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Executive study
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Executive Study. …and Gallery of Executives. Ensure that the state’s laws are carried out (enforce the laws). Responsible for the day-to-day management of the state. Two major responsibilities of the executive. 4-years. Nathan Deal. Governor’s Length of Time.

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Executive Study

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Executive study

Executive Study

…and Gallery of Executives

Two major responsibilities of the executive

  • Ensure that the state’s laws are carried out (enforce the laws)

  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of the state

Two major responsibilities of the executive.

Governor s length of time


Nathan Deal

Governor’s Length of Time

Number of consecutive t erms

  • Two, then the governor has to take one term (4 years off)

Jimmy Carter

Number of Consecutive Terms

Qualifications to be governor

  • Must be at least 30 years old

  • Citizen of the US for at least 15 years

  • Resident of the state for 6 years

Sonny Perdue

Qualifications to be Governor

Executive powers

  • Include being able to appoint state officials and making sure that civil and criminal laws are enforced

Executive Powers

Zell Miller

Legislative powers

  • Include sending requests and messages to the legislature, signing bills into law, being able to veto a bill, and calling special sessions

John Treutlen

Legislative Powers

Judicial powers

  • Include being able to pardon persons convicted of crimes and appoint state justices to fill unexpired terms

Judicial Powers

Eugene Talmadge

Formal powers

  • Managing the state’s budget

  • Directing the attorney general to act as a representative of the state in lower court cases involving state law

  • Making an annual “State of the State” address to the legislature

  • Preparing budget bills for the consideration by the GA House of Reps.

Formal Powers

Formal powers cont

  • Serving as commander-in-chief to the GA National Guard

  • Heading the state’s civil defense units

  • Sending GA Highway Patrol officers and the GA Bureau of Investigation (GBI) into communities in times of danger

Formal Powers (cont.)

Informal powers

  • Communicating to the public a personal position on issues of interest to all Georgians

  • Acting as honorary head of the political party that elected him or her to office

  • Issuing proclamations to honor individuals, holidays, or special events and, with the legislature’s approval, adding new state symbols

Informal Powers

Informal powers cont

  • Representing the state in meetings with other state officials, federal officers, or foreign dignitaries

  • Meeting with business and industry leaders from other states and countries to encourage them to expand their businesses into Georgia

  • Working with members of the legislature to get laws passed

  • Guiding state agencies

Informal Powers (cont.)

Lieutenant governor s responsibilities

  • Presiding officer of the state senate

  • Takes the place of the governor in the event of the governor’s death, resignation, or impeachment

  • Serves as chief executive officer if the governor is out of state

Casey Cagle

Lieutenant Governor’s Responsibilities

State attorney general

  • Chief legal officer for the state and head of the Department of Law

Sam Olens

State Attorney General

Commissioner of agriculture

  • Head of Dept. of Agriculture

  • Directs agricultural programs

  • Maintains state farmers’ markets

  • Supervises inspections

  • Expands market opportunities for GA agriculture

Gary W. Black

Commissioner of Agriculture

Commissioner of labor

  • Head of the Labor Dept.

  • Regulates health and safety of workers

  • Enforces state labor laws

  • Administers unemployment insurance programs

  • Maintains statistical data on labor

Mark Butler

Commissioner of Labor

Commissioner of insurance

  • Regulates insurance carriers and issues insurance licenses

Ralph T. Hudgens

Commissioner of Insurance

Secretary of state

  • Maintains the state’s official records

  • Publishes laws passed by the legislature

  • Supervises elections

  • Appoints examining boards

  • Grants corporate charters

  • Regulates securities, stocks, and bonds

Brian Kemp

Secretary of State

School state superintendent

  • Head of state Dept. of Education

  • Directs statewide educational programs

  • Enforces state education regulations and laws

  • Administers state and federal education funds

  • Certifies and licenses teachers

  • Approves textbooks for use

John Barge

School State Superintendent

Statutory officials

  • Not elected

  • Appointed by either the governor of the head of the directing boards of the dept. in which they serve

Statutory Officials

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