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My New School Life. Class : 6B Presenters : Au Ka Yan & Ho Kit Yen Teacher-in-charge : Ms. So Ping Ling Date of Presentation : 23th September, 2008. Good morning teachers and fellow students, we ’ re students from 6B. I ’ m Grace Au. I ’ m Ryan Ho.

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My New School Life

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My new school life l.jpg

My New SchoolLife

Class : 6B

Presenters : Au Ka Yan & Ho Kit Yen

Teacher-in-charge : Ms. So Ping Ling

Date of Presentation : 23th September, 2008

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Good morning teachers and fellow students, we’re students from 6B. I’m Grace Au.

I’m Ryan Ho.

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Good! I’ve spent my holidays with the new boy friends I made in 6B. They’re so energetic……

Hey Ryan, please forgive me to ask a very outdated question. How is your last mid-autumn festival?

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Yes, we went to a Chinese restaurant to have hot pot for dinner, we had so much fun. How about you, Grace?

Wow, it seems you had a very great time with them!

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Mm……unluckily, I didn’t have such a happy time like you.

Oh, what happened?

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Alright, tell me.

6B is not here right? Then let me tell you a secret.

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In those three days, I didn’t join you guys, did I? I stayed at home and I felt so blue. I couldn’t stop thinking about you guys. I wanted to see you all at school and to be with you guys so badly. I think I felt school sick.

If I were you, I would also felt school sick. We work in unity and help one another. Also have lunch together every day. They really give me a sensation of family.

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I didn’t expect you all would mean that lot to me since we only known other for less than two months.

In addition, all teachers who teach our class are very responsible. They always try their best to teach us, not only knowledge, but also the philosophy of life. They always encourage us during lessons. There’s no wonder why you feel school sick.

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Now look at the classmate who stands besides you, look at the one who sits besides you. He/she might not be your best friend at this moment. But he/she can be the most important person in your life, or the one who give you a timely help when you’re helpless one day. Who knows?

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School life, friends and moments you precious so much in the future are exactly what you can gain in no where but at school.

In the coming school years, you will have happy time and as well as tough time.

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Please put away your negative feelings and have a walk in this school silently.

But when you feel so frustrated with your schoolwork or when you want to give up……

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I believe you will find everything you see, no matter people or only a table, can be so adorable. It is worth carrying on.

Please be thankful that you’re part of this school. Please cherish your school life and feel proud to study in here.

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