable of withstanding time and wear)

  • Place: we offer the local motocross/dirt bike community high quality designs that they would normally have to travel to a bigger city to get

Marketing Mix


  • Online

    • Advertise our hydrographic designs on websites that sell dirt bikes, such as Yamaha, Suzuki, etc., using banners that will appear at the top or side margins or their web pages, allowing people who are already shopping for dirt bikes to see our services and become interested.

    • Advertise our store in commercials as well as put ads in the local paper(s) offering discounts for going online and ordering our services prior to coming to the store. This will not only get our name out there, but speed up the efficiency of our business.

    • Team up with local dirt bike competitors and sponsor them to promote our services. They would wear our products during competition, practice races, etc. This way local customers will hear/see our name/products and be more likely to investigate us. The community wills ee our successful small business as willing to help local riders succeed.

  • Storefront

    • Donate our services to the city to make an art piece that will decorate a public place and use the publicity to get our name out there in the Laramie community.

    • Advertise our store in commercials that air locally as well as put ads in the local paper(s) to inform our Laramie consumer base about our store.

    • Use the college community to promote our products by offering college discounts that can only be redeemed at our on site location


Erp system

  • Biz On Demand from Clear Commerce Inc.

  • Chose ERP over CRM system because it assists with accounting and integrate our market place with our ecommerce so we can track shipping

ERP System

Details of system

  • What it does: Runs company through one integrated system. Connecting: CRM, accounting, e-commerce marketplace integration and communication

  • Features: CRM, Accounting, inventory, order management, e-commerce, human resources, asset track, messaging and collaboration, customization, integrate email contacts and calendars with Google apps.

  • Who uses: franchisors, retail businesses, rental equipment services, insurance services, consultant services, prime contractors and sub contractors, sales and marketing services

  • Other: Guaranteed fixed price for life upon subscription, Provides calculators like commission calculators that other companies don’t, offers free online campaign management and analytics, share projects with customers and partners via a portal

Details of System

How we plan to use the system

  • Plan to utilize the accounting ERP to keep track of inventory, timesheets, billing, etc. for both our storefront and online areas of our company

  • Plan to utilize the CRM portion for marketing and campaigns, service, support, and e-surveys

  • Utilize the communication portion to store all of our CRM, marketplace and accounting information in the cloud

How we plan to use the system

Pros of the system

  • Pros

    • Fixed cost of subscription and implementation

    • Sales force automation (keeps track of commissions calculations, real time sales alerts, reminders for tasks/events, accountant contact management)

    • Integration with Google apps

    • Free marketing features (track leads, prospects, and accounts generated per campaign, email broadcast with mail merge and group templates, mass mail group messages, online surveys, etc.)

    • Clear organization of inventory, order management and shipping

    • Free employee management system for timesheet, pay and allowances and employee profiles

    • Can integrate system with, Ebay and

Pros of the system

Cons of the system

  • Cons

    • Pay for the e-commerce store front integrated with Portal

    • Pay for point of sale support such as credit card processing, USB card readers and online signatures

    • Customer support is hard to come by; $100 fee for four phone calls/month or unlimited phone service for $30/call

Cons of the system

Cost of system

  • $499.95 first time fee (includes module applications such as E-commerce, e-mail broadcasting, point of sale, basic training videos and first month payment)

  • $49.95/month for all preceding months

Cost of System


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