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ADE’s EDFacts/Federal Reporting Overview

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ADE’s EDFacts/Federal Reporting Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ADE’s EDFacts/Federal Reporting Overview. TOPICS. Current Information Systems Architecture ADE State/Federal Reporting ADE State/Public Reporting ADE Data Center Statewide Information System Reports ADE Data Availability ADE Federal Reporting What is EDFact?

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  • Current Information Systems Architecture
  • ADE State/Federal Reporting
    • ADE State/Public Reporting
      • ADE Data Center
      • Statewide Information System Reports
      • ADE Data Availability
    • ADE Federal Reporting
      • What is EDFact?
      • What are the purposes of EDFacts?
      • Key things to know about EDFacts.
      • EDFacts Data Collected – What is collected
      • EDFacts Data Collections
        • CSPR: Web-based Application
        • CSPR Part I and II Data Collection Sections
      • EDFact Reporting-ADE Data Sources/Stewards
        • Data Source Breakdown
        • EDFacts Reporting
        • EDFacts Data Usage
        • EDFacts Data Availability
statewide information systems reports https adedata arkansas gov statewide
Statewide Information Systems Reports
ade data availability
ADE Data Availability
  • ADE Data Center
    • All Tools -
    • For Data -
    • Statewide Information Systems Reports -
  • To Request Data:
  • ADE Employees – Open SharePoint Data Request using the SharePoint Report Management System (RMS)
  • All Others – Data Request Management System (DRMS) tool.
what is ed facts

U.S. Department of Education (USED) initiative to collect, analyze, report on and promote the use of high-quality, kindergarten through grade 12 performance data for use in education planning, policy making, and management and budget decision-making to improve outcomes for students.

EDFacts centralizes data provided by state education agencies (SEAs), local education agencies (LEAs), and schools, and provides users with the ability to easily analyze and report on submitted data.

This initiative has significantly reduced the reporting burden for state and local data producers, and has streamlined data collection, analysis and reporting functions at the federal, state and local levels.

what are the purposes of ed facts

Collect and report robust, timely and accurate K-12 data for improved education planning, policy making, management and outcomes.

Reduce the data burden for state, districts and schools, and streamline data processes at the federal, state, district and school levels

Encourage data usage by providing SEAs and ED users with analytical and reporting tools to produce preformatted and user-defined data reports.

Offer technical resources and assistance to support data providers and data users.

What are the purposes of EDFacts?
key things to know about ed facts
Key things to know about EDFacts?

EDFacts does not collect individual student or staff-level information. All information provided to EDFacts is aggregated – most often by categories such as grade level. In submitting data to EDFacts, SEAs cannot suppress the data in small data cells except as specifically authorized by federal statute.

Data are collected from multiple sources. Most data are collected through the EDEN Submission System(ESS). The ESS collects files submitted electronically by SEAs. Most metadata (e.g., information to explain the data in EDFacts, such as state proficiency levels) are collected through the web-based system, EDFacts Metadata and Process System (EMAPS). Data for the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC is collected through a separate web-based survey tool.

Data are reported for a specific period of time (i.e. the “Reporting Period”). For example: “student membership” data are reported for October 1 while “MEP students served 12-month” data are reported for the period September 1 through August 31.

Data are associated with the school year of performance. For example: the student membership for October 1, 2012 are associated with the school year (SY) 2012-2013 since the membership table data represents the beginning counts of students for the school year. Data for September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013 are associated with the SY 2012 -13 since the program year most closely aligns with the SY 2012-13.

edfacts data collected

Title I

Economically Disadvantaged Students

Public School Choice - Eligible

Public School Choice - Applied for Transfer

Public School Choice - Transferred

Public School Choice - Implementation

Public School Choice - 20% Transportation Reservation

Public School Choice – Funds Spent

Title I Part A SWP/TAS Participation

Title I TAS Staff Funded (FTE)

SES – Applied to Receive Services

SES – Eligible to Receive Services

Title I Status

Title I Part A Participation

Title I Part A TAS

State Poverty Indicator

Parental Involvement

SES – Funds Spent

SES – Per Pupil Expenditure

SES – Received Services


IDEA – Student Count – Early Childhood

IDEA – Student Count – School Age

IDEA – Alternate Assessment Caps (1%/2%)

IDEA – Not Participating in Assessment

IDEA – Exiting Special Education

IDEA – Disciplinary Removals

IDEA Total Disciplinary Removals

IDEA – Removal to Interim Alternative Educational Setting

IDEA – Reasons for Unilateral Removal

Special Education Teachers (FTE)

Special Education Paraprofessionals (FTE)

Special Education Related Services Personnel (FTE)


Charter School Status

Charter School LEA Status

EDFacts Data Collected


Federal Programs

REAP Alternative Funding Status


Teacher Quality in Elementary Classes

Teacher Quality in Secondary Classes


Alternate Approach Status

AYP Status

Corrective Actions

Elementary/Middle Additional Indicator Status

High School Graduation Rate Indicator Status

Mathematics Participation Status

Reading/Language Arts Participation Status AMO Mathematics Status

AMO Reading/Language Arts Status

Improvement Status

Restructuring Actions

Reconstituted Status

School Improvement Funds Allocation

School Improvement Funds Status



High School Graduates - Postsecondary Enrollment

High School Graduates - Postsecondary Credits Earned


Active Schools Count

Directory Information

Free and Reduced Price Lunch

Staff FTE

Teachers FTE

Grades Offered

Magnet Schools Status

Student Membership


High School Graduation Rate Indicator

Assessment Participation in Mathematics

Assessment Participation in Reading/Language Arts

Assessment Participation in Science

Academic Achievement in Mathematics

Academic Achieve in Reading/Language Arts

Academic Achievement in Science

Mathematics Participation Status

Reading/Language Arts Participation Status

AMO Mathematics

AMO Reading/Language Arts

Regulatory Cohort Graduation Rate

Graduation Rate


Title I Allocations to Priority/Focus Schools

State Interventions Used


Academic Achievement in Mathematics

Academic Achievement in Reading/Language Arts

Academic Achievement in Science

Student Participation in Mathematics

Student Participation in Reading/Language Arts Student Participation in Science

edfacts data collected1
EDFacts Data Collected


Consolidated MEP Funds Status

MEP Personnel

MEP Services

MEP Student Eligible 12-Month

MEP Students Eligible Summer/Intersession

MEP Students Served 12-Month

MEP Students Served Regular School Year

MEP Students Served Summer/Intersession

MEP Migrant Students Eligible – Regular School Year


CTE Concentrators – Academic Attainment

CTE Concentrators – Exiting

CTE Concentrators – Graduates

CTE Concentrators in ESEA Graduation Rate

CTE Concentrators – Placement

CTE Concentrators – Technical Skills

CTE Concentrators – Programs for Non-Traditional

CTE Participants – Programs for Non-Traditional


Advance Coursework

Dual Enrollment

Advance Coursework/Dual Enrollment

Average Scale Scores

Increased Learning Time

Intervention Used

School Year Minutes

Student Attendance Rate

Teacher Attendance Rate

Persistently Lowest-Achieving Schools

Principal Evaluations

Principal Performance Level Names

Teacher Evaluations

Teacher Performance Level Names


AMAO 1 LEP Making Progress

AMAO 2 LEP English Attainment


Immigrant Information

LEP English Language Testing

LEP Student Count

LEP Students English Proficiency

LIEP Teachers

Title III LEP English Language Proficiency Results

Title III English Language Proficiency Testing

Title III LEP Students

Title III LEP Students Served

Title III Monitored Former LEP Students


Regulatory Cohort Graduation Rate (Four, Five and Six Year) – Graduation Rate

Regulatory Cohort Graduation Rate (Four, Five and Six Year) – Student Counts

Graduation Rate



Homeless Served (McKinney-Vento)

Homeless Students Enrolled

McKinney-Vento Subgrant Recipient Status


Discipline Incidents

Students Disciplined

Firearm Incidents

GFSA Reporting Status

Persistently Dangerous Status

Students Involved with Firearms



N or D – Program Participation

N or D – Academic Achievement

N or D – Academic and Vocational Outcomes

N or D – Transition Services

edfacts data collections
EDFacts Data Collections
  • EDFacts State Data Collections – SEAs submit education performance data at the state, district and school levels. This collections includes information on adequate yearly progress (AYP), ESEA Flexibility, state performance and other topics.
  • Common Core of Data (CCD – Non Fiscal) – The NCES ( National Center for Educational Statistics) CCD non-fiscal survey was incorporated into EDFacts to streamline data submission processes for the states. SEAs submit non-fiscal information about public schools, districts and SEAs and descriptive data on students and staff.
edfacts data collections1
EDFacts Data Collections
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) – Under the Carl D. Perkins Act, SEAs are required to submit data on both secondary students engaged in CTE and postsecondary students. USED is in the process of transitioning a portion of the data to EDFacts. EDFacts only captures the data related to secondary CTE.
edfacts data collections2
EDFacts Data Collections
  • The Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR) is the required annual reporting tool for of each State, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico as authorized under Section 9303 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended.
    • CSPR data, collected by SEAs, track progress in implementing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended, and provide information on AYP, ESEA Flexibility, Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT) and Public School Choice. USED collects CSPR data through a Web-based submission tool, most of which is prepopulated by EDFacts files submissions through EDFacts Submission System (ESS).
cspr web based application
CSPR: Web-Based Application

~ Expanded Menu Features ~


1.1 Standards and Assessment Development

1.2 Participation in State Assessments

1.3 Student Academic Achievement

1.4 School and District Accountability

1.5 Teacher Quality

1.6 Title III and Language Instructional Programs

1.7 Persistently Dangerous Schools

1.9 Education for Homeless Children and Youths Program

1.10 Migrant Child Count

ade data sources stewards ed facts reporting
ADE Data Sources/Stewards - EDFacts Reporting
  • State Information System (SIS) – ADE State Data Warehouse
  • Performance/Accountability – Division of Public School Accountability: School Performance (Louis Ferren)
  • Title III/ELL - Division of Learning Services: Student Assessment (Andre Guerrero)
  • MEP – Division of Learning Services: Migrant Education (Stan Young)
  • N or D Programs - Division of Learning Services: Federal Programs (Jayne Green/Chandra Martin)
  • Career & Technical Education (CTE) - Department of Workforce Education (DWE) - (Mary E. Koettel )
  • Federal Programs (GEPA)/Finance – Division of Fiscal & Administrative Services: Agency Finance (Anita Sacrey/Jana Cook (DCE))
  • Title I – Division of Learning Services: Federal Programs (Jayne Green)
ed facts reporting2
EDFacts Reporting

Data Reporting & Systems (DRS)

- 82 submission files for 2011/12

- 4 new files added for 2012/13

- File submission span over 18 month period

Special Education (SPED)

- 16 submissions files 2011/12


Includes the collaborative efforts of School Districts/Cycle Coordinators , ADE Data Sources – Data Stewards and their respective Program Office.

edfacts data usage
  • 2011 Summer State Trends Profiles (CSPR/CCD/EDFacts)
    • Members of Congress use in states during Summer Recess
    • Secretary, Senior Leadership and Program Managers at U. S. Department of Education for background information, reauthorization, budgeting, planning and program monitoring.
  • 2011 Congressional Profiles
    • EDFacts Publication
    • Across the U. S. Department of Education and members of Congress and their staff.
    • Not made public on EDFacts website.
  • 2011 School District Profiles
    • U. S. Department of Education members of Congress (if requested through the office of Legislative and Congressional Affairs), states and others.
  • State 3 Year Comparison Profiles
    • EDFacts Publication
    • Across the U. S. Department of Education
edfacts data availability
EDFacts Data Availability
  • EDFacts Data Availability
      • EDFact Initiative Information, ESS Login Link, link to 2012 EDFacts Threes Year Caomparison.
      • Individuals with Disabilities Act Data Accountability Center
      • Consolidated State Info (CSPR PDFs)
      • CSPR data in flexible/downloadable formats
ed facts data availability
EDFacts Data Availability
    • Final CCD data (as cleared by NCES) made available through downloadable files and NCES data tools
  •– Civil Rights Data Collection
  • – US Education Dashboard