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Angel. Angel is a Learning Management System that CCPS uses to house important documents and resources.

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Angel is a Learning Management System that CCPS uses to house important documents and resources.

To access Angel from any computer, home or school, use the user name: _______ . The user name is your school initials and grade. For example if you work at Mill Creek Middle School and teach 7th grade, your user name would be: mcms07

The password for users is:__________

To access:

  • From School or Home:

  • Navigate to the Calvertnet home page


    • Click on the STAFF Tab

    • Select Angel

Logging into Angel

Log in Screen

User Name and Password

If you teach high school you will see High on the left, if you logged in as Middle, you will see middle on the left. Click the appropriate box, and then click the appropriate subject

Tech Corner - Priceless

Tech Corner Software Tips

and Downloads

Use the Support Tab

Web 2.0 Resources

Online Learning Portal Resources

You have the option of using the “All Areas” button or the “Language Arts” button – some resources are duplicated

Take a look…

The world wide web has a lot to offer…

What is here? One sentence overviews…

Animoto – make professional quality video for free using downloaded pictures (Great for, but not limited to: projects, field trips, montages)

Blabberize – turn any picture into a talking picture (Great for, but not limited to: introducing topics to a class)

Classtools – create games, flashcards, interactives (Great for, but no limited to: review, reteaching)

Dabbleboard – create online graphic organizers and mind maps (Great for, but not limited to: organizing vocabulary, science concepts, social studies concepts)

Doodle – set up virtual meetings, create polls (Great for, but not limited to: getting a meeting date/time, quick surveys)

* – mobile podcasting, uploading and housing documents, sharing, editing (Great for, but not limited to: podcasting book reviews, projects)

*Edmodo – TEACHER MODERATED online discussion and sharing (Great for, but not limited to: literature circles) – create online posters (Great for, but not limited to: showcasing student research)

*teachers must commit to monitor closely

Kidblogs – get kids blogging in a safe, secure environment (Great for, but not limited to: publishing)

Make Beliefs Comix – create online comic strips (Great for, but not limited to: synthesizing information)

Prezi – a great alternative to the PPT – very visually appealing (Great for, but not limited to: an alternative to the usual PPT assignment)

Quizlet – flashcard creator (Great for, but not limited to: vocabulary words)

Sqworl – house many URLS for a project in one place with a user friendly interface (Great for, but not limited to: research projects)

TitanPad – allows users to simultaneously, in real time, create, edit, and share work.

Voicethread – audio recording with visual pictures; think NPR Story Corp stories, but with pictures (Great for, but not limited to: allowing students to verbally express themselves

Wallwisher – a virtual corkboard (Great for, but not limited to: reviewing, brainstorming, sharing ideas)

Wordle – word cloud generator; the more times a word appears, the larger it is (Great for, but not limited to: concepts, brainstorming, reviewing, sharing ideas)


  • TitanPad

    • Multi-user platform that allows students and teachers to create, edit, and upload work.

    • Up to 16 users can be working on a single TitanPad.

    • Simply provide the URL for your students and they can log in to work anywhere – anytime.

    • Remove your TitanPad when you are finished.


  • Editing features such as bold, italics, etc.

  • Each person’s edits are in a different color

  • Save

  • Timeline – slide through when the edits took place

  • Export in a variety of formats: PDF, Word, etc.

  • Import a Word document

Let’s Try it:

  • Demo Group 1 -

  • Demo Group 2 –

  • Demo Group 3 -

  • Demo Group 4 –


  • Password for all groups: demopad

For questions or more information:

  • Jennifer Sturge


  • 410-535-7494

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