Asexual reproduction in animals
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Asexual Reproduction in Animals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asexual Reproduction in Animals . Is much less common in animals, but it is often seen in simpler animals e.g. Hydra .

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Asexual Reproduction in Animals

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Asexual reproduction in animals

Asexual Reproduction in Animals

Asexual reproduction in animals

Is much less common in animals, but it is often seen in simpler animals e.g. Hydra.

Identical twins are produced when the ball of cells making up the embryo breaks into two, and each, implants in the uterus and grows independently (after the normal sexual form of reproduction)



Istype of asexual reproduction in which a female gamete or egg cell develops into an individual without fertilization.

Animals that reproduce with parthenogenesis

  • wasps, bees, and ants that have no sex chromosomes reproduce by this process.

  • Some reptiles and fish.



Is the process by which, parts of an individual separates grows and become a new individual.

The sea star regenerates its body from broken parts

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