2008 ku art center global artist residence recruitment
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2008 KU Art Center Global Artist Residence – Recruitment

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2008 KU Art Center Global Artist Residence – Recruitment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2008 KU Art Center Global Artist Residence – Recruitment. The “Global Artist Residence” project sponsored by KU Art Center takes on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games spirit and promotes the development of cultural arts and international relations.

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Presentation Transcript
The “Global Artist Residence” project sponsored by KU Art Center takes on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games spirit and promotes the development of cultural arts and international relations.

The workshop’s main purpose is to encourage and stimulate artists’ creativity and artistic activity by expanding communication opportunities among artists so that artist will be able to maintain a mutually interactive relationship and further use that basis to develop new ideas. We aim to be the forerunner in global art development in line with the future society.





Applicant Qualifications

Other issues

Application Process

Tenant Benefits

Screening Process

number of recruitment
Number of Recruitment

Workshop size:

4562 ㎡ and 60 rooms in total

Large room: Area: 113㎡ , Number of rooms: 14

Medium room: Area: 84㎡ , Number of rooms: 12

Small room: Area: 58㎡ ,Number of rooms: 34

This schedule only applies to the first 2008 KU Art Center international artist recruitment and is subject to change in the future. 6 of the 60 rooms will be used for another screening process and will not be used for this recruitment.

recruiting target
Recruiting Target


Fine Arts relevant, genre unlimited (including artists, critics and curators in the art field)

Must be able to communicate in Korean, or Chinese, or English

Classification and duration of stay:

(ⅰ) The invited artist: 1 year

Under 50 years of age, qualified or potential candidates through the recommendation screening;

(ⅱ) The rental artist: 1-4 years (Please specify the length of stay desired in the application form.)

(ⅲ) The project group: 2 rooms available, 3 months term, total 8 teams in a year

The project group is also allowed to apply for either (i) or (ii).

(Please specify the time required to complete the project in the application form

in case the nature of the project requires long period.)

application process
Application Process

1.1 Application Submission

Opening Date: July 1, 2008

Closing Date: August 31, 2008 (Only those arrive by 5 p.m. will be considered.)

1.2 Application Documents:

① Application form (Download the form from the website.)

② Résumé (Download the form from the website.)

③ Recommendation letter(Download the from the website.) – Applicable when there is a recommender

④ Presentation materials in CD-R or A4 paper

Artist: CV and art portfolio

Curator: CV, Activity Plan, Recommendation Text as well as other materials to present

Critics: CV and Texts (critical essays and studies)

All the materials should be in the form of PPT (approx. 20 pages) or A4 paper

⑤ Video Works : DVD in avi (approx. 5 mins in time and approx. 10MB in size)

⑥ Any other documentations (e.g., essays, exhibition brochure, etc.) that address some

of work done.

* All of the materials should be compatible in PC.

* Submitted materials will not be returned to the applicants.


Application Process


* Please download the standard form from the website(www.kuartcenter.com)

* All of the materials should be made in one of Korean, Chinese or English.

* All of the materials should be compatible in PC.

* The desired size of the workshop in the application will be taken consideration in distributing rooms; however, it is subject to change by KU Art Center’s discretion.

* Submitted materials will not be returned to the applicants and will be used for artist data of KU Art Center.

* How to apply:

Other required documents must be submitted via mail only.

Address: B-006,International art city, Dashanzi, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100106

For any inquiries, please visit KU Art Center homepage board.

screening process
Screening Process

Selection Method:

1 Criteria: the qualified candidates who can make innovations to art circle through “Global Artist Residence” project and have the potential to make inroads into the international art world

(1) Invited tenants: as above

(2) Rental tenants: the qualified candidates whose works or projects are determined to be appropriate to the intent of “Global Artist Residence” project.

(3) Project team: feasibility and expected result of the project led by the short-term tenant

2 Procedures:

The first round: Paper screening

The second round: Art portfolio screening (Only for those who are screened in the first round)

The result will be placed on the website.

In case all the rooms are not filled or there are any vacancies, an additional recruitment will be announced.


Screening Process

Screening Procedures:

1 The first round:

-Check all the required documents are submitted

-Request for any supplement documents

-Collect data

-Classify the applications

* Led by KU Art Center Art and Academy Research Team

2 The second round:

-Discuss the qualified candidates who are screened by the experts in the corresponding fields

-Make the final decision

The committee members are consist of a chairperson, a director of policy department, a chairperson of AAG and five groups in art fields (paintings/sculpture/ installations and multi-media/ critics and curators/ traditional region-calligraphy and craft works) -each group has two experts and one critic.

* Composition of the committee members are subject to change according to the policy of the residence operation management.

tenant benefits
Tenant Benefits


1 Workshop: Total rooms per year( the invited:36 / the rental and team:24)

(1) The invited tenants: workshop rent, utilities (water, electric), property charges, and internet fee

(2) The rental tenants: utilities (water, electric), property charges, and internet fee( Rent is excluded.)

2 Opportunity for participating in Open Studio exhibition once a year and attending exchange exhibition sponsored by Ku Art Center

3 Support for information exchange between domestic/foreign artists

* An additional support may be granted as to the work plan, exhibition or some other projects during the stay. (It will be discussed later.)


Tenant Benefits

Rights and Duties

(1) The invited artist(1-year) is obligated to contribute some works to KU Art Center upon the completion of the term.

In case of the short-term invited tenant, the completion of the project and the publication should be guaranteed and the relevant criteria for a contribution is arranged at the time of selection.

The rental artist may request the support on activities in the process of work, and s/he is required to contribute the corresponding art works to KU Art Center in return.

(2)All the selected tenants should participate in 2009 KU Art Center international annual exhibition with art works while proceeding with the art productions and the exhibition activities during the stay.

(3)Alltenants should abide by KU Center internal regulations.

*For more details in regulations please refer to the website. (www.kuartcenter.com)

*All the art works contributed to KU Art Center will be recorded in the collection list and the certificate will be issued.



(1) All the tenants should report the moving schedule to KU Art Center and move into workshop in time. It is the tenant’s own responsibility to resolve any resident status related matters in China like visa and in case the tenant fails to follow the schedule, s/he is required to report it to KU Art Center in advance.

(2) The rental artists should pay the rent before a due date and all the relevant information should be notified to the rental artists.

(3) All the tenants are under the management office’s supervision as to check-in and check-out. Especially, when the invited artists cannot stay in the studio due to a long trip abroad should notify to the office in advance and the support for any other studio programs will not be provided at all.




(4) Any costs or issues generated by a tenant other than the agreed services by KU Art Center are the responsibilities of a tenant.

(5) A tenant who contracts an illness or serious injury determined to cause a tenant to be unable to perform should give a notice to KU Art Center and the continuation of the term should be discussed.

(6) When a tenant is found to be have made a false statement on the application, the selection decision can be cancelled.

(7) When a tenant is determined to bring any serious problems to cause harm to “Global Artist Residence” project, the selection decision can be cancelled.

(8) All the tenants should abide by “Global Artist Residence” project operation management regulations.


This gist states the basic guide of KU Art Center “Global Artist Residence” project. The ultimate goal of the entire management is to foster the world’s leading artists, curators and new generation critics who are able to promote international cultural development and keep pace with the global creation trends.