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Serving Guests – The Main Event Chapter 6 Highlights. Professional Service anticipates the guests’ needs and remains in control of the dining experience. The Three “R’s” of Glassware. Refill Replace Sell that second beverage before the entrée is served. Remove

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Serving Guests – The Main Event Chapter 6 Highlights

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Serving guests the main event chapter 6 highlights l.jpg

Serving Guests – The Main EventChapter 6 Highlights

Professional Service anticipates the guests’ needs and remains in control of the dining experience

The three r s of glassware l.jpg

The Three “R’s” of Glassware

  • Refill

  • Replace

    • Sell that second beverage before the entrée is served.

  • Remove

    • Always clear whatever is possible to give the guest maximum space at the table.

Reading the table l.jpg

Reading the Table

  • Make that first approach count.

    • Get a sense of the guest when you first visit the table.

  • While there is a systemized way to offer service you must be flexible to each guest’s needs.

  • Be sure to watch for nonverbal clues too.

Standards of service l.jpg

Standards of Service

  • To insure proper service each restaurant should have established “standards” that the staff strives for. The manager should check to see that these “standards” are being met on a regular basis.

    • Greet the table within 30 seconds to 1 minute after being seated.

    • Serve women (older to younger) then kids and finally men

    • For food serve left, clear right (RKR standard)

      • This is different than the book!

The three t s of service l.jpg

The Three T’s of Service

  • Technique

    • Do what you can to enhance the guest’s experience

  • Timing

    • MEP and cold food cold and hot food hot

  • Teamwork

    • Everyone suffers when one person neglects their work

The sequence of service l.jpg

The Sequence of Service

  • Different meal periods require different sequences.

    • Coffee offered right away at breakfast but not necessarily at lunch.

    • Menus offered after cocktails in fine dining at dinner

Greeting and seating l.jpg

Greeting and Seating

  • Consider

    • Warm greeting

    • Take coats, umbrellas, etc for safety

    • Servers should help pull chairs

    • Extra place settings should be removed

Bread l.jpg


  • When to serve bread should be consistent in the sequence of service.

  • Before or after order is taken depends on clientele and role of bread in the overall menu.

Beverage l.jpg


  • Suggestive sell where possible

  • Use the “greet exit”

  • Identify the drink for the guest as it is served

  • Use cocktail napkins for tables without linen

Menu presentation and order taking l.jpg

Menu Presentation and Order Taking

  • Present Menu when first seated (RKR standard)

  • Order is taken from the right

  • Be sure to “sell” specials at the first visit to the table

  • Use seat numbers on order pad and use house approved abbreviations for menu items

  • Know the menu!

Wine order l.jpg

Wine Order

  • Generally taken after food order for matching purposes

  • Trained wait staff can make recommendations!

Ascend l.jpg


  • A powerful new system for increasing wine sales in casual restaurants.


Courses l.jpg


  • Appetizer and/or Soup

    • Flatware mise en place and flatware carried on silverware transport plate (plate with folded napkin)

  • Main Course

    • Hold plate by rim, position protein at 6 o’clock, warn guest of hot plate

    • 2 minutes or 2 bites (RKR standard)

Courses14 l.jpg


  • Salad

    • Use of show plate for appetizer and soup or salad when they are before entrée

    • May be served after main course

    • Don’t forget to offer pepper

  • Fruit and Cheese

    • French prefer fruit then cheese, small portions

Courses15 l.jpg


  • Crumbing the table with crumber or napkin

  • Dessert

    • Cart, tray, or separate menu

    • Dessert sampler is a nice idea for a group and a great way to show off

  • After Dinner Drinks

    • Clear the table of anything extraneous.

Courses16 l.jpg


  • Pipes, Cigars and Cigarettes

    • Laws are different in each state

  • The Check

    • Leave a sweet taste in the mouth of a guest with a mint

    • Know the law of doggie bags for wine

    • Say thank you for coming!

Summary l.jpg


  • Establishing and enforcing standards for service make for a more pleasant guest experience

  • Communicating these standards is on-going

  • Flexibility is key to guest happiness

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