Hickman broviac catheters
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Hickman/Broviac Catheters PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hickman/Broviac Catheters. Dressing Changes by Kathy Mick, R.N. and Masayo Watanabe, M.D. Section of Hematology/Oncology The Children’s Mercy Hospital. CHANGING THE DRESSING.

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Hickman/Broviac Catheters

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Hickman/Broviac Catheters

Dressing Changes

by Kathy Mick, R.N. and

Masayo Watanabe, M.D.

Section of Hematology/Oncology

The Children’s Mercy Hospital


  • Your child has a Hickman/Broviac catheter. The dressing will need to be changed on a regular basis, usually weekly. This is a photo instruction manual for dressing changes in general. Ask you Nurse Specialist if you have questions.


“Persist” dressing change tray, scissors, alcohol swabs and tape, such as “Hypafix”

Wash hands

for 10 - 15



soap and


Remove the old dressing





These gloves are sterile.

Please put them on so that they

stay sterile.


Clean the entire area to be covered by the dressing with 3 alcohol swabs

Start at the catheter exit site and clean outward in a circular motion

Clean the Catheter Tubing with 2 Alcohol Wipes

The old “Persist”, from the previous dressing change, should be removed from the catheter.

Start at the exit site and clean up the catheter.

Clean with 3 Persist Swabs

Clean the entire area that the dressing covers.

Start at the catheter exit site; Clean outward in a circular motion.

Let Persist air dry between swabs.

Let the Persist Air Dry.Then Apply the Dressing.

Depending upon the size of your child, you may need to cut the dressing to fit

Tape the Catheter down

Tape should be on the skin, and not the dressing.

Loop the Catheter tubing if necessary

Safety Precautions

  • No contact sports or rough play

  • No swimming or hot tubs

  • Sponge baths are preferred

  • If your child does want to swim, shower or bathe, place a large Tegaderm over the entire dressing

Call your Nurse or Doctor if:

  • The exit site is draining, appears red or is swollen

  • Your child has a fever > 101.3F

  • The catheter breaks or leaks

  • The catheter is pulled out, even partially

  • You have difficulty to flush the catheter

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