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Why DVDFab DVD Ripper Is Claimed To Be The Best Of DVD Rippe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The DVD ripper software systems are much needed when you are looking to play your favourite DVD movie files on other multi-media player systems. Are you too on the lookout of a reliable dvd ripper of late? Well, then you can count on DVDFab DVD Ripper as it said to be the best of DVD rippers in the contemporary market. Why so? Well, here comes a brief on DVDFab DVD Ripper.

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Why DVDFab DVD Ripper Is Claimed To Be The Best Of DVD Rippe

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Presentation Transcript

Though Blu-ray has appeared for more than 10 years, DVD still takes up the dominant position in optical disc storage medium. Believe it or not, in Amazon, about 584 thousand DVDs are available, which are almost 26 times as many as Blu-ray Discs (22 thousand). Now, DVD is still the King. However, DVDs can only be played with DVD players or some Blu-ray Disc players on TV or computer. If you are out of home and office, it may be unlikely to enjoy your DVD movies on a TV or PC. Nowadays, tablets, mobile phones or media players will be the best choices to enjoy movies when you are out. So many people want to rip and convert their DVD movies to videos for playing on iPad, Kindle Fire, HTC, Samsung cell phones, iPhones or iPods.

Revealing the key Benefits of DVD

The craziness of youth generation for the entertainment not over, and it seems that for a decade it is not going to bottom. The latest technology makes the way of entertainment and storage media industries to earn with the youths in this hobby. The DVDs as the medium to store songs, video, audio or other important files and folder make the user able to store the collection of favorite movies or series, spots clipping etc.

Now, you have one more great reason to use DVDs for saving the data, the capacity of DVD beat the compact disk in war fled, because the CD can’t hold the large amount of data, although the Blu-ray also the biggest competitor of dvd (4.7GB of data in most cases), but be sure the dvds are not going out to race for a long time. The survey in United State also supports to my theory, for details, see what the survey say below.

Recently the market research group NPD released the survey on which media consumers prefer to choose to store the downloaded data, and according to the report in the U.S. the consumer paid approximately $25 monthly on video purchase or rentals for entertainment or learn new things, while pay 63 percent of DVD purchases, the amount of Blu-ray Disc purchases is 07 percent, 18 percent to take on rent. The video on demand with 09 percent, and most socking only 03 percent pay for digital downloads.

We are lucky because we have the option to opt the best from plenty of disk type such as the Single Side DVDs, Double-sided or sometimes it is called Single and Dual layer disks. Mostly all dvdcopy software supports these disks. Because of it is an optical disc so we can carry data and disk easily from one place to another place.

It is not a hidden secret now that the DVDs able to store 6times more data than the compact disk (CDs), but it does not mean that compact disk are not useful, the one great thing associated with the CD is that it is easily accessible in reading and writing devices without big hardware or software changes. In other words, we can say that the use of DVD, popular, but also not dangerous for CDs user. The cheapest price also in favor of Compact disk, that makes it the best choice if you consider making backups of your important files and folders every day.

For saving the DVDs for a long time you must bear some common things in mind such as, scratches can end of disk, the direct sunlight could the reason of DVDs life over and hear many more to avoid. No magic here to avoid the physical mishandling of the disk, it can damage the polycarbonate layer on disk, only the care is the solution. The user can use DVD copier, DVD Cloner, and DVD burner for the purpose of read,  DVD Copy, rearrange, and then manipulate the content of a DVD, the depends on the user’s needs how they use the software.

Why DVDFab DVD Ripper Is Claimed To Be The Best Of DVD Rippers?

The DVD ripper software systems are much needed when you are looking to play your favourite DVD movie files on other multi-media player systems. Are you too on the lookout of a reliable dvd ripper of late? Well, then you can count on DVDFab DVD Ripper as it said to be the best of DVD rippers in the contemporary market. Why so? Well, here comes a brief on DVDFab DVD Ripper.

Supports all major video & audio formats

One of the best bits about this dvd ripper software  is that it is compatible with all the major video & audio formats.

Supports varied devices

Then, the software comes with over twenty output modes & around hundred preset profiles enabling you to choose as per your typical device & application. Moreover, DVDFab is constantly adding on new presets to its ripper software.

Precise conversion segment

If you are working with DVDFab DVD Ripper, you would be able to control the conversion’s beginning & end episodes within a film – you are getting precise conversion segment facility here which is really handy for the concert videos.

Control on several conversion parameters

You are getting a strong user interface here which assures smooth control on several conversion parameters such as audio & video bitrate, frame rate, frame size, aspect ratio, deinterlacing & image cropping.  You will get real-time updates on the file size & bits/pixel.

Works on audio format

Another interesting aspect of the software is that it allows you to set your desired audio volume, bit rate & channel.

Ability to set the video effects

If you want to put personalized effects on the video, this is the DVD ripper of your choice. This premier ripper software allows you to reset frame resolution, customize play region through customized or automatic cropping, you would even be able to resize the output to Pan&Scan from Letterbox for great output effect.

Batch conversion

This is another fantastic advantage of counting on DVDFab DVD Ripper. The ripper software is popular for its batch conversion facility where you are eliminated from the hassle of ripping the files individually. This DVD ripper supports the users with batch conversion facility that enables it to rip a large number of files at once- thereby saving a great deal of time.

Super-speed conversion

The DVDFab DVD Ripper is engineered with the latest Intel Quick Sync & NVIDIA CUDA acceleration technologies which ensure a super speedy conversion facility for the users.

Other facilities

This high end DVD ripper software enables the users to preview movie titles akin to an actual DVD player & enables one to view detailed progress while everything is getting ripped.

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