The k nucleus elastic scattering and momentum dependent optical potentials
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The K ¯ - nucleus Elastic Scattering and Momentum Dependent Optical Potentials PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The K ¯ - nucleus Elastic Scattering and Momentum Dependent Optical Potentials. Nankai University Xian-Hui Zhong. K-G equation for K-nucleus interaction. K-G equation :

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The K ¯ - nucleus Elastic Scattering and Momentum Dependent Optical Potentials

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The K¯ -nucleus Elastic Scattering and Momentum Dependent Optical Potentials

Nankai University

Xian-Hui Zhong

K-G equation for K-nucleus interaction

  • K-G equation:

    where k is the K¯-nucleus interaction wave number ,is the reduce energy, is the coulomb potential. K atom and K¯- nucleus scattering …all need determine K- nucleus optical potential .

The strong attraction potential of K¯-nucleus

Some results from different models:

  • 1、 DD model (fit K atom data):

    -200±20 MeV

  • 2、RMF model (fit K atom data) :-180 ±20 MeV

  • 3、analysis K production in heavy ion collision: -80~-120 MeV

  • 4、chiral dynamical (K atom):-50 MeV

    Does K- nucleus optical potential have momentum dependent? PRC,67(2003)047601

The potential model ofK- nucleus interaction

  • 1、DD(density dependent) model:


Nuclear density

Reduce mass

Saturation nuclear density

  • 2、Relativistic mean field model:

  • With mean field approximation:

Scalar field

Vector field

3、Hybrid model(RMF+DD)

  • The real part of potential : RMF model

    The virtual part of potential : DD model

The elastic scattering cross section of K¯-nucleus

  • 1、the results of DD,RMF and Hybrid model

    can not reproduce the experimental data at all!?

2、Considering momentum dependence

  • If the optical potential depends the entrance momentum of K¯ and noted:

  • where is the real and virtual part of potential independent momentum.

2、The results of Considering momentum dependence

Considering momentum dependence, the experimental data can be fit well!

Summary and outlook

  • 1、K- nucleus optical potential has momentum dependence.

  • 2、fitK- nucleus elastic scattering experimental data yields:real part potential: -45 -55 MeV;virtual part: -35 MeV (strong absorptive).

  • 3、K- nucleus elastic scattering is sensitive to the potential of the nuclear surface.

  • 4、由于K原子、K-核散射、K产生、K凝聚都与K-核相互作用势VK相联系,因而当前K-核势的理论研究受到关注。

  • 5、 K-核势的强吸引导致K-的能量EK随着核密度的增加而减小,当减小到比电子化学势还要小就会出现K凝聚。中子星内部是否能够出现K凝聚与KN散射长度和K-核势强度VK0有关

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