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FOREST WATCH GHANA. BUILDING FORESTRY RIGHTS CAMPAIGNS. Who are we? . 38 national organisations leading in development rights work Rural livelihoods support (CARE, FON) Scientific research (TROPENBOS) Environmental activism (FOE, GEO, GWS) Socio-economic rights (CR)

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Who are we l.jpg
Who arewe?

  • 38 national organisations leading in development rights work

    • Rural livelihoods support (CARE, FON)

    • Scientific research (TROPENBOS)

    • Environmental activism (FOE, GEO, GWS)

    • Socio-economic rights (CR)

    • Governance (corruption) (GII)

    • Socio-cultural rights (CIKOD)

    • Gender rights (NETRIGHT)

    • International economic justice (TWN-A)

    • Media & information rights (FEJ)

    • Public interest law (CEPIL)

  • Increasingly strong links to 100s of CBOs in forest fringe communities in Ghana

  • Increasing participation in international rights based CS forest governance movement

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Rights consciousness and fwg l.jpg
Rights consciousness and FWG

Rights approach to forestry:

  • united peculiar concerns (e.g. conservation v livelihoods or socio-cultural v. socio-economic)

  • connected different levels of problem (local, national, international)

  • clarified values that guide campaign & minimise typical coalition maintenance problems (participation, inclusion, obligation, accountability, holism, Internationalism)

  • provided collective vehicle for politics of elite engagement (political, traditional, religious etc)

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

What do we want l.jpg
What do we want?

  • Biodiversity for development

  • Fair access to forest resources - reverse corporate “monopoly” trend.

  • Fair distribution of forest rents – respect constitution.

  • participatory forest governance

  • More CSO engagement around forest rights’ issues

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Strategies bottom up l.jpg
Strategies - Bottom up

Long term support for self-directed bottom - up advocacy

  • Facilitating marginalised stakeholder networks

  • Facilitating public space for marginalised advocacy Community level Networks of marginalised

    • District Forest Forums

    • Regional Forest Forums

    • National Forest Forums

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Strategies legitimacy l.jpg
Strategies - Legitimacy

Legitimate (i.e. accountable, evidence-based) national CS policy advocacy

  • lobbying and official engagement through coalition structures (MC, TLs & secretariat)

    • FC, MLFM, Parliament, NHC, ENRM (donor reps), courts, CHRAJ

  • (Weak) media work (name and shame)

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Strategies networking l.jpg
Strategies – networking

  • Forestry is a particular instance of a wider problem of rights deprivation. Logical therefore to

    • Participate in other CS NR networks in Ghana e.g.

      • NCOM

      • Water Rights

    • Participate in international CS resource rights campaigns e.g.

      • AIMES

      • ECFP

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Strategies duty bearers l.jpg
Strategies – duty bearers

  • Define “Duty Bearer” broadly as anyone who holds any form of social power at community, district, national and global level in relation to our issues

  • includes development “professionals” and agencies (activists and NGOs)!

  • Includes donors and international big business

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Strategies accountability l.jpg
Strategies - accountability

Built regular consultation and participation into structures to avoid hi-jacking perception

  • GM meets 3x yearly – reviews and directs

  • MC meets monthly

  • “Team Leader” structure ensures “external” oversight of policy campaigns

  • Coordinator not Executive Director

  • All positions subject to annual election

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Strategies eu campaign l.jpg
Strategies - EU campaign.

  • Forest crisis driven by corporate timber industry

  • EU buys 60% of Ghana timber exports (2% of EU need)

  • EU gives best (still subsidised!) prices

  • EU important trade partner in other respects

  • EU and MS (e.g. UK, Denmark) influential donors

  • EU policy (FLEGT / VPA) largely progressive

  • Active EU rights based CS campaign (FERN, Greenpeace, GW, EIA etc.)

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Flegt vpa l.jpg

  • EU FLEGT responds to recognition that EU market for illegal logs drives environmental, governance (money laundering) and indigenous peoples rights’:

    • MS weed illegal timber out of public procurement (>20% of EU market)

    • encourage EU industry to adopt higher standards

    • contract with willing producer countries to allow MS customs to embargo timber not certified as “legal” in accordance with agreed processes.

  • Ghana one of first round of VPA negotiations

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Process so far l.jpg

  • Work to understand EU policy, processes & opportunities

  • Linked with campaigning EU NGOs

  • Linked with o’r “producer country” NGOs (Cameroon, DRC, Liberia, Brazil, Indonesia, PNG)

  • Developed collective platform on FLEGT / VPAs

  • Lobbying EU to be accountable and to increase “development” as opposed to “trade” content of VPAs & to commit publicly to “participation” and “inclusion” & accountability as part of VPA preparations.

  • Gone “home” to work on VPA preparation processes

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Achievements i l.jpg
Achievements (i)

  • Old Industry-state consensus disrupted

    – court cases & even contempt citation

    • MLFM interventions to repair relations (e.g. ENAK TOR)

  • Internal Industry consensus disrupted

    • GTA publicly blames GTMO for sector crisis

    • GTMO quietly advocates elimination of “logging contractors”

    • Nascent schism within GTMO (FLEGT related?)

  • State consensus disrupted

    • MLFM / FC clearly at odds over stumpage – FC vindicated?

    • MLFM, AuG, MFEP v FC (mgt & BOD),AG & BOG clash over 3% export levy (MLFM efforts to paper over cracks)

    • Appointment processes stalemated

    • Evidence that FOSSA & GIPF ready to intervene

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

Achievements ii l.jpg
Achievements (ii)

  • “SMART” commitments to correct massive wrongs in resource access and benefits sharing.

  • responsiveness of district forestry offices (where DFFs exist)

  • Official request for “tech assist” in participation

  • Acceptance of obligation to account to CS

  • “Community” ownership of campaigns

  • domestic and global awareness of forestry / development crisis

  • Conscious more radical CS – sharper critique of “corporate globalisation”, PRSPs etc. but also better skills in engaging.

Workshop on Rights Based Approaches

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Workshop on Rights Based Approaches