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Executive Study

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Executive Study. …and Gallery of Executives. Ensure that the state’s laws are carried out (enforce the laws). Responsible for the day-to-day management of the state. Two major responsibilities of the executive. 4-years. Nathan Deal. Governor’s Length of Time.

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executive study

Executive Study

…and Gallery of Executives

qualifications to be governor

Must be at least 30 years old

  • Citizen of the US for at least 15 years
  • Resident of the state for 6 years

Sonny Perdue

Qualifications to be Governor
executive powers

Include being able to appoint state officials and making sure that civil and criminal laws are enforced

Executive Powers

Zell Miller

legislative powers

Include sending requests and messages to the legislature, signing bills into law, being able to veto a bill, and calling special sessions

John Treutlen

Legislative Powers
judicial powers

Include being able to pardon persons convicted of crimes and appoint state justices to fill unexpired terms

Judicial Powers

Eugene Talmadge

formal powers

Managing the state’s budget

  • Directing the attorney general to act as a representative of the state in lower court cases involving state law
  • Making an annual “State of the State” address to the legislature
  • Preparing budget bills for the consideration by the GA House of Reps.
Formal Powers
formal powers cont

Serving as commander-in-chief to the GA National Guard

  • Heading the state’s civil defense units
  • Sending GA Highway Patrol officers and the GA Bureau of Investigation (GBI) into communities in times of danger
Formal Powers (cont.)
informal powers

Communicating to the public a personal position on issues of interest to all Georgians

  • Acting as honorary head of the political party that elected him or her to office
  • Issuing proclamations to honor individuals, holidays, or special events and, with the legislature’s approval, adding new state symbols
Informal Powers
informal powers cont

Representing the state in meetings with other state officials, federal officers, or foreign dignitaries

  • Meeting with business and industry leaders from other states and countries to encourage them to expand their businesses into Georgia
  • Working with members of the legislature to get laws passed
  • Guiding state agencies
Informal Powers (cont.)
lieutenant governor s responsibilities

Presiding officer of the state senate

  • Takes the place of the governor in the event of the governor’s death, resignation, or impeachment
  • Serves as chief executive officer if the governor is out of state

Casey Cagle

Lieutenant Governor’s Responsibilities
commissioner of agriculture

Head of Dept. of Agriculture

  • Directs agricultural programs
  • Maintains state farmers’ markets
  • Supervises inspections
  • Expands market opportunities for GA agriculture

Gary W. Black

Commissioner of Agriculture
commissioner of labor

Head of the Labor Dept.

  • Regulates health and safety of workers
  • Enforces state labor laws
  • Administers unemployment insurance programs
  • Maintains statistical data on labor

Mark Butler

Commissioner of Labor
secretary of state

Maintains the state’s official records

  • Publishes laws passed by the legislature
  • Supervises elections
  • Appoints examining boards
  • Grants corporate charters
  • Regulates securities, stocks, and bonds

Brian Kemp

Secretary of State
school state superintendent

Head of state Dept. of Education

  • Directs statewide educational programs
  • Enforces state education regulations and laws
  • Administers state and federal education funds
  • Certifies and licenses teachers
  • Approves textbooks for use

John Barge

School State Superintendent
statutory officials

Not elected

  • Appointed by either the governor of the head of the directing boards of the dept. in which they serve
Statutory Officials