the prince albert ii of monaco foundation on climate change
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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation on Climate change

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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation on Climate change. Raphaël Cuvelier Program director Portoroz, Slovenia June 2. 2008. April 16. 2006, Prince Albert, first head of state walking to the north pole, alert to the poles and the planet.

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the prince albert ii of monaco foundation on climate change

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation on Climate change

Raphaël Cuvelier

Program director

Portoroz, Slovenia

June 2. 2008


April 16. 2006, Prince Albert,

first head of state

walking to the north pole,

alert to the poles and the planet


Prince Albert II launched the Foundation on January 2007 to address the alarming environmental situation of our planet and ton act as an accelerator


The Foundation’s mission

  • To raise both public, States and opinion leaders awareness and commitment on the impact of human activities
  • Accelerate initiatives and projects which combine environment and innovations
  • Place the human being at the centre of stakes and environmental responsibilities
priority field of total funding by field march 1 2008
Priority Field % of total funding by field(March 1. 2008)


4 %


8 %


36 %

Climate Change

& Energy

50 %

where do we act of total funding by geographical areas march 1 2008
Where do we act ?% of total funding by geographical areas(March 1. 2008)

Africa 36%

Arctic & Antarctic 21%

Mediterranean Bassin 22%

Countries most impacted by climate change…

grants allocated to projects
Grants allocated to projects
  • 51 projects selected among more of 450 proposals
    • Well-argued opinion Scientific and Technical Committee

based on criteria assessment

  • Most of the grants are for 3 years duration projects
  • About 10 millions € grants allocated (all fields)

67 000 € / project / year

climate change energy

Climate change & Energy



Capacity Building



& Biofuels

Energy Efficiency


Carbon Offseting

Climate change




& Trees

policy capacity building
Policy & capacity building
  • Prepare the follow-up to the kyoto Protocol
    • GLCA – Global Leadership for Climate Action (UN Foundation & Club de Madrid)
  • Capacity building
    • Support to french speaking delegates to COP / Bali, Poznan & Copenhagen (CAN – Climate Action Network)
    • On going discussion : capacity building for NGO’s and delegates in less developped countries to the COP Poznan & Copenhagen (CAN & IUCN)
  • Arctic
    • Work group for a resolution on Arctic to UNEP
    • ASPEN Commission on Arctic (ASPEN Institute)
    • Arctic world heritage symposium (Unesco)
    • Polar exhibition in Monaco (Oceanographic Museum)
developp renewable energies biofuels
Developp renewable energies & biofuels
  • Developping waste-to-energy solutions in southern Patagonia (CDM project)
  • Developping Biofuels in taking care of the social, economic and environmental impacts
    • Experimentation on 2nd generation biofuels – France
    • Task Force on GHG Methodological Framework (GBEP- Global Bioenergy Partnership),
    • Development of Jatropha Curcas for local energy use (Kenya – Mali)
    • International Consultation on Pro-Poor Jatropha Development (IFAD & UN Fundation)
energy efficiency carbon offseting
Energy Efficiency & Carbon Offseting
  • Improving eco & energy efficiency of events organisation
    • Production of a « Guide for the organisation of an eco-eficient event »
    • Consultancy supply for action plan to improve efficiency of events in Monaco
  • Setting up a rigourous volontary carbon offsetting programme (operated / Foundation)
    • For individuals (on line) and companies
    • Emphasize the need to carry out efficiency measures prior to any offsetting
    • Only certified carbon credits
deforestation trees
Deforestation & Trees
  • One Billion Trees Campaign - UNEP
    • Prince Albert is the sponsor with Wangari Maathaï
  • Avoïding rainforest deforestation par suporting local communities
    • Culture and sustainable development (Kayapo Indian – Brazil)
    • Promoting FSC label, and involvment of local communities in the process (Tropical Forest Trust – Congo)
    • Biodiversity conservation involving local communities (Act for Nature – Siberut ; Indonesia)

On going reflexions about promoting a market on eco-services provided by the rainforest

climate change biodiversity
Climate Change & Biodiversity
  • Adapting to the effects of climate change on biodiversity
    • Assessment of Polar Bear Health (National Environmental Research Institute of Danmark)
    • Symposium « the ocean in a high CO2 world » UNESCO- Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and The Monaco Scientific Centre)
    • Tropicalization of the Mediterranean Sea (CISEM – International Commission for mediterranean sea exploration)

On going contact with DIVERSITAS & WCRP on the impact of biodivesity evolution on climate change

added value on climate change
Added value on climate change …
  • Prove that’s it’s possible to reduce anthropogenic impact
  • Support the most impacted countries
  • Fast granting process
  • And challenge researchers on :
    • Developping efficient communication and sharing on the results with stakehoders
    • Involving NGO’s and local communities in the research process
  • And some challenges for Foundations :
    • Where are really innovations ?
    • Work closely with others Foundation
    • Mobilise donors on climate change
thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention …