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Influencing the Influencer Through Influencer Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Influencer marketing is the only efficient way to reach their target audience. It is probably the best strategy in the market. Brands from all industries and sizes are planning to increase Influencer marketing is the another way of marketing. See this presentation and know how influencing the influencer through influencer marketing.

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Presentation Transcript

Influencing the

Influencer through



A guide by Viral Nation

Selling your idea on Influencer


Spreading ideas about influencer marketing is the

main purpose of influencer. Influencer marketing

open up endless opportunities for brands and

celebrities to build more relationships with people

and communities.

1. Intro

Choose one approach to grab the audience’s

attention right from the start: unexpected,

emotional, or simple.


Highlight what’s new, unusual, or



Give people a reason to care about you.


Provide a simple justifying message for

what is to come.

How many

languages Influencer

need to know to

communicate with

rest of the world?


In this example, we’re

leading off with

something unexpected.

While the audience is

trying to come up with a

number, we’ll surprise

them with the next slide.

Just one! Your own.

(With a little help from your smart phone)

Your smartphone is also be one of the


for connecting with influencers.


Remember. If something

sounds like common

sense, people will ignore


Highlight what is

unexpected about

your topic.

How you should start with

Influencer Marketing?

What is an Influencer

Marketing? How you can

build Relationship with it?


Don’t wait till the end of

the presentation to give

the bottom line.

Reveal your product or

idea (in this case a

translation app) up front.

2. Examples

By the end of this section, your audience

should be able to visualize your ideas on

influencer marketing:


What are the ideas you cure with your



Show them a specific person or

solution who would benefit from your


Mathew Micheli

He also started Viral Nation(One of

the Top Influencer Marketing


Viral Nation help top brands and

agencies to be on the top of social


Joe Gagliese

He is the partner of Mathew Micheli in

foundation of Viral Nation.

Joe is an industry thought leader for

social things.

Mathew Micheli’s

feels proud with

Joe Gagliese for

Viral Nation.


Ideally, speak of people

in very different

situations, but where

each could benefit from

your solution.

Then, Mathew Micheli

and Joseph Gagliese

discovered Viral Nation

He has his visiting customers speak their

marketing issues.

He’s able to give them a friendly, personalized

experience by understanding exactly what

they need.

3. Examples

People need to understand how rare or

frequent your examples for others people.

Take some ideas and make them as concrete

as possible. Stats are generally not sticky, but

here are a few tactics:


Deliver data within the context of a

story you’ve already told


Make big numbers digestible by

putting them in the context of

something familiar.

It’s not surprised if anyone uses Google

Translate in his business growth.

There are many

officially recognized

influencers in the



Don’t let data stand

alone. Always relate it

back to a story you’ve

already told, in this case,

Marco’s shop.

Influencer Marketer has the power

to change the strategy of business

in the firm. Adding influencer to your

digital marketing strategy that can

be very effective way to increase

your credibility regarding marketing.


When a number is too

large or too small to

easily comprehend,

clarify it with a

comparison to

something familiar.

4. Closing

Build confidence around your business or

idea by including at least one of the strategy.


What has been accomplished and what might

be left to tackle?


Who supports your ideas and who’s


What’s next?

How can the audience get involved or

find out more about your ideas?

What people are saying about

Influencer Marketing

It is the way of


between brands

and people.





It is a strategy

which is followed

by top agencies.

Know more about

Influencer Marketing and

make your brands even

more popular by joining the

Viral Nation

Good luck!

We hope you’ll use these tips to go out and

deliver a memorable pitch for your product

or service!

For more (free) presentation tips relevant to

other types of messages, go to

For more about making

your ideas stick with

others, check out our book!