Warm electronics components subsystems test results
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Warm Electronics: Components/Subsystems Test Results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm Electronics: Components/Subsystems Test Results. PACS SVR. B. Voss. BOLC FM. errors occurred during thermal vacuum acceptance tests three housekeeping channels found unstable during cold start up test (-30°C) failure seems to be temperature dependent (possibly a week soldering)

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Warm electronics components subsystems test results

Warm Electronics: Components/Subsystems Test Results


B. Voss

Warm Electronics

Bolc fm

  • errors occurred during thermal vacuum acceptance tests

  • three housekeeping channels found unstable during cold start up test (-30°C)

  • failure seems to be temperature dependent (possibly a week soldering)

  • tests are stopped and BOLC is sent back for repair

  • tests will be resumed and partly repeated (vibration in at least one axis)

Warm Electronics

Dec mec qm

  • equipped with complete nominal section

  • currently running at MPE

  • long duration tests

    • digital interfaces without errors or malfunctions

    • analogue interfaces OK except:

      • SPU current housekeeping, known problem with wrong gain setting in DEC/MEC. Corrected for FM

      • CRE interfaces tested OK during acceptance test, but no long term tests available.

Warm Electronics

Dec mec fm

  • in production

  • schedule delayed by two main problems:

    • FPGA swap on both DEC Base boards

      • repair envisaged due week 29

      • rearranging test order because of availability of test facilities

    • erroneous SPU boards

      • FM will be temporary equipped with erroneous SPU boards thus EMC and environmental test can be performed in time

      • only small likelihood of malfunction during tests

      • later exchange of the SPU boards and delta acceptance

Warm Electronics

Dec mec fm1

  • new schedule by CSL:

    • repair due week 29

    • functional test and vibration due week 32

    • thermal vacuum due week 33

    • functional retest due week 34

    • EMC test at ESTEC due week 35

    • delivery to MPE begin of September

Warm Electronics

Dpu pfm

  • functional Tests at CGS OK

  • thermal Tests OK

  • EMC Test OK (minor NCRs, solved/accepted)

  • possible problems:

    • CFM2 showed corrupted memory after some hours of operation at MPE

    • AVM2 in same configuration is running stable

    • possible reasons currently under investigation (HW or SW problem?)

    • errors not reproducible at CGS

    • PFM now at MPE for comparative tests

Warm Electronics

Spu pfm

  • thermal tests OK

  • EMC test OK (minor deviations already accepted)

  • functional test failed under special conditions

    • during acceptance test campaign 15.05.06 malfunction occurred (CRISA FPL-NC-1214-077-CRS)

    • start-up SW reports error during application upload command

    • error affects read from DSP program memory (PRAM) with special bit patterns (all 1’s to all but one bit 0’s)

    • error is systematic and affects all DSP boards (PACS SPU, PACS DECMEC and LFI REBA)

Warm Electronics

Spu pfm1

  • reason of error

    • not clearly understood yet, but most likely a ground bouncing problem when switching output stages in the PRAMs

  • repair

    • repair of EBB with additional ground wires on the board improved the situation

    • modification of flight spare currently under progress

Warm Electronics


  • Warm Interconnect Harness

    • QM at MPE

    • QM showed different weaknesses (bad bonding, wrong back shells, swapped wires in cable bundles)

    • FM production will take care of these

  • Cryo Harness

    • complete and tested

    • differences in resistance measurements compared to MPE test harness

    • reason under investigation but most likely due to different measurement systems

Warm Electronics