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The Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris). By: Ian Hamer and Jillian Davies. We Shot an Otter!!. This sweet lovable creature of the sea is seen to be a cross between a weasel and a polar bear. Who knew?. Home Sweet Home.

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The Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris)

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The sea otter enhydra lutris l.jpg

The Sea Otter(Enhydra lutris)

By: Ian Hamer


Jillian Davies

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We Shot an Otter!!

  • This sweet lovable creature of the sea is seen to be a cross between a weasel and a polar bear.

  • Who knew?

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Home Sweet Home

  • The small furry sea creature lives in the kelp beds of the Pacific coast of Siberia and central California.

  • Here it enjoys the cool waters and moderate temperatures year round.

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This ferocious little creature is a carnivorous hunter that looking for its prey swims the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

This beast is known to devour many different types sea life such as sea urchins, abalone's, mussels, crabs, many invertebrates, and small fish.


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  • As a baby, it ranges between 3-5 pounds and approximately 1-2 feet long.

  • The adult, however, weigh in at about 60-80 pounds and approximately 4-6 feet long.

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The otter has an average life span of only about 14 years. They would make great pets for the kids!!

The male and female mate during mating season. The young are taken care of until they are ready to leave their Mama.



Life Span

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  • Sea otters unfortunately almost became extinct due to hunting. Yet now there numbers are increasing because they are protected by the International agreement of 1911. There are now over 2000 sea otters in the world.

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