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Andy Yen, Gayathri Somanth , Neelu Gutch , Shanthi Sambathkumar

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Andy Yen, Gayathri Somanth , Neelu Gutch , Shanthi Sambathkumar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Andy Yen, Gayathri Somanth , Neelu Gutch , Shanthi Sambathkumar. How Users Currently Use . Eventbrite enables people all over the world to post, promote, and track any event . Organizers Promote the Event with Tools. 3. Organizers Manage Event Entry .

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how users currently use
How Users Currently Use

Eventbrite enables people all over the world to post, promote, and track any event

Organizers Promote the Event with Tools

3. Organizers Manage Event Entry

1. Organizers Create an Event Webpage

the problem
The Problem
  • Eventbrite has always been known as an event management platform
  • Eventbrite wants to increase the number of users on its platform for search and discovery
  • To change the perception of Eventbrite from an event organizing platform to a two-sided Marketplace, Eventbrite must:
  • Identify consumer behavior patterns in planning social events
  • Identify consumer needs and wants
  • Create new product features to attract new users and demand
  • Our project scope – City of San Francisco
secondary research eventbrite s study
Secondary Research - Eventbrite’s Study

Study 2:

Understanding Behavior of High-Value Attendees

Study 2: Understanding behavior of High Value Attendees

Study 1:

Understand Characteristics of High Value attendees

  • High-Energy and Social People
  • Motivated by exposing themselves to new and different experiences
  • No Fear of Missing Out
  • Flexible Schedules
  • More engaged in social media
  • Attend at least 1 event per month
  • Make Up 29% of US population
  • Consume 82% of all ticket sales
  • More career focused, higher income
  • More educated
  • More likely to have twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • Older*
  • Internet and social media savvy

How Might Eventbrite Attract Higher-Value Attendees to its Event Management Platform?

where we come in deeper segmentation
Where we come in – Deeper Segmentation



Our Goal


Broad Segmentation for Addressable Market

Deep Segmentation for Product Needs

Behaviors: Search, event attendance and social sharing

Benefits: Motivations that lead to product preferences

Demographics: Age, Income, Education, Occupation

Behaviors: Heavy & Medium Users vs. Light Users

High value Attendees =

Exploratory Interviews


Factor Analysis

Cluster Analysis for Segmentation

Characterize Clusters

Medium users6-14 events/yr

High users15 events/yr

exploratory interviews what we heard
Exploratory Interviews – What we Heard

Going out in SF…

Rallying a group for an event…

“Social scene is Vibrant, social, good…”

“Meet people with similar interests …”

“Killing time and having fun…”

“Don’t want to go alone … enjoy the camraderie …”

“I share when I’m passionate about an event . . .”

“Using the platform my friends are on like meetup makes it easy …”

Share via facebook, email, text messaging, word of mouth

Improvements necessary in user experience

Eventbrite perceived as a payment platform

“Better Social Integration because that’s where my friends are...”

“Sync with my calendar”

“Rank by popular events and show who the panelists and high profile attendees are..”

“Personalized search, “nearby” recommendations for a complete itinerary, community reviews…”

“Eventbrite is a payment platform..they are the last step for me when I have to buy a ticket…”

“Looking for cheap stuff to do…”

“Only come here when I’m redirected through a link to purchase …”

“I did not know Eventbrite had all this functionality....”

respondents from all over the bay area
Respondents from all over the Bay Area

Where our Respondents Live - 11% in the city, 89% in the broader bay Area

  • Night life alone is a $4.2B industry
    • 57% from out of town, 36% from the Bay Area
    • Bay area residents spend $120 per evening compared to $70 for SF residents on average
  • Bay Area Residents contribute significantly to the SF event scene
  • SF population - 0.8 million
  • Annual visitors volume ~17 million
    • 27% of which are Bay area residents outside the city
    • Visitor spending amounts to $9.5B
    • Average expenditure per convention delegate per day $295
survey respondent demographics
Survey Respondent Demographics
  • 43% Male & 57% Female
  • 50% of respondents in 20s & 30s = Eventbrite’s target
  • 90% do not have kids

18% High-Value Attendees

  • Relationship Status
  • evenly distributed – 50% Single
  • Majority College Educated & 43% earn over $100k per year




Relationship Status

what benefits did we discover
What benefits did we discover?
  • Having Fun
  • Career/Professional Development
  • Family/Kid Time
  • Knowing what’s Nearby to continue the social experience
  • Being able to send Personal 1:1 messages about an event
  • Knowing who else is going
  • Richer Social Sharing – pics, videos
  • Purchase Experience
  • Social Integration other than Facebook
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Discounts!
  • Experience & Presentation
3 key segments were revealed
3 Key Segments were Revealed . . .

Parents on the Go (31%)

Fun on a Budget (29%)

Go-Getters (40%)

Married/In a relationship with young kids

Mostly Single, No Kids

Mostly Female, No Kids

  • Search Motivation: Having Fun
  • Rallying close friends is important through personal messages
  • Needs from a site: knowing what’s nearby to plan the entire experience, recommendations, ease of purchase and deals
  • Indifferent to advanced social integration features
  • Search Motivation: family/kid friendly events
  • Ease of Purchase and social sharing is a must for sites they use
  • Indifferent to deals and recommendations
  • Rallying a group of friends to join them is not as important
  • Search Motivation: Career Focus
  • Rally their friends and network through multiple channels – broad social sharing, personal messages, pics and video
  • Integration with LinkedIn
  • Indifferent to what’s nearby and purchase experience
recommended target segments
Recommended Target Segments

Fun on a Budget


Why? Potential!

recommended product features both segments
Recommended Product Features – Both Segments

Discount Event Tickets

Share event links with friends via text messaging

recommended product features go getters
Recommended Product Features – Go-Getters

Personalized interest based recommendations

Deepintegration with LinkedIn

Compelling visuals (beyond logos with multimedia options)

recommended product features fun on a budget
Recommended Product Features - Fun on a Budget

Find things to do before or after nearby like restaurants and bars

Price based recommendations

follow up
Follow up
  • All three segments viewEventbriteas an event payment platform
  • 30% of users unaware of current features on Eventbrite
  • Test messaging and features that appeal to target segments
  • Promote awareness of features and functionality
  • Conduct further research on consumer perceptions of Eventbrite

Q9. Which event sites do you use the most (1=most of the time, 4=never)

Q10. What is your favorite site and why? (text input)

demographics info
Demographics Info

Frequency of going out


demographics info1
Demographics Info




Demographics Info

Have Children?

Ages of Children

factor analysis output
Factor Analysis Output

Q8. Rank what is most important to you when using an event site or app?

factor analysis output1
Factor Analysis Output

Q13.What would help initiate more interest in the organized events you attend among your friends or network?

factor analysis output2
Factor Analysis Output

Q8. Rank what is most important to you when using an event site or app?

factor analysis output3
Factor Analysis Output

Q15. What would make you start or increase the use of Eventbrite?

factor analysis output4
Factor Analysis Output

Q5. Rank what is important to you when looking for organized event