european ipv6 test capability
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European IPv6 test capability

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European IPv6 test capability. Philippe COUSIN ETSI Services Sales Director. IPv6 Summit Beijing, 15 -16 April 2008. Europe has a long experience in providing test specifications in support of the single EU market or its consolidation today.

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european ipv6 test capability

European IPv6 test capability

Philippe COUSIN

ETSI Services Sales Director

IPv6 SummitBeijing, 15 -16 April 2008


Europe has a long experience in providing test specifications in support of the single EU market or its consolidation today.

For that ESOs (European Standardisation Bodies) have gained experience and developed specific methodologies addressing testing, certification and interoperability

EU has agreed to support the use of such experiences and methodologies in the IPv6 field and subsequently :

  • Support +1, 5 millions € to the development of IPv6 test suites by ETSI
  • Support + 1million € to the development of free, open test platform executing the IPv6 test suites

4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting


ETSI approaches in Testing and interoperability

  • The ability of systems and products to interwork is fundamental…
  • ETSI’s set of unique and complementary resources to help ensure interoperable standards:
    • Technical Committee MTS (Methods for Testing and Specification)
      • Development of methodologies, techniques and languages
    • ETSI’s Centre For Testing and Interoperability (CTI)
      • Supports ETSI committees on the application of formal techniques in standards on a daily basis
      • Development of test specifications (conformance and interop)

      • Plugtests™ Service
        • Validation of standards and prototypes through interoperability events


ETSI IPv6 Activities

  • 2004: EC awards eEurope funding for IPv6 testing
  • 2005: IPv6 Core test development
  • 2006: IPv6 Security (IPsec) test development MIPv6 test development IPv4 to IPv6 Transitioning test development

4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

ipv6 test specifications ec funded project stf 276
IPv6 Test Specifications EC funded project STF 276

Joint ETSI – eEurope project

Writing IPv6 IOP & Conformance test suites

Supported by the ETSI membership

Require IPv6 test specifications using ETSI methods and test languages

Designed to be part of 3GPP and TISPAN NGN IPv6 testing strategies

Active contributors: mainly vendors

Liaising with other IPv6 projects

IPv6 Forum (ready logo group)


Our output (TTCN-3 Test Cases) = one of their inputs

GO4IT charter = provide an open test tool

ipv6 testing framework requirements process
IPv6 Testing FrameworkRequirements Process
  • Implemented as a scalable database containing all requirement elements
  • Web interface offering:
    • Browsing by function
    • User-defined search
    • Links to RFC and related test specification

4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

ipv6 testing framework interoperability process
IPv6 Testing FrameworkInteroperability Process

4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

ipv6 testing framework tplan test purpose language example for interoperability
IPv6 Testing FrameworkTPLan (Test Purpose language) Example for Interoperability

TP id : TP_COR_1719_02

Summary : \'EUT sends packet to All-Routers Link-Local Multicast address\'

RQ ref : RQ_001_0327

Config : CF_COR_21

TD ref : TD_COR_1719_02

with { QE1configured as arouter

andQE2configured as arouter



{ when { EUT is requested to send



then { QE1 indicatesreceipt of thepacket

andQE2 indicatesreceipt of thepacket



4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

ipv6 testing framework example test description
IPv6 Testing FrameworkExample Test Description

4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

ipv6 testing framework conformance process
IPv6 Testing FrameworkConformance Process

4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting


IPv6 Testing FrameworkTPLan Example for Conformance

TP id: TP_COR_2139_01

Summary:\'hop limit of one\'

RQ Ref: RQ_001_0047

Config: CF_COR_02

TC Ref: TC_COR_2139_01

ensure that {


when { IUT receivesIpv6_packetfromHost



--Expected response

then {IUT sendsICMPv6_Time_ExceededtoHost


4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

ipv6 testing framework conformance test cases
IPv6 Testing FrameworkConformance Test Cases
  • Detailed TTCN-3 test script that implements test purpose
    • can be compiled and executed
  • Composition
    • a preamble
    • test body (i.e., implementation of the Test Purpose)
    • A postamble
  • Assigns test verdicts
  • Handles unexpected behaviour as well as the behaviour in the test purpose
  • Can be distributed over parallel test components
  • Can be entirely automated
  • Configurable at run-time, e.g., SUT address

4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

ipv6 testing framework example ttcn 3 test case
IPv6 Testing FrameworkExample TTCN-3 Test Case

testcase TC_COR_0047_01() runs on Ipv6Node system EtherNetAdapter {

f_cf02Up(); // Configure test system for HS->RT

// No preamble required in this case

f_TP_HopsSetToOne(); // Perform test

// No postamble required in this case

f_cf02Down(); // Return test system to initial state


function f_TP_HopsSetToOne() runs on Ipv6Node {

var Ipv6Packet v_ipPkt;

var FncRetCode v_ret := f_echoTimeExceeded( 1, v_ipPkt );

if ( v_ret == e_success and v_ipPkt.icmpCode == 0 )

{ setverdict(pass);}

else { setverdict(fail); }


function f_echoTimeExceeded(in UInt8 p_hops, out Ipv6Packet p_ípPkt ) runs on Ipv6Node return FncRetCode {

var Ipv6Packet v_ipPacket; var FncRetCode v_ret;

ipPort.send( m_echoReqWithHops(p_hops) );alt {

[] ipPort.receive( mw_anyTimeExceeded ) -> value p_ipPkt

{ return e_success } [] ipPort.receive { return e_error } }


4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

ipv6 testing framework library process
IPv6 Testing FrameworkLibrary Process

4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

ipv6 testing framework the ttcn 3 library
IPv6 Testing FrameworkThe TTCN-3 Library
  • Each test uses this library
    • Decreases test code size and improves its quality
    • Reduces time to develop new tests
  • Contains useful definitions for different purposes
    • Test component synchronization
    • Basic IPv6 packet exchanges
    • Preamble, test purpose, and postamble code
    • Test configurations
    • Code for driving upper IPv6 interface
  • Extensively documented
  • Easily add tests to test suites
  • Will be freely available on the web

4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

ipv6 testing framework ipv6 test library
IPv6 Testing FrameworkIPv6 Test Library

4th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

results scope achievements phase 1 ipv6 core
results, scope & achievements(Phase 1: IPv6 Core)

IPv6 Core RFCs

RFC2460 IPv6 Basic Specification

RFC2373 IPv6 Addressing Architecture

RFC2461 Neighbor Discovery & Redirect

RFC2462 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration

RFC2463 ICMPv6

RFC1981 Path MTU Discovery

RFC2675 IPv6 Jumbograms


1112 requirements,356 Conformance tests,99 IOP tests.

3 plugtests events

All deliverables available:

TS 102 514 IPv6 Core :Requirements Catalogue

TS 102 515 IPv6 Core: Conformance TSS & TP

TS 102 516 IPv6 Core: Conformance Test Suite

TS 102 517 IPv6 Core: Interoperability Test Suite

results scope achievements phase 2 mobility security transitioning
results, scope & achievementsPhase 2: Mobility, Security, Transitioning


RFC4301 Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol

RFC4306 Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) Protocol

RFC4302 IP Authentication Header

RFC4303 IP Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)

RFC2405 The ESP DES-CBC Cipher Algorithm With Explicit IV

RFC2410 The NULL Encryption Algorithm and Its Use With IPsec

RFC4305 Cryptographic Algorithm Implementation Requirements for ESP and AH


RFC3775 Mobility Support in IPv6

RFC3776 Using IPsec to Protect Mobile IPv6 Signaling Between Mobile Nodes and Home Agents

RFC2473 Generic Packet Tunneling in IPv6

RFC4068 Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6


RFC2529 Transmission of IPv6 over IPv4 Domains without Explicit Tunnels

RFC2765 Stateless IP/ICMP Translation Algorithm (SIIT)

RFC2766 Network Address Translation - Protocol Translation (NAT-PT)

RFC3056 Connection of IPv6 Domains via IPv4 Clouds

RFC4213 Basic Transition Mechanisms for IPv6 Hosts and Routers

RFC4214 Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)


All our deliverables are/will be publicly accessible (Requirement Catalogue, Test Purposes, Test Descriptions, Test Cases)

ETSI IPv6 tests suites are validated on our testbed prior to publication.



Online DBcontaining all project data

Base Standard




Test Cases(TTCN3)



Test DescriptionIOP

Test PurposesIOP & Conformance

Dynamic access: advanced user-defined search and filters, allowing the end-user to build his test suit on-the-fly…

examples of dynamic query


mandatory requirements (“Must” or “shall”)

related to Hosts

in RFC2461


conformance Tests Purposes

deriving from mandatory requirements

related to routers

in RFC2462

Beta version @

Only IPv6 CORE

Requirements cataloque

IOP Test Purposes

Conformance Purposes

go4it project

Go4IT project

Advanced tools and services for (IPv6) testing

project identity card
Project identity card

Integrated Infrastructure Initiative

Started in Nov 2005

30 monthFP6 project


France(jTest, INRIA)

Europe (ETSI)

Germany (inno, Fokus)

Spain (Cetecom)



Brazil (IPT)

Go4IT project intends to provide Research Infrastructure users with free TTCN-3 based IPv6 testing environment including test tools, test suites and the related services.


overview of activities
Overview of activities

Free consultancy support

for IPv6 testing

Open-source TTCN-3 test platform

Free executable IPv6 test suites

Users’ workshops


Interoperability events

go4it package 1
Go4IT package 1

Package 1 will permit quick offer and quick supply of test services to IPv6 community

It will propose

An Executable Test Suite based on the ETSI IPv6 STF276 work

An Executable Test Suite based on an IPv6 « hot-topics » ATS to be defined during the users’ needs analysis

As a minimum, all the runtimes required to run the ETS will be provided


go4it package 2
Go4IT package 2

Package 2 roadmap targets a term longer than the project itself

Package 2 focus is ‘open’ and ‘generic’ TTCN-3 test environment

Open means

Conform to TTCN-3 specification

Based on open-source principles

Generic means

Environment can incorporate user adaptations

Use of vendor-specific code into ATS will be avoided

Target re-usability of developed modules with other TTCN-3 test environments

Package 2 will propose within Go4IT

The technical roadmap

An Open Source software forge

A working demonstrator of the Go4IT test environment


feel free to visit go4it website
Feel free to visit GO4IT website

Project information



Discussion forums

On-line users support

Software forge


thanks for your attention

Thanks for your attention


Philippe Cousin

+33 4 92 94 43 06

[email protected]